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Chery vs. Cherry: Mastering the Correct Spelling

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on March 21, 2024
Chery is an incorrect spelling; the correct spelling is "cherry," which is a small, round fruit with red or black skin and a pit inside.

Which is correct: Chery or Cherry

How to spell Cherry?

Chery is Incorrect

Cherry is Correct


Key Differences

Think of "cherry" having an extra "r" because it's more delicious, needing more letters.
Recall "cherry" rhymes with "merry," and both have double "r"s.
Remember that "cherry" has the same number of "r"s as in "berry," which is similar.
Visualize the word "cherry" with an extra "r" to remember it's not "chery."
Associate the double "r" in "cherry" with the roundness of the fruit.

Correct usage of Cherry

She loves chery pie more than any other dessert.
She loves cherry pie more than any other dessert.
I bought a bag of chery from the market.
I bought a bag of cherry from the market.
The chery tree in our backyard is in full bloom.
The cherry tree in our backyard is in full bloom.
This wine has a hint of chery in its flavor.
This wine has a hint of cherry in its flavor.
He picked a chery and ate it.
He picked a cherry and ate it.

Cherry Definitions

A small, round stone fruit that is typically red or black when ripe.
She added fresh cherries to the pie.
The wood of the cherry tree, known for its rich color and grain.
The cherry wood table had a smooth, polished finish.
A bright red color resembling the fruit.
She painted her nails a vibrant cherry red.
A tree that bears cherry fruit, belonging to the genus Prunus.
The cherry tree bloomed with pink flowers in spring.
A metaphor for something desirable or valuable.
His vintage car collection was the cherry on top of his estate.
Any of various trees or shrubs of the genus Prunus of the rose family, especially the sweet cherry or the sour cherry, native chiefly to northern temperate regions and having pink or white flowers and small juicy drupes.
The yellow, red, or blackish fruit of any of these plants.

Cherry Sentences

She baked a delicious cherry pie for dessert.
I love adding cherry to my ice cream.
The cherry blossoms are beautiful in spring.
Her favorite yogurt flavor is black cherry.
Cherry trees are common in this part of the country.
I prefer cherry jam on my toast.
Cherry picking is a fun activity in the summer.
The cherry soda was refreshingly cold.
We planted a cherry tree in our garden last year.
The recipe calls for a cup of cherry tomatoes.
They serve the best cherry cheesecake in town.
The cherry red dress she wore was stunning.
Cherry hardwood floors enhance the beauty of a home.
A cherry on top makes the sundae perfect.
She wears a cherry red lipstick that suits her.
Cherry cola is his beverage of choice.
He gifted her a cherry wood jewelry box.
They enjoyed cherry blossoms at the festival.
The cherry orchard was their favorite spot for picnics.
Cherry wood is popular for furniture because of its rich color.
I decorated the cake with fresh cherry on top.
I have a collection of cherry-flavored lip balms.
We made a cherry smoothie after our workout.
The scent of cherry blossoms filled the air.
The painting depicted a bowl of cherry beautifully.

Cherry Idioms & Phrases

Like a cherry on a cake

Very similar to "the cherry on top," it means an extra touch that makes something good even better.
The surprise guest at the party was like a cherry on a cake.


To select only the best or most desirable from a group of options.
The team manager tends to cherry-pick players from well-known schools.

Not my cherry to pick

A variation of "not my battle to fight," meaning it's not something one should be involved in.
I decided it was not my cherry to pick, so I stayed out of the argument.

The cherry on top

Something that finishes or completes something in a satisfying way.
Winning the game was great, but the trophy was the cherry on top.

To lose one's cherry

Similar to "pop one's cherry," referring to a first-time experience, often sexual.
It's another phrase that's best avoided in polite conversation.

Cherry red

Describing a bright, vivid red color.
She painted her nails a bold cherry red.

Pop one's cherry

A slang term often used to refer to someone losing their virginity.
It's a phrase that's considered vulgar and inappropriate for polite conversation.

As cherry as they come

Being in an excellent or prime condition.
The car he bought was as cherry as they come, without a single scratch.

Under the cherry moon

Referring to a romantic or idyllic situation, inspired by the Prince album and film.
They shared their first kiss under the cherry moon.

