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Dryed vs. Dried: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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"Dryed" is an incorrect spelling of the word "dried," which is the past tense of the verb "dry," meaning to remove moisture.

Which is correct: Dryed or Dried

How to spell Dried?

Dryed is Incorrect

Dried is Correct


Key Differences

Remember similar verbs like 'fry' and 'fried'.
Think of the root word "dry" and simply add "ied" for the past tense.
"Dried" rhymes with "cried," which also follows the 'y' to 'ied' conversion.
"Dried" follows the regular rule for converting 'y' to 'ied' in verbs like 'try' to 'tried'.
The incorrect version "dryed" would imply the 'y' stays the same, which is not true for verbs ending in 'y'.

Correct usage of Dried

She dryed her hair with a towel after the shower.
She dried her hair with a towel after the shower.
The paint hasn't dryed completely, be careful.
The paint hasn't dried completely, be careful.
The clothes haven't dryed yet, so they're still wet.
The clothes haven't dried yet, so they're still wet.
I dryed the dishes before putting them away.
I dried the dishes before putting them away.
He dryed his tears and faced the crowd.
He dried his tears and faced the crowd.

Dried Definitions

Emotionally drained or empty.
My tears have dried.
Devoid of moisture due to exposure to heat or air.
I dried the clothes.
Preserved by removing moisture.
Dried fruits are a healthy snack.
No longer wet or damp.
The paint has dried.
Lacking in excitement or interest.
The conversation dried up.
Past tense and past participle of dry.
Without water or moisture, said of something that has previously been wet or moist; resulting from the process of drying.
Usually of foods: cured, preserved by drying.
Dried fish; dried fruit
Sold raw and unprocessed.
Dried lentils
Simple past tense and past participle of dry
Not still wet;
The ink has dried
A face marked with dried tears
Preserved by removing natural moisture;
Dried beef
Dried fruit
Dehydrated eggs
Shredded and desiccated coconut meat

Dried Sentences

She carefully dried the antique vase.
She dried the flowers to preserve them.
The sun dried the laundry on the line quickly.
They dried their camping gear in the sun.
He dried off with a towel after swimming.
The artist waited for the paint to dry.
Dried fruit is a healthy snack option.
The ink dried faster than I expected.
We dried our boots by the fire after hiking.
The clay pot needs to be dried slowly.
The soil dried out during the drought.
The paper needs to be dried flat.
He dried his eyes and moved on.
They dried the dog with a blow dryer.
Dried leaves crunched underfoot.
The farmer dried the wheat before storage.
The towels hadn't dried and smelled musty.
The meat is salted and dried for preservation.
They dried the manuscript with care.
The rain stopped, and the streets dried up.
He dried the car with a soft cloth.
Dried mud flaked off their boots.
She dried the herbs for tea.
She dried her hands on her apron.
Dried seaweed is used in many Asian dishes.


Why is it called dried?

It's the past tense of the verb "dry," which means to remove moisture.

What is the pronunciation of dried?

/draɪd/ in American English.

What is the verb form of dried?

"Dry" is the base verb form of "dried."

What is the root word of dried?

The root word is "dry."

Which vowel is used before dried?

"A," as in "a dried fruit."

What is the plural form of dried?

Dried doesn't have a plural form; it's an adjective or verb.

Which preposition is used with dried?

"Of," as in "dried of moisture."

Is dried a negative or positive word?

Neutral, context-dependent.

Is dried a collective noun?


Is the word dried imperative?


What is another term for dried?


Which determiner is used with dried?

"The" or "a," depending on context.

What is the singular form of dried?


Which conjunction is used with dried?

"And," as in "dried and preserved."

What is a stressed syllable in dried?

The single syllable is stressed.

What part of speech is dried?

Verb or adjective.

What is the third form of dried?


Is dried an abstract noun?


Is dried a vowel or consonant?

Starts with a consonant (D).

How many syllables are in dried?


What is the first form of dried?


What is the second form of dried?


Which article is used with dried?

"The" or "a," depending on the context.

Is dried a noun or adjective?

It can be either, depending on the context.

Is dried an adverb?


Is dried a countable noun?

It's not typically used as a noun.

Is the dried term a metaphor?

Not generally, but can be used metaphorically.

How do we divide dried into syllables?

Dried is a one-syllable word.

What is the opposite of dried?

Wet or moist.

How is dried used in a sentence?

"The clothes finally dried on the line."
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