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Equaliser vs. Equalizer: What's the Difference?

By Janet White || Updated on November 10, 2023
"Equaliser" and "equalizer" are different spellings of the same word, with "equaliser" being the British English spelling and "equalizer" the American English spelling.

Key Differences

The term "equaliser" is the British English spelling, while "equalizer" follows American English conventions. Both terms refer to a device or tool used to balance different elements.
In audio technology, an equaliser/equalizer is used to adjust the balance of frequency components. This allows for the enhancement or reduction of certain frequencies in audio signals.
Beyond technology, "equaliser" or "equalizer" can metaphorically refer to something that levels the playing field in a competitive scenario. This usage is consistent in both British and American English.
The choice between "equaliser" and "equalizer" typically depends on the regional or national standards of spelling. However, the meaning and function of the word remain the same in any context.
In sports, the term is often used to describe a score or action that equalizes the situation, such as a goal that ties the game. Again, the spelling varies based on whether it is British or American English.

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Usage in Audio Technology

Adjusting balance of frequency components
Adjusting balance of frequency components

Metaphorical Use

Leveling the playing field in various contexts
Leveling the playing field in various contexts

Regional Preference

Preferred in British English
Preferred in American English

Use in Sports

Describing a score that equalizes the game
Describing a score that equalizes the game

Equaliser and Equalizer Definitions


Something that creates equality in a situation.
His skill was an equaliser in the competition.


Something that levels the playing field.
His experience was an equalizer in the debate.


A score in sports that equalizes the game.
The team scored an equaliser in the final minutes.


A goal or point that ties a game.
The striker hit a stunning equalizer.


A device that balances audio frequencies.
He adjusted the equaliser to improve the sound quality.


A tool for creating equality.
Education can be a great equalizer.


A tool to adjust disparities.
The new policy acted as an equaliser in the workplace.


A device for adjusting audio balance.
She used the equalizer to enhance the bass.


A means to achieve balance.
The subsidy served as an equaliser in the economy.


A means of balancing differences.
The law is an equalizer in justice.


Standard spelling of equalizer


A device for equalizing pressure or strain.


An electronic circuit which reduces frequency distortion.


A tone control system designed to compensate for frequency distortion in audio systems.


An equivalent counterbalancing weight.


(Slang) A deadly weapon, such as a firearm or switchblade.


Electronic equipment that reduces frequency distortion


One who makes equal; a balancer.


An equivalent counterbalancing weight


Can "equaliser" refer to a score in sports?

Yes, it can refer to a game-tying score.

What does an audio equaliser/equalizer do?

It adjusts the balance of frequency components in audio.

Can "equaliser" be used metaphorically?

Yes, it can metaphorically refer to balancing factors.

Is "equalizer" used in American English?

Yes, "equalizer" is the American English spelling.

Is the spelling "equaliser" used in the UK?

Yes, "equaliser" is typically used in British English.

Are "equaliser" and "equalizer" the same?

Yes, they are the same, with different regional spellings.

Can "equalizer" mean a balancing tool?

Yes, it can refer to any tool that creates balance.

Do "equaliser" and "equalizer" have different meanings?

No, they have the same meaning but different spellings.

Are both spellings accepted internationally?

Yes, both spellings are recognized, though regional preferences vary.

Is "equaliser" a common term in sports commentary?

Yes, particularly in British English sports commentary.

Is "equaliser" used in audio engineering?

Yes, it's used in audio engineering to balance sounds.

Do "equaliser" and "equalizer" have the same pronunciation?

Yes, they are pronounced the same way.

Can "equaliser" refer to a person?

Metaphorically, it can refer to a person who balances things.

Can "equalizer" refer to a policy or law?

Yes, as a metaphor for something that brings fairness.

Is "equalizer" a technical term?

Yes, in audio and music contexts, it's a technical term.

Is "equalizer" used in sports across all English-speaking countries?

Yes, it's used in sports commentary in both British and American English.

Can "equalizer" be used in a business context?

Yes, as a metaphor for something that levels competition.

Can "equaliser" be a strategic advantage?

Yes, metaphorically it can be a strategic advantage.

Is "equalizer" used in music production?

Yes, it's commonly used in music production.

Can "equaliser" imply fairness?

Yes, it can imply bringing fairness to a situation.
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