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Exept vs. Except: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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"Exept" is incorrect; "Except" is the correct spelling. Except means to exclude or leave out.

Which is correct: Exept or Except

How to spell Except?

Exept is Incorrect

Except is Correct


Key Differences

Recall "Except" includes "ex," like "exclude," which it often means.
Link "Except" with "accept," as opposites; "accept" includes, "except" excludes.
Remember "Except" has a "c," like in "exception," indicating something out of the ordinary.
Associate "Except" with "exceptional," sharing the "excep-" prefix.
Think of "Except" as having an "e" for "exemption," which is related.

Correct usage of Except

Everyone was invited exept for Jake.
Everyone was invited except for Jake.
The store is open every day exept Sunday.
The store is open every day except Sunday.
All the questions were easy exept the last one.
All the questions were easy except the last one.
She can play any instrument exept the drums.
She can play any instrument except the drums.
He would have gone to the party exept he was too tired.
He would have gone to the party except he was too tired.

Except Definitions

To exclude or leave out from a group or list.
Everyone was invited except John.
Used to introduce a condition or stipulation.
I would go, except I'm busy.
Introducing an exception or contrast.
She would have succeeded, except she lacked the resources.
Denoting an exclusion.
All the cookies were eaten, except one.
Used as a synonym for 'but' or 'however'.
It's all good, except it's too expensive.
With the exclusion of; other than; but
Everyone except me.
If it were not for the fact that; only. Often used with that
I would buy the suit, except that it costs too much.
Otherwise than
They didn't open their mouths except to complain.

Except Sentences

I like all vegetables except Brussels sprouts.
Everyone got a piece of cake except me.
The museum is free for children except on weekends.
We study every subject except music at our school.
The park is open all year except during the winter months.
She answered all the questions except one.
The team played well except in the final game.
All the puppies were adopted except the smallest one.
He would join us for dinner except he already has plans.
The library has every book in the series except the first one.
The movie was great except for its ending.
The road is clear except for a few patches of ice.
The store sells everything except groceries.
They agreed on everything except the date for the wedding.
You can use any color except black for the drawing.
She's friendly with everyone except her neighbor.
I've visited every continent except Antarctica.
The garden is beautiful except for the overgrown bushes.
You can eat anything except nuts due to your allergy.
He's taking all his books with him except the dictionaries.

Except Idioms & Phrases

Except for

Used to introduce the only thing or person that prevents something from being completely true.
I've finished all my homework except for the math problems.

Nothing except

Only; nothing but.
She wants nothing except to be left alone.

No one except

No one but; only.
No one except the coach knew about the team's strategy.

All except

Everyone or everything but.
The whole class passed the test, all except Brian.

Everyone except

Everyone but a specified person or group.
Everyone except Jake was ready to leave on time.

Except for the fact that

Used to introduce a statement that makes the main statement less absolute.
I love camping, except for the fact that I can't stand bugs.

Life, except

Describing life with the exclusion of something.
Life is good, except for the occasional challenges.

Except where noted

Used to indicate that the statement applies everywhere except where specific exceptions are mentioned.
The information in the textbook is accurate, except where noted.

Except that

Used to introduce a reason why something isn't true or possible.
I would have gone to the party, except that I had to work late.

Except if

Unless; if not for the situation that.
We'll go to the beach tomorrow, except if it rains.


What is the verb form of except?

Except can also be a verb with the same spelling.

What is the pronunciation of except?

Except is pronounced as /ɪkˈsɛpt/.

Which vowel is used before except?

The vowel "e" is used at the beginning of except.

Which preposition is used with except?

Prepositions are not typically used directly with except.

Why is it called except?

It's called except, deriving from Latin 'excipere,' meaning to take out or exclude.

What is the root word of except?

The root word of except is the Latin 'excipere.'

Which conjunction is used with except?

Conjunctions like "and" or "but" can be used in sentences with except.

Which article is used with except?

Articles are not typically used directly with except.

Is except a noun or adjective?

Except is primarily a preposition and can also be a verb.

Is except an adverb?

No, except is not an adverb.

Is except a vowel or consonant?

Except is a word, not classified as a vowel or consonant.

How is except used in a sentence?

Example: "We were all tired, except for Maya, who was full of energy."

What is the singular form of except?

Except is both a verb and a preposition and does not have singular or plural forms.

Is except an abstract noun?

Except is not a noun; it’s a preposition and a verb.

Is except a collective noun?

Except is not a collective noun.

Which determiner is used with except?

Determiners are not typically used directly with except.

What is the third form of except?

The third form of except, as a verb, also remains "except."

What is the plural form of except?

As a preposition and a verb, except does not have a plural form.

What part of speech is except?

Except is primarily a preposition and can also be a verb.

What is the opposite of except?

The opposite of except is "include."

What is the first form of except?

The first form of except, as a verb, is "except."

What is the second form of except?

The second form of except, as a verb, remains "except."

Is except a negative or positive word?

Except is neutral; its connotation depends on context.

Is except a countable noun?

Except is not a noun, so it's not countable.

Is the except term a metaphor?

Except can be used metaphorically but is not inherently a metaphor.

Is the word except imperative?

Except can be used in imperative sentences but is not itself an imperative.

How many syllables are in except?

Except has two syllables.

What is another term for except?

Another term for except is "excluding."

How do we divide except into syllables?

Except is divided as Ex-cept.

What is a stressed syllable in except?

The second syllable "cept" is stressed in except.
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