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Performes vs. Performs: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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"Performes" is an incorrect spelling, whereas "Performs" is the correct spelling indicating the action of carrying out or accomplishing a task.

Which is correct: Performes or Performs

How to spell Performs?

Performes is Incorrect

Performs is Correct


Key Differences

Relate "Performs" with "Performance" – both have no 'e' before the 's'.
Break it down: Per + forms = Performs.
Think of the phrase: "A performer performs."
Remember: "He/She performs" is correct; "He/She performes" sounds odd.
Recall that verbs ending in "s" in the third person singular typically don't have an 'e' before the 's'.

Correct usage of Performs

The band performes at the club every Friday night.
The band performs at the club every Friday night.
The magician performes his final trick with a flourish.
The magician performs his final trick with a flourish.
Our software performes better than the competition's.
Our software performs better than the competition's.
He performes in plays and musicals.
He performs in plays and musicals.
She always performes well under pressure.
She always performs well under pressure.

Performs Definitions

To bring into being; enact or realize.
The ritual performs a transformation.
To carry out, accomplish, or fulfill an action, task, or function.
The musician performs on stage.
To conduct oneself in a specific manner.
She performs exceptionally under pressure.
To execute or deliver a formal piece or exhibit.
The theater performs Shakespeare plays annually.
To begin and carry through to completion; do
The surgeon performed the operation.
To take action in accordance with the requirements of; fulfill
Perform one's contractual obligations.
To enact (a feat or role) before an audience.
To give a public presentation of; present
My theater group performed a three-act play.
To function or accomplish something as expected or required
A car that performs well on curves.
Workers not performing up to standard.
To yield a return on investment
Stocks that performed well.
To portray a role or demonstrate a skill before an audience
The juggler performed atop a unicycle.
To present a dramatic or musical work or other entertainment before an audience.
Infl of perform
To operate or function effectively.
The car performs well on snowy roads.

Performs Sentences

The athlete performs best when the stakes are high.
The orchestra performs at the concert hall monthly.
She performs her duties as a nurse with great care.
The choir performs a mix of classical and modern music.
He performs magic tricks at parties and events.
This appliance performs better than advertised.
This model of car performs well in safety tests.
The company performs background checks on all new hires.
The dancer performs with grace and precision.
She performs a solo dance in the recital.
The fund performs strongly in the stock market.
The software performs efficiently on older computers too.
The teacher performs a science experiment in class.
The comedian performs to sold-out audiences.
The team performs drills to improve their skills.
The engine performs at maximum efficiency.
The group performs traditional folk songs.
He performs a monologue from Shakespeare.
The band performs its new song for the first time.
The student performs a piano piece for the competition.
The app performs updates automatically.
He performs a critical role in the project.
The play performs to a packed theater every night.
She performs volunteer work on weekends.
The device performs well even in extreme conditions.


Why is it called Performs?

It is called "performs" because it is the third person singular form of the verb "perform," which indicates the action of carrying out or accomplishing a task or duty.

What is the pronunciation of Performs?

The pronunciation of "performs" is /pərˈfɔrmz/.

What is the verb form of Performs?

The base verb form of "performs" is "perform."

What is the singular form of Performs?

The singular form is "perform."

What is the plural form of Performs?

The plural form can be "perform" (as in they perform) or "performed" for past tense.

Which vowel is used before Performs?

The vowel used before "performs" depends on the context; however, it often precedes with the vowel "e" as in "she performs."

What is the root word of Performs?

The root word of "performs" is "perform."

Which article is used with Performs?

The article "the" can be used with "performs," although it depends on the context.

Which preposition is used with Performs?

The preposition used with "performs" varies with context; common ones are "in" (performs in a play) or "on" (performs on stage).

Is the Performs term a metaphor?

No, "performs" is not a metaphor; it is a verb that describes an action.

Is the word Performs is imperative?

No, "performs" is indicative, it denotes an action being done by someone or something.

Which conjunction is used with Performs?

Conjunctions like "and" or "or" can be used with "performs" depending on the sentence structure.

Is Performs an adverb?

No, "performs" is not an adverb.

Is Performs a vowel or consonant?

"Performs" is a word, not a vowel or a consonant.

How do we divide Performs into syllables?

"Per-forms" is how you divide the word into syllables.

What is the second form of Performs?

The second form of "performs" is "performed."

What is the third form of Performs?

The third form of "performs" is also "performed."

Is Performs a noun or adjective?

"Performs" is a verb.

Is Performs a countable noun?

No, "performs" is not a noun, and therefore not a countable noun.

How many syllables are in Performs?

There are two syllables in "performs."

What part of speech is Performs?

"Performs" is a verb.

What is the opposite of Performs?

The opposite of "performs" could be "fails" or "neglects."

What is the first form of Performs?

The first form of "performs" is "perform."

Is Performs a negative or positive word?

"Performs" is a neutral word; its positivity or negativity depends on the context.

Is Performs a collective noun?

No, "performs" is not a collective noun.

Which determiner is used with Performs?

Determiners such as "the," "this," or "each" can be used with "performs" depending on the context.

Is Performs an abstract noun?

No, "performs" is not an abstract noun.

What is a stressed syllable in Performs?

The stressed syllable in "performs" is "form."

What is another term for Performs?

Another term for "performs" is "executes."

How is Performs used in a sentence?

"The orchestra performs a new symphony at the concert tonight."
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