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Beign vs. Being: Mastering the Correct Spelling

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on March 29, 2024
"Beign" is an incorrect spelling; the correct spelling is "being", which signifies existence or the essence of a person or thing.

Which is correct: Beign or Being

How to spell Being?

Beign is Incorrect

Being is Correct


Key Differences

Think of "being" as a combination of "be" and "ing," indicating the action of existence.
Note that "being" ends with "ing" like many other verbs in their continuous form.
Recall that "being" has "i" after "e" following the common rule, unlike the incorrect "beign."
Associate "being" with "human being" to help remember the correct spelling.
Use the phrase "I am being" to remember the order of the letters.

Correct usage of Being

Your beign late affects everyone's schedule.
Your being late affects everyone's schedule.
He's known for beign very generous.
He's known for being very generous.
The key to happiness is beign content with what you have.
The key to happiness is being content with what you have.
I am beign as helpful as I can.
I am being as helpful as I can.
It's not just about doing; it's about beign.
It's not just about doing; it's about being.

Being Definitions

Being refers to the essence or existence of a person or thing.
She questioned the very being of humanity.
Being signifies the state or fact of existing.
Happiness is a state of being.
Being also means the nature or essence of a person.
His being is rooted in kindness.
Being can denote a living creature or life form.
Aliens are beings from another planet.
Being can describe presence in a particular situation or condition.
Being in love is magical.
The state or quality of having existence
Technical advances that have only recently come into being.
The totality of all things that exist
Theologians who hold that the mind of God is the source of all being.
A person
"The artist after all is a solitary being" (Virginia Woolf).

Being Sentences

He's interested in being part of the club.
The hardest part about being a leader is making tough decisions.
Being with family during the holidays is very special to her.
Being kind to others can make a big difference in their lives.
She enjoyed being in the quiet countryside.
Being honest is an important trait in any relationship.
The cat loved being in the warm sunlight by the window.
Being involved in community service has been a rewarding experience.
The challenge of being a parent is also what makes it rewarding.
She finds being around nature to be very calming.
The joy of being a grandparent is like no other.
Being mindful of others' feelings is a sign of empathy.
The experience of being lost in a book is magical.
Being able to forgive is a sign of strength.
They talked about the importance of being present in the moment.
Being part of a team means working together towards a common goal.
He's always dreamed of being an astronaut and exploring space.
I'm looking forward to being at the beach next week.
Being fluent in multiple languages is a valuable skill.
Being recognized for your hard work is a great feeling.

Being Idioms & Phrases

Being in the same boat

Being in the same situation or facing the same problems as others.
We're all in the same boat being new to this company and trying to learn the ropes.

Being a fly on the wall

Wishing to be an unnoticed observer in a situation.
I'd love to be a fly on the wall during their meeting to hear what's being discussed.

Like being a kid in a candy store

Being very excited and enthusiastic, often because there are many appealing options.
He was like a kid in a candy store being at the electronics expo.

Being on cloud nine

Feeling extremely happy or elated.
She was on cloud nine after being accepted into her dream college.

Being all ears

Listening intently and with full attention.
Tell me about your day—I'm all ears.

Being a stone's throw away

Being very close to a particular location.
The beach is just a stone's throw away from being at our doorstep.

Being in seventh heaven

Being in a state of extreme delight or happiness.
She was in seventh heaven being offered her dream job.

Being in the driver's seat

Being in control of a situation or in a dominant position.
Taking charge of the project meant he was finally in the driver's seat.

Being a double-edged sword

Being something that has both advantages and disadvantages.
Technology is a double-edged sword, being both helpful and potentially distracting.

Being the life of the party

Being a person who brings energy and fun to social gatherings.
She's always the life of the party, being so outgoing and funny.

Being on thin ice

Being in a risky situation where one could easily make a mistake.
He's on thin ice being late to work so frequently.

Being in hot water

Being in trouble or a difficult situation.
He found himself in hot water after being caught cheating on the test.

Being a breath of fresh air

Being refreshing and invigorating, often bringing new ideas or energy.
His innovative approach to teaching was a breath of fresh air.

Being the elephant in the room

Being a large, obvious problem or issue that everyone is aware of but no one wants to discuss.
The budget shortfall was the elephant in the room at the meeting.

Being on the edge of one's seat

Being very excited and giving one's full attention, often because something is very suspenseful.
The movie had us on the edge of our seats, being so thrilling.

Being in the loop

Being informed and up-to-date about something.
Please keep me in the loop about any changes being made to the project.

Being a drop in the ocean

Being a very small part of something much larger.
My contribution feels like a drop in the ocean when being part of such a large project.

Being the icing on the cake

Being an additional benefit or positive aspect that enhances something that is already positive.
The beautiful weather was the icing on the cake for our picnic.

Being a chip off the old block

Being very similar to one's parent, especially in appearance or behavior.
You're a chip off the old block, being just as talented as your father.


Which vowel is used before being?

The vowel "e" is used before the "-ing" in being.

Why is it called being?

Being is called so because it refers to the state or quality of having existence or the essence of something. It derives from the Old English "bēon," meaning to be or exist.

What is the verb form of being?

The verb form of being is "be." Being serves as a noun and also as a present participle or gerund form of the verb "be."

What is the root word of being?

The root word of being is "be," which is an ancient verb used in English and other Germanic languages.

What is the pronunciation of being?

Being is pronounced as /ˈbiː.ɪŋ/.

What is the singular form of being?

The singular form is "being" itself, as it can refer to a single existence or entity.

What is the plural form of being?

The plural form can also be "beings," especially when referring to multiple entities or creatures.

Which conjunction is used with being?

Conjunctions like "and" and "as well as" can be used with being, depending on the sentence structure.

Is being an adverb?

No, being is not an adverb.

Is being a vowel or consonant?

Being starts with the consonant "b" and contains vowels within it.

Is being a countable noun?

Being as a concept is uncountable, but when referring to individual entities, it can be countable (e.g., beings).

Is the being term a metaphor?

Being can be used metaphorically to refer to the essence or fundamental nature of something.

Which preposition is used with being?

Prepositions such as "of," "in," and "for" are commonly used with being, depending on the context.

Which article is used with being?

Both the definite article "the" and the indefinite articles "a" or "an" can be used with being, based on the context.

Is the word being imperative?

No, being is not imperative; it's descriptive or existential.

What is a stressed syllable in being?

The first syllable "be-" is the stressed syllable in being.

Which determiner is used with being?

Determiners such as "the," "a," "an," "this," "my," can be used with being, depending on the context.

What is the second form of being?

The second form is "was" (past singular) and "were" (past plural).

How is being used in a sentence?

Being can be used in various ways, such as "The essence of being human is empathy" or "He is being helpful."

Is being a negative or positive word?

Being is neutral; its connotation depends on the context in which it is used.

Is being a collective noun?

Being is not typically a collective noun, but "beings" can refer collectively to all entities of a certain kind.

How many syllables are in being?

There are two syllables in being.

How do we divide being into syllables?

Being is divided into syllables as be-ing.

What part of speech is being?

Being can be a noun or a gerund/participle form of the verb "be."

What is the third form of being?

The third form is "been," which is the past participle form.

Is being a noun or adjective?

Being can be a noun referring to existence or a gerund/participle form of the verb "be," but it is not typically an adjective.

Is being an abstract noun?

Yes, when being refers to the concept or state of existence, it is an abstract noun.

What is another term for being?

Another term for being could be existence, entity, or essence.

What is the opposite of being?

The opposite of being can be nonexistence, nothingness, or non-being.

What is the first form of being?

The first form is "be," as in the base form of the verb.
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