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Facebook Group vs. Facebook Page: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Harlon Moss || Published on January 18, 2024
A Facebook Group is a community for sharing common interests, allowing member interactions, while a Facebook Page is designed for public figures, businesses, or brands to broadcast information to followers.

Key Differences

Facebook Groups are designed to foster community interaction around shared interests. Facebook Pages are intended for broadcasting messages from businesses, celebrities, or organizations to their audience.
Facebook Groups can be public, private, or secret, controlling who can find and join the group. Pages are always public, making them accessible to anyone on Facebook.
Groups encourage member participation through posts, comments, and polls. Pages, however, are more about one-way communication from the page owner to the followers.
In Groups, administrators and moderators manage membership and content. On Pages, administrators have control over the content and can run advertisements.
Groups offer features like polls, file sharing, and group chat. Pages provide insights on follower engagement, advertising tools, and more professional presentation options.

Comparison Chart


Community interaction around interests.
Broadcasting information to followers.

Privacy Options

Can be public, private, or secret.
Always public.


Encourages member participation.
Focused on one-way communication.


Admins and moderators manage members.
Admins control content and ads.


Polls, file sharing, group chat.
Insights, advertising tools.

Facebook Group and Facebook Page Definitions

Facebook Group

A Facebook Group is a space for people to share their interests and ideas.
Our neighborhood has a Facebook Group for local events.

Facebook Page

Facebook Pages can run advertisements.
The new movie used its Facebook Page for targeted ads.

Facebook Group

Facebook Groups allow members to post and interact.
In our Facebook Group, members share daily fitness tips.

Facebook Page

Anyone can follow a Facebook Page to receive updates.
I follow several travel bloggers' Facebook Pages for tips.

Facebook Group

Groups on Facebook can be public, private, or secret.
I joined a private Facebook Group for cooking enthusiasts.

Facebook Page

A Facebook Page is a public profile for businesses, organizations, or public figures.
The local bakery has a Facebook Page for their specials.

Facebook Group

Groups have admins and moderators for management.
The admins of our Facebook Group organize weekly discussions.

Facebook Page

Pages provide insights about follower engagement.
We track our event's reach using our Facebook Page's insights.

Facebook Group

Facebook Groups can be created by any Facebook user.
I created a Facebook Group for vintage car collectors.

Facebook Page

Pages are used to share updates, photos, and events.
Our city's Facebook Page posts about upcoming festivals.


Are Facebook Groups private?

They can be public, private, or secret, based on settings.

What is a Facebook Group?

A community space on Facebook for people to share interests.

Who can create a Facebook Group?

Any Facebook user can create a group.

What is a Facebook Page?

A public profile for businesses, celebrities, or organizations on Facebook.

Can anyone see a Facebook Page?

Yes, Pages are public and visible to everyone.

Can I control who joins my Facebook Group?

Yes, especially in private or secret groups.

What content can I post on a Facebook Page?

Updates, photos, events, and other information.

Can I advertise on a Facebook Group?

No, groups are not designed for advertising.

Can I join a Facebook Group anonymously?

No, your profile is visible to other members.

Can anyone create a Facebook Page?

Yes, but it's typically for businesses, public figures, or organizations.

How do I interact with a Facebook Group?

Members can post, comment, and participate in polls.

Who manages a Facebook Page?

Admins with varying levels of access.

How can I advertise on a Facebook Page?

Through Facebook's advertising tools.

Can I see who visits my Facebook Page?

No, but you can see engagement insights.

Can Facebook Groups be used for business?

Yes, but they're more for community building than direct selling.

Is a Facebook Page good for marketing?

Yes, it's an effective tool for marketing and outreach.

Can I charge membership for a Facebook Group?

No, Facebook Groups are free to join.

How do I manage a Facebook Group?

Through admins and moderators.

What's the main difference between a Group and a Page?

Groups are for community interaction; Pages are for broadcasting information.

How do I grow my Facebook Page followers?

Through engaging content, ads, and interaction with followers.
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