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Dilation vs. Dilatation: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Harlon Moss || Published on November 23, 2023
Dilation refers to the act of expanding or stretching, while dilatation often implies a pathological or abnormal expansion.

Key Differences

Dilation is commonly used in various contexts to describe the process of widening or expanding, especially in a physical or mechanical sense. Dilatation, while similar, is often reserved for specific medical contexts, referring to the abnormal enlargement or stretching of an organ or structure.
In optics, dilation refers to the widening of pupils in response to light, a term widely accepted in ophthalmology. Conversely, dilatation is used in cardiology to describe the pathological expansion of heart chambers.
Dilation can be applied to describe the expansion of time or space in theoretical physics, indicating a broader usage. Dilatation, in medical terms, often describes the gradual enlargement of vessels or ducts due to disease or medical conditions.
The term dilation is frequently used in everyday language to express the concept of opening up or enlarging, such as dilation of airways. Dilatation, however, is more technical, commonly used by healthcare professionals to describe specific physiological changes.
Dilation is a general term for expansion or enlargement in various fields. While, dilatation is predominantly a medical term, often indicating abnormal or pathological enlargement.

Comparison Chart

Usage Context

Broad, in various fields including physics, optics, and general language
Primarily medical, describing pathological changes


General expansion or opening
Often implies abnormal or pathological expansion


Pupil dilation, dilation of time
Cardiac dilatation, bronchial dilatation

Frequency of Use

Common in everyday language
More technical and specific to healthcare

Associated Fields

Optics, physics, general discussion
Cardiology, pathology, medical diagnostics

Dilation and Dilatation Definitions


Dilation is the process of making something wider or larger.
The surgeon noted the dilation of the patient's blood vessels during the procedure.


It often indicates a pathological condition in a medical context.
Cardiac dilatation is a serious medical condition requiring immediate attention.


Dilation can also mean the process of opening up or unfolding.
The flower's dilation in the morning sun was beautiful.


Dilatation can describe the process of enlarging an opening or canal.
Surgical dilatation of the esophagus was required to remove the obstruction.


In physics, dilation often refers to the expansion of time or space.
Time dilation is a fascinating concept in the theory of relativity.


Dilatation is the abnormal expansion of an organ or vessel.
The radiologist noted the dilatation of the patient's aorta.


In optics, dilation refers to the widening of the pupils.
The optometrist observed pupil dilation in response to the bright light.


Dilatation may refer to the process of becoming larger or more open.
Dilatation of the pupils can indicate neurological issues.


Dilation can describe the expansion or stretching of a material.
The heat caused dilation in the metal rods.


In medicine, dilatation refers to the widening of a bodily passage or cavity.
The bronchial dilatation was evident in the asthma patient's X-ray.


The act of expanding or enlarging or the state of being expanded or enlarged
Dilation of the cervix during labor.




The condition of being abnormally expanded or enlarged, as of an organ, orifice, or tubular structure in the body.


Prolixity; diffuse discourse.


A lengthy spoken or written discussion on a topic
"an Edith Whartonesque dilation on a social class steeped in hypocrisy" (Caroline Seebohm).


The act of dilating; expansion; an enlarging on all sides; the state of being dilated


A dilation or enlargement of a canal or other organ.


Prolixity; diffuse discourse.


The act of dilating; expansion; an enlarging on al sides; the state of being dilated; dilation.


A dilation or enlargement of a canal or other organ.


The state of being stretched beyond normal dimensions


The act of expanding an aperture;
The dilation of the pupil of the eye


What is an example of dilation in everyday life?

An example is the dilation of pupils in low light.

Is dilation always a medical term?

No, dilation is used in various contexts, not just medical.

What does dilation mean?

Dilation refers to the process of widening or enlarging something.

Is pupil dilation the same as pupil dilatation?

While similar, pupil dilation is more commonly used in general and medical contexts.

Can dilation and dilatation be used interchangeably?

While similar, they are often used in different contexts; dilation is broader, and dilatation is more medical.

Is dilatation a common term outside medicine?

Dilatation is primarily used in medical contexts and less common in general language.

Can dilation indicate a health problem?

Yes, excessive or uneven dilation can indicate neurological or ocular issues.

What is dilatation in medical terms?

Dilatation often refers to abnormal or pathological expansion in an organ or structure.

What causes dilation in physics?

Dilation in physics can refer to the expansion of space or time due to various physical forces.

What does bronchial dilatation indicate?

Bronchial dilatation may indicate conditions like asthma or bronchiectasis.

Is dilatation a normal part of pregnancy?

Cervical dilatation is a normal and necessary part of childbirth.

What might cause dilatation in the body?

Dilatation in the body is often caused by disease, injury, or medical conditions.

Do doctors use dilation to describe heart problems?

Doctors might use dilation but more commonly use dilatation to describe heart issues.

Does dilation occur in materials?

Yes, materials can undergo dilation due to heat, stress, or other factors.

How is dilation measured?

Dilation can be measured in terms of diameter increase or percentage change.

Can dilatation occur in blood vessels?

Yes, blood vessels can undergo dilatation due to various medical conditions.

How is dilation used in optics?

In optics, dilation refers to the automatic widening of the pupils in response to light.

Can dilation be a temporary condition?

Yes, dilation can be temporary, such as pupil dilation in response to light.

Are there treatments for dilatation?

Treatment depends on the cause and location of the dilatation.

Is dilatation always a sign of disease?

In medical terms, dilatation often indicates a pathological condition, but not always.
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