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Form vs. Inform: What's the Difference?

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Form is a noun or verb relating to the shape, structure, or creation of something, while inform is a verb meaning to give information or knowledge.

Key Differences

Form relates to the shape, structure, or arrangement of something. Inform means to give facts or information. Form can be tangible, as in the form of a sculpture, or abstract, as in the form of an agreement. Informing involves communication, such as informing someone of a decision.
Form defines what something is, outlining its appearance or the way it is constructed. To inform is to impart knowledge, updating or advising someone about something. While form can be static, informing is a dynamic process of sharing and receiving.
Form can be seen and touched if physical, like the form of a chair, or conceptualized if non-physical, like a plan. Informing is an action, involving the transfer of data or news. Form provides the framework or essence of an object or idea; informing delivers content within a communicative context.
A form is integral to an object or concept, giving it identity and distinguishing features. To inform is to eliminate ignorance or uncertainty about something. A form is the arrangement of parts in an artifact or work of art; informing is the act of telling or educating someone about something.
Form can exist independently of human action, such as the natural form of a tree. Informing, however, requires an informant and a recipient. An artist might ponder the form of their next piece, while a teacher is concerned with how best to inform their students.

Comparison Chart

Part of Speech



The visible shape or configuration of something.
To give knowledge or factual information.

Usage in a Sentence

Describes structure or arrangement.
Describes the act of communicating knowledge.


Can be a physical entity or an abstract concept.
Always an action or process.


Has plural and tense variations.
Has tense variations and can be passive.

Form and Inform Definitions


To create or construct something.
He formed the clay into a vase.


To give character or essence to something.
Historical accuracy informs the new period drama.


The visible shape or configuration of something.
The clouds took on the form of a dragon.


To form an idea or opinion.
Your feedback will inform our decision.


The condition or physical fitness of a person.
The athlete was in top form for the competition.


To give facts or information to someone.
The officer will inform us of any updates.


A type or variety of something.
Sonnets and haikus are different forms of poetry.


To report or divulge information.
She informed the authorities about the incident.


A document with blank spaces for information.
Please fill out the application form.


To educate or instruct.
The lecture series is designed to inform the public on health issues.


The shape and structure of an object
The form of a snowflake.


To impart information to; make aware of something
We were informed by mail of the change in plans. The nurse informed me that visiting hours were over.


Is "form" always physical?

No, it can also refer to abstract concepts.

Can "form" also mean a type or category?

Yes, such as different forms of government.

What does "in good form" mean?

It means functioning or performing well.

Does "form" have a verb form?

Yes, for instance, "to form a committee."

How do you use "inform" in a sentence?

"Please inform me when you arrive."

What is "form" in art?

It refers to the physical shape or design of an artwork.

Can "inform" be used in passive voice?

Yes, for example, "You will be informed by email."

Is "inform" related to "information"?

Yes, "inform" is the act of giving "information."

Can "form" mean a bench or seat in a church?

Yes, though it's an older or less common meaning.

Can "inform" mean to shape or influence?

Yes, such as in "His experience informed his views."

What does it mean to "inform" someone?

It means to provide them with information.

What is an "informant"?

A person who gives information.

What is "free form"?

It's a style that is not regular or structured.

Does "form" relate to fitness?

Yes, in sports, "form" can refer to physical condition.

What is a "form letter"?

A standardized letter used for multiple recipients.

Can "inform" be used in technology?

Yes, like informing a system with data.

Does "inform" have a noun form?

No, "information" is the noun form.

Can "inform" be synonymous with "teach"?

In some contexts, to inform can be similar to teaching.

What does "form" mean in school?

It can mean a class or year group.

What does "informal" mean?

It means casual or not formal.
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