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Meddel vs. Meddle: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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"Meddel" is an incorrect spelling. The right spelling is "Meddle", meaning to interfere or intrude in others' affairs without invitation.

Which is correct: Meddel or Meddle

How to spell Meddle?

Meddel is Incorrect

Meddle is Correct


Key Differences

Think of "Meddle" as meddling in the middle of someone's business.
The word "ed" is in "Meddle", as in "edited" someone's business.
Recall the phrase "don't meddle in someone else's matters."
Think of it as "Med-d-le", focusing on the double "d".
"Meddle" has two "d"s, just like "middle".

Correct usage of Meddle

He always likes to meddel in other people's business.
He always likes to meddle in other people's business.
Their tendency to meddel complicates relationships.
Their tendency to meddle complicates relationships.
The company should not meddel in personal matters of employees.
The company should not meddle in personal matters of employees.
Please don't meddel in issues that don't concern you.
Please don't meddle in issues that don't concern you.

Meddle Definitions

To involve oneself in a matter without right or invitation.
She always tries to meddle in our conversations.
To handle or touch something without permission.
Children often meddle with things they shouldn't.
To interfere or tamper, often unnecessarily or unwarrantedly.
Do not meddle with the settings.
To intrude or pry into another's business.
It's best not to meddle in personal matters.
To intrude into other people's affairs or business; interfere.
To handle something carelessly or ignorantly; tamper
Don't meddle with my phone!.
To interfere in or with; to concern oneself with unduly.
(obsolete) To interest or engage oneself; to have to do (with), in a good sense.
(obsolete) To mix (something) with some other substance; to commingle, combine, blend.
To have sex.
To mix; to mingle.
More to knowDid never meddle with my thoughts.
To interest or engage one's self; to have to do; - in a good sense.
Study to be quiet, and to meddle with your own business.
To interest or engage one's self unnecessarily or impertinently, to interfere or busy one's self improperly with another's affairs; specifically, to handle or distrub another's property without permission; - often followed by with or in.
Why shouldst thou meddle to thy hurt?
The civil lawyers . . . have meddled in a matter that belongs not to them.
Intrude in other people's affairs or business; interfere unwantedly;
Don't meddle in my affairs!
To become involved in other people's affairs.
Neighbors shouldn't meddle in family disputes.

Meddle Sentences

The detective warned the journalist not to meddle in the investigation.
I wish my neighbors would not meddle in my family's affairs.
It's not wise to meddle in the politics of foreign countries.
Trying to meddle in their relationship will not help them reconcile.
She was known for her tendency to meddle in neighborhood disputes.
Some believe that the government should not meddle in the economy.
His curiosity often led him to meddle in areas he shouldn't.
Their attempt to meddle in the market backfired.


Which vowel is used before Meddle?

"A" as in "a meddlesome person".

What is the root word of Meddle?

The root is from the Old French word "medler".

What is the pronunciation of Meddle?


Which preposition is used with Meddle?

"In" as in "meddle in someone's affairs".

What is the plural form of Meddle?

Meddles, when referring to instances of meddling.

Which conjunction is used with Meddle?

No specific conjunction is inherently linked to "meddle".

Why is it called Meddle?

It comes from Old French "medler", which means to mix or mingle.

What is the verb form of Meddle?

Meddle is already a verb. E.g., "He meddles."

What is the singular form of Meddle?


Is Meddle a negative or positive word?

Generally negative due to its connotation of unwanted interference.

Is Meddle a vowel or consonant?

"Meddle" is a word that contains both vowels and consonants.

Is the word Meddle imperative?

It can be used imperatively, e.g., "Don't meddle!"

How do we divide Meddle into syllables?


What part of speech is Meddle?


Is Meddle a countable noun?

No, because it's primarily a verb.

Is Meddle a collective noun?


What is the opposite of Meddle?

Ignore or abstain.

Which determiner is used with Meddle?

Determiners like "this" or "that" can be used.

Is Meddle an adverb?


Is Meddle an abstract noun?


What is the first form of Meddle?


What is the second form of Meddle?


What is the third form of Meddle?


Is Meddle a noun or adjective?


Is the Meddle term a metaphor?

No, but it can be used metaphorically.

How is Meddle used in a sentence?

"It's not right to meddle in someone's personal life."

Which article is used with Meddle?

Either "a" or "the" can be used depending on the context.

How many syllables are in Meddle?

Two syllables.

What is a stressed syllable in Meddle?

The first syllable, "Med".

What is another term for Meddle?

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