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Diet Sprite vs. Sprite Zero: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on December 15, 2023
Diet Sprite is a low-calorie, lemon-lime flavored soft drink, while Sprite Zero is a no-calorie version of Sprite, both lacking sugar and calories.

Key Differences

Diet Sprite is a variation of Sprite designed for those seeking a low-calorie drink, offering a similar taste to regular Sprite but with fewer calories. Sprite Zero, on the other hand, is a no-calorie alternative, providing the same lemon-lime flavor but without any calories.
The formulation of Diet Sprite includes artificial sweeteners to reduce calorie content, targeting consumers who are calorie-conscious. Sprite Zero, however, is formulated to completely eliminate calories, catering to those who want to enjoy soda without any calorie intake.
Diet Sprite was introduced as a lighter option compared to regular Sprite, aiming to retain a similar taste profile with reduced caloric impact. Sprite Zero evolved from this concept, further reducing the caloric content to zero, emphasizing its appeal to those on stricter diets.
In terms of branding, Diet Sprite has been marketed as a healthier alternative to regular soft drinks, emphasizing its reduced calorie count. Sprite Zero takes this a step further, focusing on its zero-calorie feature as a key selling point.
Consumer preference plays a significant role in choosing between Diet Sprite and Sprite Zero. Some may prefer the slightly different taste profile of Diet Sprite due to its low-calorie sweetener blend, while others may opt for Sprite Zero for a no-calorie beverage.

Comparison Chart

Caloric Content


Target Audience

Calorie-conscious consumers
Consumers seeking no-calorie drinks


Artificial, low-calorie
Artificial, no-calorie

Market Position

Healthier alternative to regular soda
Strict diet-friendly, no-calorie option

Flavor Profile

Similar to Sprite, with subtle differences
Close to Sprite, with no-calorie formulation

Diet Sprite and Sprite Zero Definitions

Diet Sprite

Health-conscious soda choice.
He prefers Diet Sprite for its lower calorie count.

Sprite Zero

Sugar-free lemon-lime soda.
Sprite Zero offers a sugar-free lemon-lime flavor.

Diet Sprite

Lemon-lime flavored soda.
Diet Sprite offers a refreshing lemon-lime taste.

Sprite Zero

No-calorie soft drink.
Sprite Zero is my go-to for a calorie-free soda.

Diet Sprite

Artificially sweetened beverage.
Diet Sprite uses artificial sweeteners instead of sugar.

Sprite Zero

Diet-friendly soda.
Sprite Zero fits perfectly into her strict diet plan.

Diet Sprite

Low-calorie soft drink.
I chose Diet Sprite at the party to cut down on calories.

Sprite Zero

Zero-calorie alternative to Sprite.
To avoid calories, I drink Sprite Zero.

Diet Sprite

Reduced-calorie version of Sprite.
For a healthier option, she switched to Diet Sprite.

Sprite Zero

Calorie-conscious beverage choice.
For zero calories, she chooses Sprite Zero.


What is Diet Sprite?

Diet Sprite is a low-calorie version of the popular lemon-lime soda, Sprite.

Do both Diet Sprite and Sprite Zero contain sugar?

No, both are sugar-free and use artificial sweeteners instead.

Is Diet Sprite healthier than regular soda?

Diet Sprite is considered healthier in terms of lower calorie and sugar content.

Does Sprite Zero taste the same as regular Sprite?

Sprite Zero aims to mimic the taste of regular Sprite but without calories, though some taste differences may be noticed.

Why would someone choose Sprite Zero over Diet Sprite?

Someone may choose Sprite Zero over Diet Sprite for a no-calorie option, particularly if they are watching their calorie intake closely.

Is Diet Sprite suitable for weight loss?

Diet Sprite can be a better choice compared to regular sodas due to its lower calorie content.

Are the artificial sweeteners in Diet Sprite safe?

The artificial sweeteners used in Diet Sprite are approved by health authorities and considered safe for consumption.

Can diabetics consume Sprite Zero?

Sprite Zero, being sugar-free, is generally suitable for diabetics, but individual dietary needs should be considered.

How does Sprite Zero differ from Diet Sprite?

Sprite Zero is a no-calorie version of Sprite, while Diet Sprite is a low-calorie alternative.

Is there caffeine in Diet Sprite?

No, Diet Sprite is caffeine-free.

Can children drink Sprite Zero?

Sprite Zero can be consumed by children, but moderation is advised due to the presence of artificial sweeteners.

Can Sprite Zero aid in weight management?

Sprite Zero can be a part of weight management due to its zero-calorie content.

Is Diet Sprite vegan?

Yes, Diet Sprite is generally considered vegan.

Are there any health risks associated with consuming Sprite Zero?

Consuming Sprite Zero in moderation poses no significant health risks for most people.

Which is better for a low-carb diet, Diet Sprite or Sprite Zero?

Both are suitable for a low-carb diet, but Sprite Zero has zero calories.

Is Sprite Zero a good option for hydration?

While it can contribute to hydration, water is the best option for hydration needs.

Can Sprite Zero affect blood sugar levels?

Since it's sugar-free, Sprite Zero typically does not affect blood sugar levels significantly.

Is there a taste difference between Diet Sprite and Sprite Zero?

Some people may notice a slight taste difference due to the different sweetener blends used.

Is Diet Sprite available worldwide?

Diet Sprite availability varies by region and may be replaced by or synonymous with Sprite Zero in some markets.

What is the primary market for Diet Sprite?

Diet Sprite primarily targets consumers who are looking for a low-calorie, sugar-free soda option.
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