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Forthcoming vs. Upcoming: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on November 21, 2023
Forthcoming refers to something that is about to happen or ready to be provided, while upcoming specifically denotes something that is scheduled to occur soon.

Key Differences

Forthcoming implies readiness or willingness to provide something or to be cooperative, as well as indicating that an event or occurrence is about to happen. Upcoming, however, strictly refers to events or occurrences that are scheduled to happen in the near future.
Forthcoming can describe a person's attitude, such as being open and communicative, in addition to its temporal meaning. In contrast, upcoming is used exclusively in a temporal context, with no connotations regarding attitude or behavior.
The term forthcoming is often used in situations where information, details, or results are expected to be revealed or made available. While, upcoming is typically used in reference to events, meetings, or releases that are planned and scheduled.
In literary or formal contexts, forthcoming might be used to describe the publication of books, reports, or articles that are about to be made available. Whereas, upcoming is more commonly found in casual or informal contexts, particularly in reference to events or activities.
Forthcoming can imply a sense of preparation or completion, suggesting that something is on the verge of being presented. Upcoming simply indicates that something will take place soon, without any implication of readiness or completion.

Comparison Chart

Primary Meaning

Ready to happen or be provided; willing to communicate.
Scheduled to occur in the near future.

Usage Context

Both temporal and attitudinal contexts.
Exclusively temporal contexts.

Common Associations

Information, results, cooperation.
Events, meetings, planned activities.

Formality Level

Often found in formal or literary contexts.
More common in casual or informal contexts.


Suggests preparation or readiness.
Indicates future occurrence without readiness implication.

Forthcoming and Upcoming Definitions


About to happen or appear.
The forthcoming election is stirring much debate.


Happening or appearing soon.
The upcoming conference is scheduled for June.


Willing to divulge information.
She was forthcoming about her company's challenges.


Scheduled or planned to occur in the near future.
We are preparing for the upcoming holiday season.


Imminent in time; upcoming.
The forthcoming book launch is eagerly anticipated.


Imminent or approaching.
The upcoming deadline is causing a lot of stress.


Showing a willingness to cooperate.
His forthcoming attitude facilitated the negotiation.


About to take place.
The community is excited about the upcoming parade.


Ready or available when required or expected.
The report is forthcoming next week.


Soon to be.
The upcoming changes to the policy have been announced.


About to appear or take place; approaching
The forthcoming elections.


Occurring soon; forthcoming.


Available when required or as promised
Federal funds were not forthcoming.


Happening or appearing in the relatively near future.
We are ready for whatever is upcoming.
The Federal budget lays out government spending for the upcoming budget year.


Affable and outgoing
A considerate, forthcoming person.


Eggcorn of up-and-coming


Pertaining to to upcome


The act of coming up.


Comeuppance; deserts


The activity of to upcome


Present participle of upcome


Of the relatively near future;
The approaching election
This coming Thursday
The forthcoming holidays
The upcoming spring fashions


Is upcoming used for information release?

Typically, upcoming is used for events rather than information release.

Can forthcoming be used for events?

Yes, forthcoming can refer to events that are about to occur.

What does upcoming mean?

Upcoming refers to something that is scheduled to happen in the near future.

Does forthcoming imply readiness?

Yes, it often implies readiness or preparation.

Do upcoming events have to be scheduled?

Generally, upcoming events are those that are planned or scheduled.

Can forthcoming mean cooperative?

Yes, it can also mean showing a willingness to cooperate or be helpful.

What is an example of forthcoming in a sentence?

"The CEO was forthcoming with the details about the merger."

What does forthcoming mean?

Forthcoming means something is about to happen or be provided, or indicating willingness to cooperate.

What is an example of upcoming in a sentence?

"The upcoming holiday will affect store hours."

Can upcoming refer to a person’s attitude?

No, upcoming is not used to describe attitudes.

Does forthcoming have a time frame?

Forthcoming suggests a near-term timeframe but is not specific.

What are synonyms for forthcoming?

Imminent, approaching, and pending.

Is upcoming suitable for formal documents?

Upcoming is acceptable in formal documents but is more casual in tone.

Is upcoming only for positive events?

No, upcoming can refer to any event, positive or negative.

Is forthcoming formal or informal?

Forthcoming can be used in both formal and informal contexts but is more common in formal ones.

Are there different types of forthcoming?

Forthcoming can refer to both events and attitudes, each with different implications.

Can both terms be used interchangeably?

In some contexts they can be, but they have different nuances.

Can forthcoming be used for unexpected events?

Forthcoming is less commonly used for unexpected events.

How specific is the timing with upcoming?

Upcoming usually implies a more immediate or clearly defined future time.

What are synonyms for upcoming?

Forthcoming, impending, and imminent.
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