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Furry vs. Yiff: What's the Difference?

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"Furry" refers to anthropomorphic animal characters or a fan of such characters, while "Yiff" is an adult-oriented term within the furry community.

Key Differences

"Furry" and "Yiff" are terms that originate from the "furry" subculture, but they represent distinct aspects of this community. The term "Furry" is versatile. It can refer to anthropomorphic animal characters, which means animals given human characteristics, such as the ability to speak or wear clothes. Additionally, "Furry" can describe individuals who are fans of these characters, often engaging in role-playing, art creation, or attending conventions centered around these anthropomorphic concepts.
"Yiff," on the other hand, has a more specific and adult-oriented connotation within the furry community. The term "Yiff" is used to describe explicit material or content that features anthropomorphic animal characters. It's crucial to note that while "Yiff" is an aspect of the furry subculture, not all Furries are interested in or endorse this adult-oriented content.
When speaking about the broader "Furry" concept, it's not solely about costumes or conventions. The furry fandom celebrates a diverse range of activities, including art, writing, and music, all centered around the idea of anthropomorphic animals. This community values creativity, inclusivity, and a shared appreciation for these unique characters.
In contrast, "Yiff" is a niche within the furry world. While it does have its audience and creators, it's essential to differentiate it from the overall furry concept. Equating the entire furry community with "Yiff" would be a misrepresentation, as many Furries do not engage with or appreciate the explicit content associated with "Yiff."

Comparison Chart


Broad term related to anthropomorphic characters
Adult-oriented term within the furry community


Describes characters or fandom members
Refers to explicit content


Art, literature, conventions, role-playing
Adult material featuring anthropomorphic characters

Relation to Furry Community

Central concept
Niche within the community


Neutral, inclusive
Explicit, adult-oriented

Furry and Yiff Definitions


Related to the subculture of anthropomorphic fandom.
There's a Furry meetup happening in town next month.


Explicit material featuring anthropomorphic characters.
There's a debate about the place of Yiff within the broader community.


A person who is a fan of anthropomorphic animal characters.
He's a Furry and attends conventions every year.


Adult content within the furry community.
He came across some Yiff artwork online.


An anthropomorphic animal character.
She drew a Furry character with wings and a hat.


A sound or expression, sometimes associated with adult furry interactions.
The characters in the comic made a Yiff sound.


Describing something covered with fur.
The Furry cat curled up on the couch.


A niche aspect of the furry world.
Some furries avoid Yiff content altogether.


Consisting of or similar to fur.


A term signaling erotic or intimate furry content.
The website had a warning about Yiff content.


Covered with, wearing, or trimmed with fur.


Representing the bark of a fox (especially while mating).


Covered with a furlike substance.


To express happiness, to state that something is sexy.


Having a furlike quality, as in tone; fuzzy
A furry voice.


Sex, especially between furries (fictional anthropomorphic animal characters, and/or members of the community surrounding their celebration).
"FurryMuck yiffs are like real-life yiffs - there is a time and place for everything." — [http://groups-beta.google.com/group/alt.fan.furry/msg/4e094a46fba477cd]


Covered with fur, or with something resembling fur.
His treatment of our furry friends was nothing short of appalling.


Pornography of or involving furries.


(informal) Of or related to the furry subculture.


To have sex, to mate (said of animals, especially foxes, or people dressed up as animals).


An animal character with human-like characteristics; most commonly refers to such characters created by members of the furry subculture.
What percentage of furries are wolves?


To propose cybersex to someone.


A member of the furry fandom.
The furry had designed an elaborate costume.


Someone who roleplays or identifies with a furry character. (Compare therianthrope.)


Covered with fur; dressed in fur.


Consisting of fur; as, furry spoils.


Resembling fur.


Covered with a dense coat of fine silky hairs;
Furred animals
A furry teddy bear


Art, literature, or other media featuring anthropomorphic animals.
She bought a Furry comic book at the store.


What do Furries typically do?

Furries may create art, write stories, role-play, and attend conventions related to anthropomorphic characters.

Can a Furry just be a character and not a person?

Yes, a Furry can refer to an anthropomorphic animal character.

Is Yiff mainstream in the Furry community?

Yiff is a niche within the furry community, and not all members engage with it.

Is Yiff always explicit?

Typically, Yiff refers to adult or erotic content within the furry community.

How did Yiff get its name?

The origins are debated, but it's believed to mimic a sound or come from early internet culture.

Do Furries believe they are animals?

Most Furries enjoy the fantasy and role-playing but don't believe they are animals.

Are all Furries interested in Yiff?

No, not all Furries are interested in or endorse Yiff content.

Are Furry conventions only about costumes?

No, conventions can also celebrate art, literature, and other expressions of the furry fandom.

Is all Furry content suitable for all ages?

While much is, some, like Yiff, is adult-oriented.

Can Yiff be in written form?

Yes, Yiff can be in art, stories, or other media.

What's a "fursona?"

It's a Furry persona or avatar that someone in the community might identify with or create.

Can you be a Furry without a costume?

Yes, many Furries appreciate the art and concept without owning or wearing costumes.

Is Yiff controversial?

Within the Furry community, opinions on Yiff vary, and it can be a divisive topic.

What's the primary purpose of Furry conventions?

To celebrate and enjoy the shared interest in anthropomorphic art, stories, and culture.

Is Yiff limited to specific types of animals or styles?

No, Yiff can encompass various styles and anthropomorphic animal characters.

How do mainstream media typically depict Yiff?

Media portrayals vary, but some might focus on it disproportionately or misunderstand its place in the community.

Are there famous Furries?

There are individuals well-known within the community, and some mainstream creators identify with or appreciate the subculture.

Can someone appreciate Furry art without being a Furry?

Absolutely, many people enjoy the art style without identifying with the subculture.

How large is the Furry community?

The Furry community is extensive and global, with thousands attending major conventions.

Is Yiff content allowed at all Furry conventions?

Some conventions may have adult sections, but many are family-friendly and restrict Yiff.
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