Life is just a bowl of cherries

Life is pleasant and enjoyable.
Ever since he retired, he feels like life is just a bowl of cherries.

Cherry picking time

The season or period when it's time to select or make choices, often the best ones.
With college applications sent, it's now cherry picking time for the admissions board.

Cherry blossom time

A period in spring when cherry trees bloom, often celebrated in festivals.
We're planning a trip to Japan during cherry blossom time.

A wild cherry chase

A twist on "a wild goose chase," meaning a futile search or pursuit.
Finding the perfect cherry pie in this town turned out to be a wild cherry chase.

To cherry top the evening

To end an evening or event on a high note.
The fireworks cherry-topped the evening, leaving everyone in awe.

To cherry-stem the situation

A playful term suggesting making the best out of a situation, akin to tying a cherry stem with one's tongue.
Despite the chaos, he managed to cherry-stem the situation.

Cherry-picked truth

Selective facts or information chosen to support one's argument.
His argument was based on a cherry-picked truth that ignored the larger context.

Cherries jubilee

A dessert dish involving cherries and liqueur, typically flambéed.
For our anniversary, we had cherries jubilee at a fancy restaurant.

Sweet as cherry pie

To describe someone or something that's very sweet or charming.
Her grandmother was sweet as cherry pie, always ready with a hug and a cookie.

Cherry hour

A poetic or fanciful way of referring to a particularly pleasant or enjoyable time.
The picnic was held during the cherry hour of the afternoon.

To be in cherry condition

To be in an excellent or pristine state.
The vintage guitar was in cherry condition, astonishing for its age.


Why is it called cherry?

It's called cherry from the Old French "cherise," derived from the Latin "cerasum," referring to the cherry tree.

What is the root word of cherry?

The root word is "cerasum," the Latin term for cherry.

What is the verb form of cherry?

Cherry does not have a verb form; it's primarily used as a noun.

Which vowel is used before cherry?

The vowel "a" is used before cherry, as in "a cherry."

Which preposition is used with cherry?

"On" is commonly used with cherry, as in "cherries on the tree."

Which conjunction is used with cherry?

"And" is used with cherry, as in "cherry and apple pies."

Which article is used with cherry?

"The" is used as the definite article, as in "the cherry tree."

Is cherry a noun or adjective?

Cherry can be both a noun (the fruit) and an adjective (describing color).

What is the pronunciation of cherry?

Cherry is pronounced as /ˈʧɛri/.

What is the singular form of cherry?

The singular form is "cherry."

Is cherry an abstract noun?

No, cherry is a concrete noun.

Is cherry a countable noun?

Yes, cherry is a countable noun.

What is the plural form of cherry?

The plural form is "cherries."

Is cherry a negative or positive word?

Cherry is generally a positive word, associated with delicious fruit and attractive color.

Is cherry a vowel or consonant?

Cherry is neither; it's a noun or adjective.

Is the cherry term a metaphor?

Yes, cherry can be used as a metaphor for something special or desirable.

What is a stressed syllable in cherry?

The first syllable "cher" is stressed in "cherry."

Which determiner is used with cherry?

Determiners like "the," "a," or "an" are used with cherry.

How is cherry used in a sentence?

"She picked a ripe cherry from the tree and savored its sweet taste."

Is cherry a collective noun?

No, cherry is not typically used as a collective noun.

How many syllables are in cherry?

There are two syllables in "cherry."

What is another term for cherry?

Another term for cherry is "stone fruit" or "cerise" in French.

What is the opposite of cherry?

The opposite of cherry, in terms of fruit, could be a seedless fruit like a banana.

Is the word cherry imperative?

No, cherry is not used in an imperative form.

What part of speech is cherry?

Cherry is a noun and can also be used as an adjective.

What is the first form of cherry?

The first form is "cherry," referring to its base form as a noun.

What is the second form of cherry?

Cherry does not have a second form as it is not a verb.

Is cherry an adverb?

No, cherry is not an adverb.

How do we divide cherry into syllables?

Cherry is divided into syllables as cher-ry.

What is the third form of cherry?

Similarly, cherry does not have a third form due to its noun status.
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