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Virtural vs. Virtual: Mastering the Correct Spelling

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Updated on March 12, 2024
"Virtural" is an incorrect spelling. The right spelling is "Virtual," denoting something simulated or extended by computer software.

Which is correct: Virtural or Virtual

How to spell Virtual?

Virtural is Incorrect

Virtual is Correct


Key Differences

Remember "Virtual Reality" (VR), both without an extra 'r'.
Think of "virtue" as the base, minus the "e", then add "al".
Visualize a computer with the word "Virtual" displayed, emphasizing technology.
Consider the pronunciation: /ˈvɜːr.tʃuː.əl/; the extra 'r' in "virtural" doesn't fit.
Link "virtual" to other tech terms: "virtual machine", "virtual memory" — none use the "virtural" spelling.

Correct usage of Virtual

Many people enjoy playing virtural reality games.
Many people enjoy playing virtual reality games.
Companies are investing heavily in virtural reality for training.
Companies are investing heavily in virtual reality for training.
Educators see great potential in using virtural reality in the classroom.
Educators see great potential in using virtual reality in the classroom.
The development of virtural environments has accelerated.
The development of virtual environments has accelerated.
Virtural reality technology is becoming more immersive.
Virtual reality technology is becoming more immersive.

Virtual Definitions

Of, relating to, or involving virtual memory.
The system has virtual storage capabilities.
Of, relating to, or using virtualization.
We use virtual servers to save on hardware costs.
Existing in essence but not in actual form.
Virtual images are formed by reflections.
Being so in almost every respect; nearly.
He's a virtual expert in the topic.
Existing or resulting in essence or effect though not in actual fact, form, or name
The virtual extinction of the buffalo.
Existing in the mind, especially as a product of the imagination. Used in literary criticism of a text.
Existing as or by means of digital media
A virtual classroom.
Relating to or existing in virtual reality
A virtual encounter in a chatroom.
Emulating the function of another system or device.
In effect or essence, if not in fact or reality; imitated, simulated.
In fact a defeat on the battlefield, Tet was a virtual victory for the North, owing to its effect on public opinion.
Virtual addressing allows applications to believe that there is much more physical memory than actually exists.
Having the power of acting or of invisible efficacy without the agency of the material or measurable part; potential.
Nearly, almost. (A relatively recent development in meaning)
The angry peasants were a virtual army as they attacked the castle.
Simulated in a computer or online.
The virtual world of his computer game allowed character interaction.
Operating by computer or in cyberspace; not physically present.
A virtual assistant
A virtual personal trainer
Capable of being overridden with a different implementation in a subclass.
(physics) Pertaining to particles in temporary existence due to the Heisenberg uncertainty principle.
A virtual member function of a class.
(gambling) A computer simulation of a real-world sport such as horse racing.
Having the power of acting or of invisible efficacy without the agency of the material or sensible part; potential; energizing.
Heat and cold have a virtual transition, without communication of substance.
Every kind that lives,Fomented by his virtual power, and warmed.
Being in essence or effect, not in fact; as, the virtual presence of a man in his agent or substitute.
A thing has a virtual existence when it has all the conditions necessary to its actual existence.
To mask by slight differences in the manners a virtual identity in the substance.
Being actually such in almost every respect;
A practical failure
The once elegant temple lay in virtual ruin
Being such in essence or effect though not in actual fact;
A virtual dependence on charity
A virtual revolution
Virtual reality
Created, simulated, or carried on by means of a computer.
Virtual classrooms are common nowadays.

Virtual Sentences

The virtual meeting allowed team members from different countries to collaborate.
Many schools are incorporating virtual field trips into their curriculum.
Some video games offer a virtual currency for purchasing in-game items.
Virtual classrooms provide an alternative for students who cannot attend school in person.
Virtual reality headsets have become more affordable in recent years.
Virtual reality can make you feel like you're in another world.
During the pandemic, virtual concerts became a popular form of entertainment.
Virtual reality therapy is used to treat certain phobias.
The museum offers a virtual tour of its main exhibits on its website.
She decorated her virtual office with digital versions of her favorite paintings.
Students can experiment with virtual laboratories in science classes.
The virtual assistant software helps him organize his schedule efficiently.
Virtual reality can simulate historical events for educational purposes.
Some smartphones are capable of displaying virtual reality content.
The virtual book club meets monthly to discuss a new book.
The artist created a virtual gallery of her artwork.
His virtual avatar looks very much like him.
Virtual reality can be used for training simulations in various professions.
Many companies use virtual private networks to secure their internet connections.
Virtual reality games require a headset and controllers to play.
Virtual reality can enhance the experience of watching movies.
Virtual reality can be used to explore distant planets in space.
You can attend virtual fitness classes from the comfort of your home.
The virtual pet app became popular among children.
He bought a virtual reality kit to develop his own games.


What is the root word of Virtual?

The root is "virtue" with the suffix "-al".

What is the singular form of Virtual?


Which conjunction is used with Virtual?

No specific conjunction is tied to "virtual"; depends on context.

Which vowel is used before Virtual?

The indefinite article "a" is used: "a virtual".

Why is it called Virtual?

Derived from "virtue," it denotes possessing qualities in essence but not in actuality.

Is Virtual a negative or positive word?


Which preposition is used with Virtual?

Depends on context; e.g., "in a virtual world."

Is Virtual an adverb?


What is the pronunciation of Virtual?

It's pronounced as /ˈvɜːr.tʃuː.əl/.

What is the verb form of Virtual?

There isn't a standard verb form of "virtual."

Is Virtual a noun or adjective?


What is the plural form of Virtual?

Virtuals, but rarely used.

Is the word Virtual imperative?


How many syllables are in Virtual?

Three syllables.

How do we divide Virtual into syllables?


What is the opposite of Virtual?

"Actual" or "Real".

What is the second form of Virtual?


What is the third form of Virtual?


Is the Virtual term a metaphor?

It can be used metaphorically but isn't inherently a metaphor.

How is Virtual used in a sentence?

The virtual meeting allowed participants from around the world to join.

Which article is used with Virtual?

Both "a" and "the" can be used based on the context.

Is Virtual a vowel or consonant?

The word "virtual" contains both vowels and consonants.

Is Virtual a countable noun?

"Virtual" is primarily an adjective, not a noun.

What is a stressed syllable in Virtual?

The first syllable, "Vir".

What part of speech is Virtual?


What is another term for Virtual?


Is Virtual an abstract noun?

No, it's an adjective.

Is Virtual a collective noun?


Which determiner is used with Virtual?

It depends on context; "this" virtual experience, "that" virtual method, etc.

What is the first form of Virtual?

"Virtual" doesn't have verb forms.
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