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Dell IPS vs. Dell WVA: What's the Difference?

Edited by Harlon Moss || By Janet White || Published on February 18, 2024
Dell IPS displays offer superior color accuracy and viewing angles, while Dell WVA (Wide Viewing Angle) screens provide good color consistency and wider viewing angles at a lower cost.

Key Differences

Dell IPS (In-Plane Switching) screens are known for their exceptional color accuracy and consistency, making them ideal for tasks requiring color precision. Dell WVA (Wide Viewing Angle) screens, while also offering wide viewing angles, tend to have slightly less color accuracy compared to IPS.
The viewing angles on Dell IPS monitors are superior, maintaining color and contrast consistency even at steep angles. In contrast, Dell WVA monitors, though providing wide viewing angles, may exhibit slight shifts in color and contrast when viewed from extreme angles.
Dell IPS monitors are often the choice for professional photo and video editing due to their superior color reproduction. Dell WVA monitors, however, are a cost-effective solution for general use, where extreme color accuracy is less critical.
In terms of price, Dell IPS monitors are generally positioned in a higher segment due to their advanced color and viewing angle capabilities. Dell WVA monitors, on the other hand, offer a more budget-friendly option while still delivering decent viewing angle performance.
The response time and refresh rates can vary within both Dell IPS and Dell WVA models. However, Dell IPS monitors are more commonly found in high-end models focusing on color-critical work, while Dell WVA models are more common in everyday usage scenarios.

Comparison Chart

Color Accuracy

Superior color accuracy
Good color consistency

Viewing Angles

Excellent, minimal color shift
Wide, but with some color shift

Ideal Usage

Professional editing, color-critical work
General use, multimedia consumption

Price Range

Generally higher priced
More budget-friendly

Response Time & Refresh Rate

Varies, often high-end
Varies, usually standard performance

Dell IPS and Dell WVA Definitions

Dell IPS

Delivers superior visual experience with vibrant colors.
Watching movies on my Dell IPS screen is always a visual treat.

Dell WVA

Provides wide viewing angles with good color consistency.
The Dell WVA monitor offers great views from almost any angle.

Dell IPS

Known for high color accuracy and excellent viewing angles.
My Dell IPS monitor is perfect for my graphic design work.

Dell WVA

A budget-friendly option for everyday multimedia use.
I chose a Dell WVA screen for its affordability and decent performance.

Dell IPS

Ideal for professional photo and video editing.
Color accuracy on my Dell IPS screen makes photo editing a breeze.

Dell WVA

Suitable for general computing and media consumption.
My Dell WVA monitor works well for my daily computing needs.

Dell IPS

Offers consistent image quality at various viewing angles.
The colors on my Dell IPS display stay true no matter where I sit.

Dell WVA

Combines cost-effectiveness with satisfactory image quality.
For the price, the image quality on my Dell WVA is impressive.

Dell IPS

A choice for users prioritizing color precision in a display.
As a photographer, my Dell IPS monitor is an essential tool.

Dell WVA

Offers a balance between performance and price.
The Dell WVA strikes a perfect balance for my home office setup.


What distinguishes Dell WVA screens?

Dell WVA screens are known for their wide viewing angles and cost-effectiveness.

How do Dell IPS and Dell WVA compare in price?

Dell IPS monitors are generally higher-priced, while WVA models are more budget-friendly.

Is Dell IPS suitable for professional graphic work?

Yes, its color precision makes it ideal for professional graphics and editing.

What is Dell IPS best known for?

Dell IPS is renowned for its color accuracy and wide viewing angles.

Can Dell WVA monitors be used for gaming?

They can be, though they may not match the performance of gaming-specific IPS models.

Do Dell IPS screens have good viewing angles?

Yes, they offer excellent viewing angles with minimal color shift.

Are Dell WVA screens good for group viewing?

Yes, their wide viewing angles make them suitable for multiple viewers.

Is color shift a problem in Dell WVA monitors?

There can be some color shift at extreme angles, but it's generally minimal.

Do Dell IPS monitors support high refresh rates?

Yes, especially in models designed for gaming and high-end use.

Can Dell WVA be used for professional editing?

While capable, Dell WVA is less ideal for precision editing compared to IPS.

Are Dell IPS monitors good for gaming?

Yes, especially models designed with gaming-specific features.

What is the typical resolution of Dell WVA monitors?

Dell WVA monitors come in various resolutions, including standard HD and Full HD.

Are Dell IPS monitors LED-backlit?

Many Dell IPS monitors use LED backlighting for improved brightness and contrast.

Is Dell IPS better for eye comfort?

Its superior color balance can offer a more comfortable viewing experience.

Is the Dell WVA screen durable?

Yes, Dell WVA monitors are built to be durable and reliable.

How does Dell WVA perform in terms of refresh rate?

WVA monitors have standard refresh rates suitable for general use.

Can I use Dell WVA for graphic design?

While possible, a Dell IPS would provide better color accuracy for design work.

How does Dell IPS handle black levels and contrast?

Dell IPS monitors generally provide good contrast and deep blacks.

Can Dell IPS be used for HDR content?

Yes, many Dell IPS monitors support HDR for enhanced picture quality.

Are there energy-efficient Dell WVA models?

Yes, Dell offers energy-efficient models in both the IPS and WVA ranges.
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