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Electric Grill vs. Gas Grill: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on February 28, 2024
Electric grills are powered by electricity and suitable for indoor use, while gas grills use propane or natural gas and are commonly used outdoors for a traditional grilling experience.

Key Differences

Electric Grills are convenient for indoor use, requiring only an electrical outlet. They are known for their ease of use and maintenance. Gas Grills, powered by propane or natural gas, are popular for outdoor cooking, offering a classic grilling flavor.
Gas Grills provide a more authentic grilling experience with flame cooking, giving food a distinctive charred and smoky flavor. In contrast, Electric Grills heat food using electric elements, which doesn't impart the same smoky flavor.
Electric Grills are generally smaller and more portable, making them suitable for people with limited outdoor space. Gas Grills are often larger and require more space, but they offer a larger cooking surface for bigger gatherings.
Gas Grills offer more precise temperature control through adjustable flames, allowing for various cooking techniques. Electric Grills provide steady heat but may not reach the high temperatures gas grills can.
Electric Grills are considered safer for indoor use as they don't produce flames or emit carbon monoxide. Gas Grills require proper ventilation due to the combustion of gas, making them less suitable for indoor use.

Comparison Chart

Power Source

Uses electricity.
Uses propane or natural gas.

Cooking Flavor

Does not impart smoky flavor.
Provides a smoky, charred flavor.

Size and Portability

Generally smaller and more portable.
Usually larger and less portable.

Temperature Control

Steady heat, may not reach very high temperatures.
Precise control with adjustable flames.

Suitable Use

Ideal for indoor or limited space.
Best for outdoor use with proper ventilation.

Electric Grill and Gas Grill Definitions

Electric Grill

A grill powered by electricity, suitable for indoor use.
I use my electric grill in the kitchen for quick grilling.

Gas Grill

Requires proper ventilation due to combustion gases.
I always use my gas grill outdoors for safety and ventilation.

Electric Grill

Electric grills are safer indoors as they don't emit carbon monoxide.
I prefer my electric grill for indoor grilling due to its safety.

Gas Grill

A grill using propane or natural gas, ideal for outdoor cooking.
My gas grill is the centerpiece of our backyard barbecues.

Electric Grill

It heats food using electric elements without flame.
My electric grill provides even heating for vegetables.

Gas Grill

Offers adjustable flame control for versatile cooking.
I can easily adjust the flame on my gas grill for different recipes.

Electric Grill

Known for ease of use and maintenance.
Cleaning my electric grill after use is effortless.

Gas Grill

Provides a traditional grilling experience with a smoky flavor.
The smoky flavor from my gas grill makes the perfect steak.

Electric Grill

Offers a smoke-free cooking experience.
The smoke-free feature of my electric grill is perfect for my apartment.

Gas Grill

Typically larger with more cooking space for gatherings.
Our large gas grill can handle burgers for the whole party.


What is an electric grill?

A grill powered by electricity, often used indoors.

Can I use an electric grill indoors?

Yes, electric grills are safe and designed for indoor use.

What is a gas grill?

A grill that uses propane or natural gas, primarily for outdoor cooking.

Does a gas grill offer a smoky flavor?

Yes, gas grills provide a smoky flavor to the food.

Is an electric grill easier to clean?

Generally, electric grills are easier to clean due to their design.

How does the flavor compare between electric and gas grills?

Gas grills impart a smoky flavor, unlike electric grills.

What type of fuel does a gas grill use?

Gas grills use either propane or natural gas.

How do I clean a gas grill?

Regular cleaning involves brushing the grates and checking burners.

Can I control the temperature on a gas grill?

Yes, gas grills offer precise temperature control with adjustable flames.

Do gas grills require special ventilation?

Yes, they should be used outdoors with proper ventilation.

Do electric grills produce a flame?

No, they cook food using electric heating elements.

Can I use a gas grill in a closed garage?

No, it's unsafe due to the need for proper ventilation.

Are there different sizes of gas grills?

Yes, gas grills come in various sizes for different needs.

Are electric grills safe for apartments?

Yes, they are ideal for apartments due to their smoke-free operation.

How portable are electric grills?

They are usually more portable than gas grills.

Are electric grills energy efficient?

Yes, they are generally energy-efficient.

Can I use a gas grill for large parties?

Yes, gas grills are suitable for large gatherings due to their size.

Can I use cookware on an electric grill?

Some electric grills allow the use of pots and pans.

Is an electric grill suitable for beginners?

Yes, due to its ease of use and maintenance.

Do electric grills need a lot of power?

They require a standard electrical outlet.
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