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Alligned vs. Aligned: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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Alligned is an incorrect spelling. The correct spelling is aligned. Aligned means arranged in a straight line or in correct relative positions.

Which is correct: Alligned or Aligned

How to spell Aligned?

Alligned is Incorrect

Aligned is Correct


Key Differences

Recall "Aligned" shares its 'l' count with "straight."
Use mnemonic i.e. "All incorrect, Aligned right."
Remember the phrase: "A line needs no extra L."
"Aligned" has a single 'l' like "line," emphasizing its straight-line association.
"Align" is the root word; add "ed" without doubling the 'l'.

Correct usage of Aligned

They were not alligned on their strategies.
They were not aligned on their strategies.
Alligned with his principles, he refused to compromise.
Aligned with his principles, he refused to compromise.
The stars are alligned for your success.
The stars are aligned for your success.
We need to get alligned on this project.
We need to get aligned on this project.
Her goals are alligned with the company's mission.
Her goals are aligned with the company's mission.

Aligned Definitions

Placed or arranged in a straight line.
The books were aligned neatly on the shelf.
Adjusted or formed into a line or correct position.
He aligned the car wheels for better performance.
Set in a line with reference points.
The tiles were aligned with the edge of the room.
Brought into agreement or alliance.
Their interests are aligned with ours.
Positioned in relation to something else.
The telescope was aligned with the North Star.
To arrange in a line or so as to be parallel
Align the tops of a row of pictures.
Aligned the car with the curb.
To adjust (parts of a mechanism, for example) to produce a proper relationship or orientation
Aligning the wheels of a truck.

Aligned Sentences

The planets are aligned in a rare formation tonight.
The team aligned their strategies for the project.
Our efforts are perfectly aligned with our goals.
They aligned their schedules to meet up this weekend.
To succeed, our actions must be aligned with our plans.
He aligned his career aspirations with his values.
Our visions for the future are closely aligned.
She aligned the car with the parking space lines.
He carefully aligned the components before assembly.
She made sure the pictures were aligned on the wall.
The teacher aligned the desks in neat rows.
Her interests are closely aligned with the course's content.
She aligned the text to the left margin of the document.
The data must be aligned before analysis can proceed.
The wheels on the car need to be aligned for a smooth ride.
The company's values are aligned with my personal ethics.
The new policy is aligned with our sustainability goals.
The stars aligned, making it a perfect night for stargazing.
He aligned the arrow with the target before shooting.
They aligned their efforts to achieve greater impact.

Aligned Idioms & Phrases

Aligned interests

When two or more parties have the same goals or objectives.
The project went smoothly because all team members had aligned interests.

Stars are aligned

A situation where everything falls into place perfectly.
When she got the job offer on her birthday, it felt like the stars were aligned.


Which vowel is used before aligned?

The vowel 'a' is used before aligned.

Why is it called aligned?

Because it denotes arranging in a straight line or adjusting positions.

What is the pronunciation of aligned?

Pronounced as \uh-lahynd.

What is the root word of aligned?

The root word is "align."

What is the plural form of aligned?

As an adjective, aligned does not change in plural form.

Which preposition is used with aligned?

Commonly, "with" is used, as in "aligned with."

Is aligned a noun or adjective?

Aligned is primarily an adjective.

Which conjunction is used with aligned?

Conjunctions vary, but "and" is often used.

What is the verb form of aligned?

The verb form is "align."

What is the singular form of aligned?

Aligned is both singular and plural as an adjective.

Is aligned a vowel or consonant?

Aligned starts with a vowel 'a'.

Is the aligned term a metaphor?

Aligned can be used metaphorically but is not inherently a metaphor.

Is aligned an abstract noun?

No, aligned is not an abstract noun.

Is aligned a countable noun?

Aligned is an adjective, not a countable noun.

How many syllables are in aligned?

There are two syllables in aligned.

What is a stressed syllable in aligned?

The second syllable, -ligned, is stressed.

What is another term for aligned?

A synonym could be "straightened" or "ordered."

What is the first form of aligned?

The first form is "align."

What is the second form of aligned?

The second form is "aligned."

What is the third form of aligned?

The third form also is "aligned."

Is aligned an adverb?

No, aligned is not an adverb.

How do we divide aligned into syllables?

Divided as a-ligned.

Is aligned a negative or positive word?

Aligned is neutral; context determines its connotation.

What is the opposite of aligned?

The opposite could be "misaligned" or "disordered."

How is aligned used in a sentence?

"The students aligned themselves in rows for the assembly."

Which article is used with aligned?

"The" or "an" depending on context.

Is aligned a collective noun?

No, aligned is not a collective noun.

Is the word aligned imperative?

No, aligned is descriptive, not imperative.

What part of speech is aligned?

Aligned is primarily an adjective.

Which determiner is used with aligned?

Determiners vary; "the" or "this" are common.
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