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Full-Service Broker vs. Discount Broker: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Harlon Moss || Published on November 6, 2023
A full-service broker offers comprehensive financial services and advice, whereas a discount broker provides trading services at reduced costs.

Key Differences

A full-service broker is a professional who offers a wide range of financial services including investment advice, research, and portfolio management. On the other hand, a discount broker primarily offers a platform for buying and selling securities without additional services.
In terms of fees, a full-service broker typically charges a higher commission because of the extensive services provided. Conversely, a discount broker attracts clients by offering lower transaction fees, making them a preferred choice for frequent traders.
Clients who need extensive guidance and advice often prefer a full-service broker. However, those who are more self-reliant and are looking for a cost-effective trading platform might opt for a discount broker.
The relationship with a full-service broker is more personalized, where the broker understands the client's financial goals and offers tailored advice. Whereas, with a discount broker, the relationship is more transactional and less personalized.
When considering the technological platforms, both full-service brokers and discount brokers offer online trading platforms, but discount brokers are often known for their advanced tech tools and user-friendly interfaces.

Comparison Chart

Service Scope

Offers comprehensive financial services and advice.
Primarily provides a platform for trading.


Higher commissions due to extensive services.
Lower transaction fees.

Client Relationship

Personalized, offering tailored advice.
More transactional, less personalized.


May offer online platforms.
Known for advanced tech tools and interfaces.

Primary Clients

Those needing guidance and advice.
Self-reliant and frequent traders.

Full-Service Broker and Discount Broker Definitions

Full-Service Broker

A full-service broker is a financial expert providing comprehensive investment services.
I hired a full-service broker to manage my entire portfolio.

Discount Broker

A discount broker provides a platform for securities trading at reduced fees.
Tom uses a discount broker to execute his frequent trades.

Full-Service Broker

A full-service broker gives clients tailored advice and portfolio management.
With a full-service broker, Jane received guidance on her stock picks.

Discount Broker

A discount broker typically doesn't offer personalized investment advice.
With a discount broker, Jack makes all investment decisions himself.

Full-Service Broker

A full-service broker assists clients in understanding complex financial markets.
Sarah was thankful her full-service broker explained market dynamics to her.

Discount Broker

A discount broker is known for its user-friendly tech platforms.
Emma loves the advanced tools her discount broker offers.

Full-Service Broker

A full-service broker may also offer retirement planning and tax advice.
The full-service broker advised Mark on optimizing his tax strategy.

Discount Broker

A discount broker attracts frequent and self-reliant traders.
Linda switched to a discount broker to save on transaction fees.

Full-Service Broker

A full-service broker typically charges higher fees for their in-depth services.
John was willing to pay extra for his full-service broker's expertise.

Discount Broker

A discount broker focuses on transactions rather than extensive financial services.
The discount broker allowed Peter to quickly buy and sell shares.


Do discount brokers offer any financial advice?

Typically, discount brokers focus on providing trading platforms and do not offer personalized financial advice.

What services does a full-service broker offer?

A full-service broker offers comprehensive financial services including investment advice, portfolio management, and research.

How do discount brokers keep their fees low?

Discount brokers offer fewer services and primarily focus on providing a trading platform, allowing them to charge lower fees.

Why might someone choose a full-service broker over a discount broker?

Individuals seeking personalized advice, portfolio management, and comprehensive financial services might choose a full-service broker.

Do full-service brokers have a minimum investment requirement?

Some full-service brokers might have minimum investment requirements, depending on their service model.

Are the fees of a full-service broker justified?

For individuals seeking in-depth services and tailored advice, the higher fees of a full-service broker can be justified.

How do I switch from a full-service broker to a discount broker?

You'd need to open an account with the discount broker and then transfer your assets or securities following their procedures.

Can you trade online with both full-service and discount brokers?

Yes, both full-service and discount brokers offer online trading platforms.

What's the primary appeal of a discount broker?

The primary appeal of a discount broker is their lower transaction fees and user-friendly tech platforms.

How tech-savvy should I be to use a discount broker?

Basic tech knowledge is helpful, but many discount brokers have user-friendly platforms suitable for all skill levels.

Can I have accounts with both a full-service broker and a discount broker?

Yes, many investors maintain accounts with both types of brokers to benefit from the unique advantages each offers.

Can I negotiate fees with a full-service broker?

Some full-service brokers might be open to fee negotiations, especially if you have a significant investment.

Why are full-service brokers more expensive?

Full-service brokers charge higher fees due to the comprehensive range of services and personalized advice they offer.

How do I decide between a full-service broker and a discount broker?

It depends on your needs; if you want comprehensive services and advice, choose a full-service broker. If you're self-reliant and seek lower fees, go with a discount broker.

Are discount brokers safe to use?

Yes, many discount brokers are regulated and offer secure trading platforms, but always research a broker's reputation and credentials.

Do full-service brokers offer retirement planning?

Many full-service brokers offer retirement planning as part of their comprehensive services.

How personalized is the service with a discount broker?

Service with a discount broker is typically more transactional and less personalized compared to a full-service broker.

Do discount brokers offer research tools?

Many discount brokers provide research tools and resources, although they might not offer personalized advice.

Are there hidden fees with discount brokers?

Always read the fee structure of any broker. Some discount brokers might have additional fees for specific services or inactivity.

Which broker type is better for day traders?

Day traders often prefer discount brokers due to their lower transaction fees and advanced trading platforms.
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