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Egg Beaters vs. Egg Whites: What's the Difference?

Edited by Harlon Moss || By Janet White || Published on November 30, 2023
"Egg Beaters" are processed egg products made mostly from egg whites, with added nutrients. "Egg Whites" are the natural, protein-rich part of an egg, separate from the yolk.

Key Differences

"Egg Beaters" refer to a brand of liquid egg products, primarily derived from egg whites, enhanced with vitamins and minerals, and often without the cholesterol and fat found in whole eggs. In contrast, "Egg Whites" are simply the clear liquid contained within an egg, which surrounds the yolk, rich in protein and free of cholesterol.
"Egg Beaters" are convenient, offering a healthier alternative to whole eggs, particularly for those monitoring their cholesterol intake, providing added nutrients that are usually found in the egg yolk. On the other hand, "Egg Whites" are a natural source of high-quality protein and are also low in calories, which makes them a popular choice for individuals focused on a high-protein diet or weight management.
While "Egg Beaters" are prepackaged and ready to cook straight from the container, making them a convenient option for quick meal prep, "Egg Whites" require the separation process from the yolk, which can be time-consuming especially when preparing meals that require a large number of egg whites.
"Egg Beaters" often contain additional ingredients for color, flavor, and extended shelf life, providing a taste and cooking experience similar to whole eggs. Conversely, "Egg Whites" have a very neutral flavor profile and color, often used in recipes for their binding properties and ability to be whipped into meringues.
"Egg Beaters," due to their processing, have a consistent texture and mix of ingredients that may vary slightly from the natural composition of traditional eggs. "Egg Whites," however, can vary in consistency based on the egg's size and freshness, and they lack some of the nutrients that are naturally present in whole eggs or supplemented in products like Egg Beaters.

Comparison Chart


Mostly egg whites, added nutrients
Pure, natural part of an egg


Low to none


Ready to use from the container
Requires separation from the yolk


Similar to whole eggs, slightly modified
Neutral, almost tasteless

Nutritional Value

Enriched with vitamins and minerals
High in protein, lacks other nutrients

Egg Beaters and Egg Whites Definitions

Egg Beaters

Processed food product resembling eggs.
Egg Beaters are a staple in his kitchen for quick breakfasts.

Egg Whites

Low-calorie, high-protein food.
Fitness enthusiasts often include egg whites in their diet for muscle repair.

Egg Beaters

Convenient, ready-to-cook egg product.
On busy mornings, he preferred Egg Beaters for time-saving.

Egg Whites

Ingredient often used for binding in recipes.
The chef used egg whites to bind the crab cake mixture.

Egg Beaters

Cholesterol-free alternative to whole eggs.
Her doctor recommended Egg Beaters for a heart-healthy diet.

Egg Whites

The clear, protein-rich component of an egg.
He used egg whites for a lean, protein-packed breakfast.

Egg Beaters

Liquid egg whites with added nutrients.
She buys Egg Beaters to ensure she's getting enough vitamins.

Egg Whites

Can be whipped into a foam for meringues.
She beat the egg whites until they formed stiff peaks for her dessert.

Egg Beaters

A brand of liquid egg substitute.
She used Egg Beaters for her omelet to reduce cholesterol.

Egg Whites

Cholesterol-free part of an egg.
She opts for egg whites to keep her cholesterol in check.


Are "Egg Beaters" healthier than regular eggs?

They're lower in cholesterol and fat, making them a heart-healthy option.

Can you make meringues with "Egg Whites"?

Yes, egg whites are commonly used for meringues due to their ability to form stiff peaks when beaten.

Do "Egg Whites" contain cholesterol?

No, all the cholesterol in eggs is found in the yolk.

Can you scramble "Egg Beaters" like regular eggs?

Yes, they're designed to mimic the taste and texture of whole eggs.

What are "Egg Beaters"?

They're a brand of liquid egg substitute made primarily from egg whites, with added nutrients.

Can you use "Egg Whites" in cocktails?

Yes, they're often used to add froth and texture.

How much protein is in "Egg Whites"?

One large egg white contains about 3.6 grams of protein.

Are "Egg Beaters" suitable for baking?

Yes, they can be used in many recipes calling for whole eggs.

Are there carbs in "Egg Whites"?

They contain a minimal amount, less than 1 gram per large egg white.

What vitamins are lacking in "Egg Whites"?

Most vitamins found in eggs, like A, D, E, and K, are in the yolk.

How long do "Egg Beaters" last after opening?

They should be used within 7 days of opening.

What are the ingredients in "Egg Beaters"?

Mainly egg whites, coloring, flavoring, vitamins, and minerals.

Do "Egg Beaters" need to be refrigerated?

Yes, like all egg products, they must be stored in the refrigerator.

Are "Egg Whites" good for weight loss?

Their high protein and low-calorie content make them a good option.

Can "Egg Beaters" be used in a vegan diet?

No, they're still an animal product, as they're derived from eggs.

Do "Egg Beaters" taste like real eggs?

They're formulated to taste very similar to real eggs.

Can you freeze "Egg Beaters"?

Yes, they can be frozen for up to a year.

How do "Egg Whites" help in muscle building?

Their high-quality protein is excellent for muscle repair and growth.

Are "Egg Whites" safe to eat raw?

It's risky due to potential salmonella; pasteurized ones are safer.

Can "Egg Whites" be used as a face mask?

Yes, they're known for skin-tightening and toning properties.
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