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Dodge Challenger RT vs. Dodge Challenger SRT: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on February 12, 2024
The Dodge Challenger RT is a performance-oriented trim with a V8 engine, while the SRT is a high-performance variant with more powerful engines and advanced features.

Key Differences

The Dodge Challenger RT, known for its V8 HEMI engine, offers robust performance suitable for enthusiasts. The SRT version, however, takes performance to a higher level with more powerful engine options and enhanced tuning for superior speed and handling.
In terms of styling, the RT has a sporty look but maintains some of the classic Challenger design elements. The SRT, on the other hand, features more aggressive styling with additional aerodynamic elements, reflecting its higher performance capabilities.
The interior of the Challenger RT is well-equipped, focusing on comfort with sporty accents. The SRT’s interior, while also comfortable, includes more premium materials and performance-oriented features like sport seats and advanced driving technology interfaces.
The suspension and braking systems of the RT are upgraded from the standard Challenger for better handling. The SRT goes further, featuring high-performance suspension and braking systems designed for track-level performance.
Pricing is a notable difference, with the Challenger RT positioned as a more affordable sports car. The SRT, with its advanced features and superior performance, comes at a significantly higher price point.

Comparison Chart


V8 HEMI engine
More powerful options like supercharged V8s


Sporty with classic elements
Aggressive with aerodynamic enhancements


Comfortable with sporty accents
Premium materials, performance-focused features

Performance Upgrades

Upgraded suspension and brakes
High-performance suspension, brakes, and track capabilities


More affordable option
Higher price due to advanced features and performance

Dodge Challenger RT and Dodge Challenger SRT Definitions

Dodge Challenger RT

Combines classic design with modern performance.
The Dodge Challenger RT perfectly blends nostalgia with new technology.

Dodge Challenger SRT

A high-performance version of the Challenger.
The Dodge Challenger SRT's acceleration was breathtaking.

Dodge Challenger RT

A balance of performance and daily drivability.
His Dodge Challenger RT was as comfortable on the streets as it was on the track.

Dodge Challenger SRT

Aimed at performance enthusiasts.
As a car enthusiast, he admired the engineering of the Dodge Challenger SRT.

Dodge Challenger RT

Known for its sporty aesthetics and power.
The red Dodge Challenger RT turned heads with its muscular appearance.

Dodge Challenger SRT

Designed for superior speed and handling.
On the track, the Dodge Challenger SRT's handling was unmatched.

Dodge Challenger RT

A muscle car with a powerful V8 engine.
He enjoyed the roar of his Dodge Challenger RT's HEMI engine.

Dodge Challenger SRT

Features advanced technology and luxury.
The interior of the Dodge Challenger SRT was both luxurious and high-tech.

Dodge Challenger RT

Offers a thrilling driving experience.
Driving the Dodge Challenger RT gave her an adrenaline rush like no other.

Dodge Challenger SRT

Represents the pinnacle of Challenger performance.
The Dodge Challenger SRT stood as the epitome of muscle car evolution.


Is the Dodge Challenger RT considered a muscle car?

Yes, it's a modern interpretation of a classic muscle car.

Is the Dodge Challenger RT suitable for daily driving?

Yes, it balances performance with daily drivability.

How does the Dodge Challenger RT differ from base models?

It has a more powerful engine and enhanced performance features.

What engine does the Dodge Challenger RT have?

It typically has a V8 HEMI engine.

What are the key features of the Dodge Challenger RT?

A powerful V8 engine, sporty design, and upgraded performance features.

What type of engine can be found in the Dodge Challenger SRT?

Options like supercharged V8s are available in the SRT.

What makes the Dodge Challenger SRT special?

Its high-performance capabilities and advanced features.

Is the Dodge Challenger SRT more expensive than the RT?

Yes, due to its advanced features and superior performance.

Is the Dodge Challenger SRT suitable for track use?

Yes, it’s designed for high performance, including track usage.

Can the Dodge Challenger RT be customized?

Yes, there are many options for customization.

How does the SRT's interior differ from the RT?

The SRT has more premium materials and performance-focused features.

What safety features does the Dodge Challenger RT have?

It includes standard safety features like airbags, stability control, and available driver assistance technologies.

What is the top speed of the Dodge Challenger SRT?

It varies by model, but SRT variants are capable of very high speeds.

What is the fuel efficiency of the Dodge Challenger RT?

It's less fuel-efficient than standard models due to its V8 engine.

Can the Dodge Challenger SRT be used as a daily driver?

While possible, its performance focus makes it less practical for daily use.

Does the Dodge Challenger RT have good resale value?

Its resale value is generally good, especially for well-maintained models.

How does the SRT's performance compare to other sports cars?

The SRT competes well with other high-performance sports cars.

How often does the Dodge Challenger SRT need maintenance?

Regular maintenance is crucial, especially due to its high-performance nature.

Is the Dodge Challenger RT good for long drives?

Yes, it offers a comfortable ride suitable for long drives.

What is the warranty on the Dodge Challenger SRT?

It typically comes with a standard manufacturer's warranty, but details can vary.
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