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Questionaire vs. Questionnaire: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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The incorrect spelling is "questionaire," while the correct spelling is "questionnaire." "Questionnaire" refers to a set of written questions for gathering information.

Which is correct: Questionaire or Questionnaire

How to spell Questionnaire?

Questionaire is Incorrect

Questionnaire is Correct


Key Differences

Associate "questionnaire" with "air," as if the questions are up in the "air" for answers.
Recite the spelling out loud, emphasizing the double 'n.'
Use flashcards or a spelling app that emphasizes the double 'n.'
Remember the phrase “it’s n-‘n’-aire, not ‘n’-aire.”
Think of "question" plus the French suffix "aire"; remember to double the 'n'.

Correct usage of Questionnaire

We analyzed the responses from the questionaire to improve our services.
We analyzed the responses from the questionnaire to improve our services.
Please complete the questionaire to the best of your ability.
Please complete the questionnaire to the best of your ability.
Filling out the questionaire took longer than expected.
Filling out the questionnaire took longer than expected.
The doctor handed me a questionaire about my health history.
The doctor handed me a questionnaire about my health history.
The customer satisfaction questionaire was sent out last week.
The customer satisfaction questionnaire was sent out last week.

Questionnaire Definitions

A questionnaire is a written survey used to collect data.
The researcher distributed a questionnaire.
In psychology, it's a method to assess behavior.
She took a personality questionnaire.
It's a set of questions for market research.
They filled out a customer satisfaction questionnaire.
It can be a medical form for patient history.
Please complete this health questionnaire.
It can be an educational assessment.
The teacher handed out a questionnaire about learning styles.
A form containing a set of questions, especially one addressed to a statistically significant number of subjects as a way of gathering information for a survey.
A form containing a list of questions; a means of gathering information for a survey
Carry out a questionnaire
Fill out a questionnaire
To survey using questionnaires
Same as Questionary.
A list of questions, usually on a printed form, to be answered by an individual. The forms often have blank spaces in which the answers can be written. Sets of such forms are distributed to groups and the answers used for various purposes, such as to obtain statistical information for social science, political, or marketing research, or to obtain information about a patient for the use of medical practitioners.
A form containing a set of questions; submitted to people to gain statistical information

Questionnaire Sentences

After the seminar, participants filled out a questionnaire about their experience.
The questionnaire asked for feedback on the new product.
Students were required to complete a questionnaire on their study habits.
Before the trip, we had to fill out a travel questionnaire.
Employers often use a questionnaire during the job application process.
The health questionnaire at the clinic was very detailed.
The questionnaire aimed to understand customer satisfaction levels.
Filling out the questionnaire is the first step to joining the program.
The research study's questionnaire was designed to collect quantitative data.
The questionnaire results will help shape future policies.
The online questionnaire helps us gather important data for our research.
She was hesitant to share personal information on the questionnaire.
The questionnaire included a section on dietary preferences.
The questionnaire was anonymous to encourage honest responses.
Analyzing the questionnaire data provided insights into consumer behavior.
The survey company distributed a questionnaire to understand media consumption habits.
Feedback from the questionnaire led to significant changes in the curriculum.
He found some of the questions on the questionnaire quite challenging.
Participants received a gift for completing the lengthy questionnaire.
They used a questionnaire to assess the impact of the training session.

Questionnaire Idioms & Phrases

Pre-screening questionnaire

A form used to determine if individuals meet the necessary criteria for participation in an activity or study.
Applicants must complete a pre-screening questionnaire to be considered for the trial.

Demographic questionnaire

A form that gathers data about the characteristics of a population, such as age, gender, and occupation.
The demographic questionnaire helped researchers identify trends in the survey results.

Anonymous questionnaire

A questionnaire that does not require the respondent to reveal their identity.
The company distributed an anonymous questionnaire to gauge employee satisfaction.

Fill out a questionnaire

To complete a form with questions to provide information about oneself.
Every participant is required to fill out a questionnaire before the study begins.

Online questionnaire

A digital form that can be completed on the internet.
Participants preferred the convenience of the online questionnaire.

Feedback questionnaire

A form that collects opinions or evaluations on a particular subject or experience.
After the workshop, attendees were asked to complete a feedback questionnaire.

Customer satisfaction questionnaire

A form that asks customers to rate their satisfaction with products or services.
The restaurant used a customer satisfaction questionnaire to improve its menu.

Health questionnaire

A form used to collect information about an individual's health history and current health status.
New patients are required to fill out a health questionnaire at their first appointment.

Exit questionnaire

A form given to individuals leaving an organization or event to gain insights into their experiences.
The exit questionnaire revealed reasons for employee turnover.

Market research questionnaire

A form used to gather information about consumers' preferences and behaviors.
The market research questionnaire focused on shopping habits.

Risk assessment questionnaire

A form used to identify potential risks associated with an individual or activity.
The risk assessment questionnaire was crucial for planning the outdoor adventure.


What is the verb form of questionnaire?

There is no standard verb form for "questionnaire."

What is the pronunciation of questionnaire?


Which preposition is used with questionnaire?

"On," "about," "for," "in" are commonly used.

Which vowel is used before questionnaire?

Depends on the preceding word in a sentence.

Why is it called questionnaire?

It's from the French word "questionnaire," used to describe a list of questions.

What is the plural form of questionnaire?


What is the root word of questionnaire?

The root word is "question."

What is the singular form of questionnaire?

"Questionnaire" is already in singular form.

Is questionnaire a noun or adjective?


Is questionnaire a countable noun?


Is the word questionnaire imperative?


Which determiner is used with questionnaire?

"The," "a," or "an" depending on context.

Which conjunction is used with questionnaire?

"And," "or," "but" can be used depending on context.

Is questionnaire a collective noun?


How many syllables are in questionnaire?

3 syllables

What is the first form of questionnaire?

It doesn't have forms like a verb does.

What is the second form of questionnaire?

Same as above.

Which article is used with questionnaire?

"The" or "a" depending on context.

Is the questionnaire term a metaphor?


How do we divide questionnaire into syllables?


What part of speech is questionnaire?


How is questionnaire used in a sentence?

"Could you please fill out this questionnaire for our research?"

Is questionnaire an adverb?


Is questionnaire a negative or positive word?


Is questionnaire a vowel or consonant?

It's a word, not a vowel or consonant.

What is a stressed syllable in questionnaire?

The last syllable, "naire," is stressed.

What is another term for questionnaire?


Is questionnaire an abstract noun?

It's a concrete noun.

What is the opposite of questionnaire?

There's no direct opposite; perhaps "answer key" in some contexts.

What is the third form of questionnaire?

Same as above.
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