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Formaly vs. Formally: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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"Formaly" is a misspelling; the correct spelling is "Formally," which means in a formal manner or officially.

Which is correct: Formaly or Formally

How to spell Formally?

Formaly is Incorrect

Formally is Correct


Key Differences

Remember "Formally" as formal + ly, indicating the manner of being formal.
"Formally" includes "all," as in 'all' formalities are observed, unlike "Formaly."
Associate "Formally" with "normally" - both end in 'mally.'
Think of "Formally" containing 'mal' like 'formal,' emphasizing its official nature.
The word "Formally" is longer, suggesting more formality compared to "Formaly."

Correct usage of Formally

She dress formaly for the interview.
She dressed formally for the interview.
We were instructed to appear formaly before the committee.
We were instructed to appear formally before the committee.
He invited me to the party formaly.
He invited me to the party formally.
The letter was written in a formaly tone.
The letter was written in a formally tone.
The event required formaly attire.
The event required formally attire.

Formally Definitions

In a manner that is formal, not casual.
She spoke formally, maintaining a professional tone.
Officially or by established procedure.
He was formally introduced as the keynote speaker.
In a formal, official, or ceremonial manner.
He was formally dressed for the occasion.
With formal methods or procedures.
The agreement was formally signed by both parties.
In accordance with established rules or conventions.
The event was formally organized with strict adherence to protocol.
Relating to or involving outward form or structure, often in contrast to content or meaning.
Being or relating to essential form or constitution
A formal principle.
Following or being in accord with accepted or prescribed forms, conventions, or regulations
Had little formal education.
Went to a formal party.
Characterized by strict or meticulous observation of forms; methodical
Very formal in their business transactions.
Stiffly ceremonious
A formal greeting.
Characterized by technical or polysyllabic vocabulary, complex sentence structure, and explicit transitions; not colloquial or informal
Formal discourse.
Having the outward appearance but lacking in substance
A formal requirement that is usually ignored.
Something, such as a gown or social affair, that is formal in nature.
In a formal manner.
He was dressed too formally for the occasion.
In accordance with official procedure.
He formally filed a complaint, which involved much paperwork.
In accordance with rigorous rules.
He proved it formally but gave his students no intuitive feel for the matter.
In a formal manner; essentially; characteristically; expressly; regularly; ceremoniously; precisely.
That which formally makes this [charity] a Christian grace, is the spring from which it flows.
You and your followers do stand formally divided against the authorized guides of the church and rest of the people.
With official authorization;
The club will be formally recognized
In a formal manner;
He was dressed rather formally

Formally Sentences

The agreement was formally signed by both parties.
The meeting was formally opened by the chairperson.
The ceremony was held formally in the city hall.
He dressed formally for the graduation ceremony.
She was formally introduced to the team.
The treaty was formally ratified by all member states.
The policy was formally adopted at the conference.
The documents were formally filed with the court.
He formally apologized for the misunderstanding.
The professor formally addressed the students.
Guests were asked to dress formally for the gala.
She was formally educated in Europe.
The ambassador was formally received by the government.
The company is formally known as Wilson Electronics.


What is the verb form of formally?

The verb form related to "formally" is "formalize."

Which vowel is used before formally?

The vowel 'a' is used before "formally" in "formal."

What is the singular form of formally?

"Formally" is an adverb and does not have a singular or plural form.

What is the plural form of formally?

As an adverb, "formally" doesn't have a plural form.

What is the pronunciation of formally?

"Formally" is pronounced as /ˈfɔːr.məl.i/.

Which preposition is used with formally?

"As" or "by" are often used with "formally" (e.g., formally by the rules).

Is formally a noun or adjective?

"Formally" is an adverb.

Why is it called formally?

It's called "formally" because it pertains to formality, following established or official convention.

What is the root word of formally?

The root word is "formal."

Is formally an adverb?

Yes, "formally" is an adverb.

Is formally a collective noun?

No, "formally" is not a collective noun.

Which determiner is used with formally?

Determiners are not typically used directly with "formally."

Which conjunction is used with formally?

Conjunctions like "and" or "but" can be used (e.g., formally and officially).

How many syllables are in formally?

"Formally" has three syllables.

What is the opposite of formally?

The opposite is "informally" or "casually."

Is formally a negative or positive word?

"Formally" is neutral; context determines its connotation.

What is another term for formally?

Another term is "officially" or "ceremonially."

Which article is used with formally?

Articles are not typically used directly with "formally."

Is formally an abstract noun?

"Formally" is not a noun; it's an adverb.

What part of speech is formally?

"Formally" is an adverb.

Is formally a vowel or consonant?

"Formally" is a word, not a vowel or consonant.

Is formally a countable noun?

"Formally" is an adverb, not a noun, so it's not countable.

Is the word formally imperative?

"Formally" is not imperative; it describes the manner of an action.

How do we divide formally into syllables?

"Formally" is divided as for-mal-ly.

What is the third form of formally?

"Formally" does not change forms as it is an adverb.

How is formally used in a sentence?

Example: "The ambassador formally greeted the delegates at the summit."

Is the formally term a metaphor?

"Formally" can be used metaphorically to describe a manner of action.

What is a stressed syllable in formally?

The first syllable is stressed in "formally."

What is the first form of formally?

"Formally" does not have verb forms, being an adverb.

What is the second form of formally?

"Formally" remains constant as an adverb.
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