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Dell ProSupport vs. Dell ProSupport Plus: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on March 4, 2024
Dell ProSupport offers 24/7 direct access to advanced technicians, while ProSupport Plus adds proactive monitoring, automated issue prevention, and accidental damage repair.

Key Differences

Dell ProSupport provides businesses with 24/7 access to advanced technical support for hardware and software issues. Dell ProSupport Plus enhances this offering with additional features like proactive monitoring, automated support, and prevention of issues before they occur. Both services aim to minimize downtime and ensure efficient operation of Dell hardware, but ProSupport Plus offers a more comprehensive support solution.
With Dell ProSupport, customers get priority access to Dell's expert technicians, ensuring quick and efficient resolution of technical problems. Dell ProSupport Plus builds on this by including accidental damage repair, keeping systems protected against unforeseen incidents. This tier of support is designed for businesses that require maximum uptime and seek to prevent disruptions caused by hardware damage.
Dell ProSupport ensures that software applications run smoothly by providing direct support for installed software. Dell ProSupport Plus goes a step further by offering predictive alerts for hardware issues, enabling businesses to address potential problems before they impact operations. This predictive capability is particularly beneficial for critical systems where reliability is paramount.
The Dell ProSupport service includes on-site service after remote diagnosis, minimizing the impact of hardware issues on business operations. Dell ProSupport Plus enhances this with a dedicated Technical Account Manager for businesses, offering personalized support and guidance. This tailored approach helps businesses optimize their IT infrastructure and plan for future needs more effectively.
Dell ProSupport is tailored for businesses that need reliable support for their Dell hardware and software. Dell ProSupport Plus is ideal for businesses looking for a comprehensive support solution that includes preventative maintenance, accidental damage repair, and personalized support, ensuring the highest level of protection and uptime for their Dell systems.

Comparison Chart

Technical Support

24/7 access to advanced technicians.
24/7 access to advanced technicians.

Preventative Support

Proactive monitoring and automated issue prevention.

Accidental Damage Repair

Not included.

Predictive Alerts

Not included.
Hardware issue prediction and alerts.

Personalized Support

Support from advanced technicians.
Dedicated Technical Account Manager and personalized assistance.

Dell ProSupport and Dell ProSupport Plus Definitions

Dell ProSupport

Direct support for software applications installed on Dell hardware.
Dell ProSupport helped us configure our software for optimal performance.

Dell ProSupport Plus

Proactive issue prevention through automated monitoring and alerts.
We received an alert from Dell ProSupport Plus and avoided a major system failure.

Dell ProSupport

Priority access to expert technicians for troubleshooting.
Thanks to Dell ProSupport, we had minimal downtime during our system crash.

Dell ProSupport Plus

Comprehensive support including 24/7 technical assistance, accidental damage repair, and proactive monitoring.
Dell ProSupport Plus caught a potential hard drive failure before it affected our work.

Dell ProSupport

Support service designed for efficient operation of Dell systems.
Our IT team relies on Dell ProSupport for maintaining our infrastructure.

Dell ProSupport Plus

Designed for businesses that need maximum uptime and preventative maintenance.
Dell ProSupport Plus is essential for our mission-critical systems.

Dell ProSupport

Advanced, 24/7 technical support for hardware and software issues.
With Dell ProSupport, we resolved our server issue overnight.

Dell ProSupport Plus

Includes all Dell ProSupport features with added accidental damage repair.
Our laptop was fixed with no extra cost, thanks to Dell ProSupport Plus's accidental coverage.

Dell ProSupport

On-site service following remote diagnosis to ensure quick resolution.
The Dell ProSupport team sent a technician the next day to fix our hardware issue.

Dell ProSupport Plus

Dedicated Technical Account Manager for personalized support.
Our Technical Account Manager from Dell ProSupport Plus advised us on our IT strategy.


Can Dell ProSupport help with software issues?

Yes, Dell ProSupport provides support for software applications installed on Dell hardware.

Does Dell ProSupport Plus cover accidental damage?

Yes, ProSupport Plus includes accidental damage repair, which is not covered under the standard ProSupport service.

Can Dell ProSupport provide on-site service?

Yes, Dell ProSupport includes on-site service after remote diagnosis.

What is Dell ProSupport?

Dell ProSupport is a premium support service offering 24/7 access to advanced technical support for hardware and software issues.

What is Dell ProSupport Plus?

Dell ProSupport Plus is an enhanced support service that includes all ProSupport features plus accidental damage repair, proactive monitoring, and a dedicated Technical Account Manager.

Does Dell ProSupport Plus automate any support processes?

Yes, ProSupport Plus uses automated support to prevent issues before they occur.

How does Dell ProSupport differ from ProSupport Plus in terms of technical support?

Both offer 24/7 technical support, but ProSupport Plus adds proactive issue prevention and a dedicated support manager.

Is there a predictive alert system in Dell ProSupport?

No, predictive alerts for hardware issues are exclusive to ProSupport Plus.

What makes Dell ProSupport Plus more personalized?

The inclusion of a dedicated Technical Account Manager for personalized guidance and support.

Does Dell ProSupport Plus offer any training or advisory services?

Yes, ProSupport Plus may include advisory services from the Technical Account Manager.

Who would benefit most from Dell ProSupport Plus?

Businesses that require comprehensive support, including accidental damage repair and proactive maintenance, to ensure maximum system uptime.

Is Dell ProSupport available for all Dell products?

Dell ProSupport is available for most Dell products, but coverage details can vary.

Can Dell ProSupport handle emergency situations?

Yes, Dell ProSupport is designed to provide fast and efficient support in emergency technical situations.

Is accidental damage repair in ProSupport Plus applicable to all types of damage?

Accidental damage repair covers many types of incidents, but there may be exclusions, which are detailed in the service agreement.

What type of businesses should consider Dell ProSupport?

Businesses that need reliable, round-the-clock technical support for their Dell hardware and software.

What kind of issues can Dell ProSupport Plus predict?

ProSupport Plus can predict various hardware issues, like hard drive failures, using proactive monitoring.

How quickly can I expect a response from Dell ProSupport?

Dell ProSupport aims to provide fast, priority access to support technicians 24/7.

How does Dell ProSupport assist with software configuration?

Dell ProSupport technicians can provide guidance and troubleshooting for software installed on Dell systems.

What is the role of a Technical Account Manager in ProSupport Plus?

The Technical Account Manager offers personalized support, strategic planning, and optimization advice for IT infrastructure.

Can I upgrade from Dell ProSupport to ProSupport Plus?

Yes, customers can upgrade from ProSupport to ProSupport Plus for enhanced support services.
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