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Formost vs. Foremost: Mastering the Correct Spelling

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on March 9, 2024
"Formost" is an incorrect spelling; the correct spelling is "foremost," meaning first in rank, importance, or position.

Which is correct: Formost or Foremost

How to spell Foremost?

Formost is Incorrect

Foremost is Correct


Key Differences

Link "fore" to "forward," indicating the leading position.
Remember "foremost" starts with "fore," like in "forecast" predicting what comes first.
Associate "most" in "foremost" with being the most important or leading.
Think of "fore" in "foremost" as in "before" others in importance or position.
Visualize "foremost" as being at the forefront, leading the way.

Correct usage of Foremost

She was among the formost to arrive at the scene.
She was among the foremost to arrive at the scene.
He is considered the formost expert in his field.
He is considered the foremost expert in his field.
Safety is our formost concern.
Safety is our foremost concern.
The formost reason for the decision was financial.
The foremost reason for the decision was financial.
His contributions were formost in advancing the project.
His contributions were foremost in advancing the project.

Foremost Definitions

Foremost can describe something leading or preeminent in a field.
He is among the foremost artists of his generation.
Foremost means most prominent in rank, importance, or position.
She is the foremost authority on the subject.
Foremost refers to being first in a sequence or array.
The safety of our employees is of foremost importance.
Foremost implies being at the front or ahead of others.
The explorer was at the foremost edge of the discovery.
Foremost signifies the highest priority or consideration.
In all decisions, the children's welfare is foremost.
More prominent or important than others, especially in position or rank
The foremost researchers in the field.
First in physical position or place
The foremost ranks of the advancing warriors.

Foremost Sentences

She is one of the foremost authorities on climate change.
Our foremost priority is the health and safety of our employees.
As a teacher, his foremost concern is the welfare of his students.
The foremost issue facing our community is the lack of affordable housing.
In this negotiation, our foremost objective is to secure a fair deal.
He is regarded as a foremost scholar in his field of study.
The foremost challenge in this project is the tight deadline.
The company's foremost goal is to reduce its environmental impact.
In addressing the issue, the foremost step is to gather accurate data.
The museum houses some of the foremost artworks of the 20th century.
The safety of our children is our foremost responsibility.
Among her many qualities, her honesty is foremost.
The foremost reason for their success is their dedication to quality.
The foremost requirement for the job is a high level of expertise.
In terms of importance, customer satisfaction is foremost.
The foremost part of the book deals with historical background.
This historical event is of foremost significance in our country's history.
Our foremost task is to complete the report by next week.
The foremost thing to remember is to stay calm in emergencies.
The foremost principle of our organization is transparency.
He has a reputation as one of the foremost experts in cybersecurity.
Her contributions to the company have been foremost in its success.
His research has been foremost in uncovering new insights.
Their foremost concern was to ensure the safety of all participants.
Her foremost ambition has always been to help others.

Foremost Idioms & Phrases

First and foremost

More than anything else; primarily.
First and foremost, we need to address the budget shortfall.

Foremost in mind

The most important thing to consider or remember.
Keeping our customers satisfied is foremost in mind.

To be counted among the foremost

To be considered as one of the leading or most important.
He is counted among the foremost composers of his time.

The foremost part

The most important or leading section or position.
The foremost part of the document outlines the key objectives.

To come to the foremost

To become the most prominent or important.
Through hard work, she came to the foremost of her field.

Foremost in thought

The main or most important thing being considered.
Safety was foremost in thought when designing the new product.

Foremost among equals

Leading or most distinguished among those considered equal in status.
In the field of literature, she is foremost among equals.

Foremost on the list

The most important item on a list.
Foremost on the list of priorities is improving customer service.

To stand foremost

To be the most prominent or important in a group.
In the fight for justice, she stands foremost.

To play a foremost role

To have a leading or principal function in something.
He played a foremost role in the project's success.

To have foremost importance

To be of the highest significance or value.
Trust and integrity have foremost importance in our dealings.

To set something foremost

To prioritize something above others.
We set environmental sustainability foremost in our policies.

To rank foremost

To be classified or regarded as the most important or best.
In terms of performance, she ranks foremost among her peers.

To take the foremost place

To be in the leading or most important position.
In her heart, her family takes the foremost place.

To establish oneself as foremost

To make oneself the most prominent or leading in a field.
Over the years, he established himself as foremost in the study of ancient history.

A foremost figure

A leading or dominant person in a particular field or context.
As a foremost figure in the movement, her voice carries weight.

Foremost in line

Being the first or among the first in a sequence or order.
She was foremost in line to receive the award.

To hold a foremost position

To occupy a leading or very important role or status.
The company holds a foremost position in the industry.

Foremost in one’s heart

Being the most loved or cherished.
Her children were always foremost in her heart.


Why is it called foremost?

It is called foremost because it denotes being first in place, rank, or importance.

What is the root word of foremost?

The root word of foremost is "fore," meaning before in place or rank.

What is the verb form of foremost?

Foremost does not have a verb form; it is primarily an adjective or adverb.

Which preposition is used with foremost?

The preposition "in" is commonly used with foremost (e.g., foremost in the field).

What is the plural form of foremost?

Foremost does not have a plural form; its usage does not change.

Is foremost an adverb?

Yes, foremost can function as an adverb.

What is the singular form of foremost?

The singular form is "foremost."

What is the pronunciation of foremost?

The pronunciation of foremost is /ˈfɔːrmoʊst/.

Which vowel is used before foremost?

The vowel "o" is used before "remost" in foremost.

Is foremost an abstract noun?

No, foremost is not a noun; it's an adjective or adverb.

Is foremost a negative or positive word?

Foremost is neutral, neither inherently negative nor positive.

Which article is used with foremost?

Both "the" and "a" can be used, depending on the context.

Is foremost a noun or adjective?

Foremost is primarily an adjective but can also be used as an adverb.

Is the word foremost imperative?

No, foremost is not an imperative; it's descriptive.

How many syllables are in foremost?

There are two syllables in foremost.

What is the opposite of foremost?

The opposite of foremost might be "least important" or "last."

How is foremost used in a sentence?

"Her foremost goal was to improve the company's sustainability practices."

Which conjunction is used with foremost?

Conjunctions like "and" can be used with foremost when listing attributes or positions.

Is foremost a collective noun?

No, foremost is not a collective noun.

What is a stressed syllable in foremost?

The first syllable "fore" is stressed in foremost.

What is another term for foremost?

Another term for foremost is "leading" or "principal."

What is the second form of foremost?

There is no second form; foremost remains the same.

Is foremost a vowel or consonant?

Foremost is a word, comprised of both vowels and consonants.

Is the foremost term a metaphor?

It can be used metaphorically to denote primacy or importance.

How do we divide foremost into syllables?

Foremost is divided into syllables as fore-most.

Is foremost a countable noun?

Foremost is not a noun, so it's not countable.

What part of speech is foremost?

Foremost is an adjective and can also be used as an adverb.

Which determiner is used with foremost?

Determiners like "the" or "our" can be used with foremost.

What is the first form of foremost?

Foremost itself is the primary form; it does not change.

What is the third form of foremost?

Foremost does not have different forms.
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