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Medle vs. Meddle: Mastering the Correct Spelling

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Harlon Moss || Published on March 10, 2024
"Medle" is incorrect, while "meddle" is correct, meaning to interfere in something that is not one's concern.

Which is correct: Medle or Meddle

How to spell Meddle?

Medle is Incorrect

Meddle is Correct


Key Differences

Think of the double 'd' in "meddle" as two people interfering.
Recall "meddle" contains "ddle," like "middle," where you don't belong.
Associate "meddle" with "meddler," both having a double 'd.'
Link "meddle" with "meddlesome," focusing on the double 'd' in both.
Remember, "meddle" rhymes with "peddle," and both involve going into others' space.

Correct usage of Meddle

Please don't medle with my computer settings.
Please don't meddle with my computer settings.
She was known to medle whenever she saw a problem.
She was known to meddle whenever she saw a problem.
He likes to medle in other people's affairs.
He likes to meddle in other people's affairs.
It's not good to medle in your friends' arguments.
It's not good to meddle in your friends' arguments.
The company should not medle in personal matters of its employees.
The company should not meddle in personal matters of its employees.

Meddle Definitions

Meddle can refer to tampering or altering something without permission.
The evidence was compromised when an unknown person meddled with it.
Meddle can mean to intrude in a situation without invitation or necessity.
Neighbors should not meddle in each other's domestic affairs.
Meddle may also imply involving oneself in matters without right or invitation.
It's wise not to meddle in corporate politics.
Meddle can mean to intercede or intervene without a proper stake in the outcome.
The diplomat was accused of meddling in foreign elections.
Meddle means to interfere in or busy oneself unduly with something not one's concern.
He regretted his decision to meddle in his friend's argument.
To intrude into other people's affairs or business; interfere.
To handle something carelessly or ignorantly; tamper
Don't meddle with my phone!.
To interfere in or with; to concern oneself with unduly.

Meddle Sentences

I don't like it when people meddle in my business.
They asked him not to meddle with the equipment.
She couldn't resist the urge to meddle in the planning of the event.
If you meddle in their conversation, they might get annoyed.
Their friendship ended because she would always meddle.
Please, do not meddle with the settings on the TV.
It's best not to meddle in things you don't understand.
Parents often find it hard not to meddle in their adult children's lives.
Her tendency to meddle made her unpopular at work.
You shouldn't meddle in other people's relationships.
To avoid conflict, try not to meddle in their family issues.

Meddle Idioms & Phrases

Meddle not in the affairs of wizards

Similar to the first, it advises against getting involved in complex situations or with people whose actions you don't fully understand.
When it comes to high-level negotiations, meddle not in the affairs of wizards.

Don't meddle in the affairs of dragons

A whimsical warning against interfering in situations or with people who are far more powerful or dangerous than you.
He quickly learned not to meddle in the affairs of dragons when he took on the corporate giants.


What is the verb form of meddle?

Meddle is itself a verb; its forms are meddles, meddling, meddled.

Which vowel is used before meddle?

"A" or "the" is used before meddle, depending on the context.

Which preposition is used with meddle?

Prepositions like "in" or "with" are used with meddle, depending on the context.

What is the plural form of meddle?

Meddle doesn't have a plural form; it's a verb.

Which conjunction is used with meddle?

Conjunctions like "and" or "but" can be used with meddle, depending on the sentence structure.

Is meddle an abstract noun?

No, meddle is not a noun; it's a verb.

What is the pronunciation of meddle?

Meddle is pronounced as /ˈmedl/.

Which article is used with meddle?

Articles are not typically used with verbs like meddle.

Is the word meddle imperative?

Meddle can be used in the imperative form, e.g., "Do not meddle!"

Why is it called meddle?

It's called meddle because it originates from mixing or meddling in matters not pertaining to one.

What is the root word of meddle?

The root word of meddle is "medlen," an Old English word meaning to mix or blend.

What is the singular form of meddle?

The singular form is "meddle."

Is meddle a noun or adjective?

Meddle is a verb.

Is meddle a negative or positive word?

Meddle is generally considered a negative word due to its intrusive connotations.

Is meddle a vowel or consonant?

The word meddle starts with a consonant.

How do we divide meddle into syllables?

Meddle is divided as med-dle.

What is the first form of meddle?

The first form is "meddle."

What is the second form of meddle?

The second form is "meddled."

What is the third form of meddle?

The third form is "meddled."

Is meddle a countable noun?

Meddle is not a noun; it's a verb and thus not countable.

How many syllables are in meddle?

Meddle has two syllables.

What is the opposite of meddle?

The opposite of meddle is "ignore" or "disregard."

Is meddle an adverb?

No, meddle is not an adverb.

What is a stressed syllable in meddle?

The first syllable "med" is stressed in meddle.

What is another term for meddle?

Another term for meddle is "interfere" or "intrude."

Is meddle a collective noun?

No, meddle is a verb, not a noun.

Is the meddle term a metaphor?

Meddle can be used metaphorically to describe unwanted or intrusive involvement.

What part of speech is meddle?

Meddle is a verb.

Which determiner is used with meddle?

Determiners are not typically used with verbs like meddle.

How is meddle used in a sentence?

Example: She advised her brother to not meddle in matters that did not concern him.
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