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Eternity vs. Infinity: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Harlon Moss || Published on January 29, 2024
Eternity refers to timelessness or endless time. Infinity refers to limitlessness in quantity or extent.

Key Differences

Eternity relates to an unending duration, often conceptualized in a temporal sense. Infinity, conversely, extends beyond time, encompassing limitless quantities or extents in various dimensions.
Eternity is frequently associated with the concept of time that never ceases. Infinity applies to things not just temporal but also spatial, numerical, and conceptual without any bounds.
In philosophical or theological discussions, eternity is often used to describe endless life or existence. Infinity, on the other hand, can refer to endless possibilities, quantities, or the unboundedness of the universe.
In literature, eternity often conveys a sense of timelessness or perpetual existence. Infinity is used to describe something that has no limits, be it in space, number, or capacity.
Eternity implies a ceaseless progression of time, often with a focus on a linear, unending future. Infinity encompasses a broader range of limitless concepts, not restricted to time alone.

Comparison Chart


Endless or immeasurable time
Unlimited extent, quantity, or scope


Often used in temporal, philosophical contexts
Applies to quantities, space, concepts, etc.

Philosophical Association

Timelessness, immortal existence
Boundlessness, endless possibilities

Common Usage

Describes unending time
Describes something without any limits


"Love for eternity"
"The infinity of the universe"

Eternity and Infinity Definitions


Unending time.
They promised to love each other for eternity.


Endless extent.
The desert stretched into infinity.


Perpetual state.
He spoke of eternity as a comforting concept.


Boundless space.
Gazing at the stars, he contemplated infinity.


Endless existence.
She believed in life after death, an eternity.


Unlimited quantity.
There seemed to be an infinity of choices.


Eternity seemed to pass in that moment.


Limitless scope.
Her imagination was an infinity of wonder.


Infinite duration.
The stars shone with an air of eternity.


Incalculable number.
The mathematician delved into the concept of infinity.


Time without beginning or end; infinite time.


The quality or condition of being infinite.


The state or quality of being eternal.


Unbounded space, time, or quantity.


What does eternity mean?

It refers to an endless or immeasurable duration of time.

Can eternity and infinity be used interchangeably?

Not usually, as they pertain to different concepts of time and quantity.

Is eternity a physical or philosophical concept?

It's more of a philosophical concept, though it can have physical implications.

Does infinity only apply to numbers?

No, it can refer to anything without limits, including space and concepts.

Can something be both eternal and infinite?

Conceptually, yes, if it has no end in both time and quantity.

How is infinity defined?

Infinity denotes something without any limits in extent, quantity, or scope.

How is eternity used in a religious context?

It often signifies an everlasting life or existence beyond mortal life.

How is infinity represented symbolically?

By the lemniscate (∞), a figure-eight symbol.

Is eternity always related to time?

Yes, it primarily deals with endless or ceaseless time.

Is the universe eternal or infinite?

This remains a subject of debate and study in cosmology.

What is an example of infinity in mathematics?

Infinity is used in calculus to describe unbounded limits.

Is infinity always larger than any number?

Yes, by definition, it's larger than any finite number.

Does eternity have a beginning?

Conceptually, it might or might not, depending on philosophical beliefs.

Can infinity be measured?

No, by its nature, it's immeasurable.

Why is infinity important in calculus?

It helps in understanding limits, integrals, and the behavior of functions.

Do scientists use the term eternity?

Rarely in a literal sense, more often in theoretical or metaphorical contexts.

Can humans truly comprehend eternity?

It's a concept that often transcends complete human understanding.

Can eternity be conceptualized in daily life?

It's more a philosophical or theoretical concept than a practical one.

In which fields is infinity a crucial concept?

Mathematics, physics, and philosophy often delve into the concept of infinity.

How do artists depict infinity?

Often through abstract concepts or visual representations like endless loops.
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