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Feasibly vs. Possible: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on January 28, 2024
"Feasibly" implies practicality and likelihood in real-world conditions, while "possible" refers to anything that can happen or be done, without considering practical constraints.

Key Differences

Feasibly refers to something that can be achieved or done with reasonable effort, resources, or circumstances. It emphasizes practicality and likelihood in real-world scenarios. On the other hand, possible denotes anything that can happen or be done, regardless of its feasibility or practicality. It encompasses a broader range of outcomes, including those that are theoretically attainable but may not be realistic.
When we use feasibly, we consider the constraints and resources available in a given situation. It's grounded in the context of existing conditions and limitations. In contrast, possible extends to the limits of imagination and theoretical scenarios, not bounded by current realities or practical considerations. It's more about the realm of capability than practical execution.
Feasibly often implies a sense of realism and achievability. It's used when assessing whether a plan or idea could be implemented effectively. Possible, however, simply indicates that something could exist or occur, without any judgment on its likelihood or the means to achieve it. It is more about potentiality than actuality.
In decision-making, feasibly is a key consideration for planning and strategy, as it requires evaluating the resources, time, and effort needed. Possible, however, is often the starting point of brainstorming and innovation, where all options are considered without immediate concern for their feasibility.
Feasibly tends to be used in a more conservative context, where the focus is on what can be realistically achieved. Possible, in contrast, encourages a broader view, often inspiring creative and innovative thinking by considering what could be, without the constraints of current limitations.

Comparison Chart


Limited to practical and realistic scenarios.
Encompasses any scenario that is not impossible.

Use in Planning

Focuses on what can be realistically achieved with available resources.
Considers all theoretical outcomes, regardless of current resources.


Grounded in real-world conditions and practical constraints.
Not bound by current realities, more theoretical.


Used for assessing the viability of plans or actions.
Used to explore the full range of outcomes or possibilities.


Implies practicality and likelihood.
Implies potentiality and capability.

Feasibly and Possible Definitions


Capable of being done or carried out effectively.
It's feasibly possible to complete the project within two weeks.


Within the limits of ability, capacity, or realization.
It's possible for her to win the race if she trains hard.


Practically reasonable or probable.
Hosting the event outdoors is feasibly a better option, considering the weather.


Capable of happening or existing.
It's possible to see the Northern Lights from this location.


Within the realm of practicality.
We can feasibly cut costs by 10% without compromising quality.


Conceivable or imaginable.
Traveling to Mars is possible in the foreseeable future.


Realistically attainable or possible.
Learning a new language in a month is not feasibly achievable for most people.


Not excluded from happening or being true.
A surprise party for her birthday is definitely possible.


Achievable with the available resources.
Expanding our market overseas is feasibly the next step for the company.


Subject to chance or uncertainty.
It's possible that the meeting might get postponed.


Capable of being accomplished or brought about; possible
A feasible plan.


Capable of happening, existing, or being true without contradicting proven facts, laws, or circumstances
Is it possible to move faster than the speed of light?.


Capable of being used or dealt with successfully
Feasible new sources of energy.


Logical; likely
A feasible explanation.


In a feasible manner


Is something feasible always possible?

Yes, if something is feasible, it's also possible, but not all possible things are feasible.

How does context affect the use of feasibly?

Feasibly is used considering practical constraints and real-world scenarios.

Can something be possible but not feasible?

Yes, some ideas may be theoretically possible but not feasible due to practical limitations.

Can feasibly and possible be used interchangeably?

Not always, as feasibly implies practicality while possible refers to any outcome that isn't impossible.

Can feasibly be used to denote ease?

Not directly, it's more about practicality than ease.

Is feasibly a measure of likelihood?

Yes, it often indicates how likely or practical something is.

How do feasibly and possible relate to potential outcomes?

Feasibly relates to practical and likely outcomes, while possible encompasses all theoretical outcomes.

What does feasibly mean?

Feasibly means something can be done realistically and practically.

In project planning, why is feasibly important?

It helps in assessing the practicality and viability of plans.

In terms of risk assessment, how do feasibly and possible differ?

Feasibly assesses risks based on practicality, while possible considers all potential risks.

Does possible have limitations?

Possible is limited only by what is not impossible, so its limitations are minimal.

How do feasibly and possible affect decision-making?

Feasibly affects decisions by focusing on practicality, while possible broadens options by considering all outcomes.

Are feasibly and possible dependent on perspective?

Yes, both can vary based on individual perspectives and contexts.

Does possible imply a higher degree of uncertainty than feasibly?

Yes, possible encompasses a broader range of uncertain outcomes.

Is something that's possible always achievable?

Not necessarily; it might be possible but not achievable under current conditions.

Does possible always consider current resources?

No, possible doesn't always take current resources into account.

Can feasibly change over time?

Yes, as circumstances and resources change, what is feasible can also change.

Can something be both feasibly and possible?

Yes, many actions or outcomes can be both feasible and possible.

How do feasibility studies relate to these terms?

Feasibility studies evaluate how feasibly and possibly a project or plan can be executed.

Can feasibly be quantified?

It's more qualitative, focusing on practicality rather than measurable factors.
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