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Delerious vs. Delirious: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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"Delerious" is a common misspelling. The correct spelling is "Delirious," which refers to a disturbed state of mind resulting from illness or intoxication.

Which is correct: Delerious or Delirious

How to spell Delirious?

Delerious is Incorrect

Delirious is Correct


Key Differences

Remember that "Delirious" sounds like "de-LI-rious," emphasizing the "LI."
Associate "Delirious" with the word "Delight" for the correct "i" positioning.
Visualize the word being related to a state of "delirium."
Recall that "Delirious" contains "iri" not "eri."
Link "Delirious" to a visual of someone in a fevered state, ensuring correct spelling.

Correct usage of Delirious

He was delerious after winning the championship game.
He was delirious after winning the championship game.
The patient became delerious due to the high fever.
The patient became delirious due to the high fever.
The medication made him delerious, and he started seeing things that weren't there.
The medication made him delirious, and he started seeing things that weren't there.
After several sleepless nights, she felt almost delerious.
After several sleepless nights, she felt almost delirious.
The fans were delerious when their favorite singer appeared on stage.
The fans were delirious when their favorite singer appeared on stage.

Delirious Definitions

Delirious can denote a wild excitement or ecstasy.
The crowd went delirious when the underdog team scored.
Delirious can mean being extremely excited or enthusiastic.
The fans were delirious with joy.
Delirious describes a severe state of confusion due to illness or fever.
After the fever spiked, she became delirious.
Delirious often describes a state resembling or marked by delirium.
His sleep-deprived mind was almost delirious.
Delirious pertains to having wandering thoughts or incoherent speech.
He was delirious from the lack of sleep.
Of, suffering from, or characteristic of delirium.
Marked by uncontrolled excitement or emotion; ecstatic
Delirious joy.
A crowd of delirious baseball fans.
(symptom) Being in the state of delirium.
Having uncontrolled excitement; ecstatic.
Having a delirium; wandering in mind; light-headed; insane; raving; wild; as, a delirious patient; delirious fancies.
Experiencing delirium
Marked by uncontrolled excitement or emotion;
A crowd of delirious baseball fans
Something frantic in their gaiety
A mad whirl of pleasure

Delirious Sentences

The delirious crowd cheered wildly as the team scored the winning goal.
She was delirious with joy upon hearing the news of her acceptance into college.
In his delirious state, he mistook the lamp for a person and started talking to it.
Walking through the desert without water, he became delirious from dehydration.
The delirious fan camped outside the concert venue for three days to see her idol.
The delirious excitement in the air was palpable as the countdown to the new year began.
Delirious from lack of sleep, she started giggling at the slightest things.
The child became delirious and started mumbling incoherently in her feverish condition.
When he found out he had won the lottery, he was delirious and couldn't stop jumping around.
The fever made her delirious, and she had vivid dreams that seemed real.
After the long hike without enough water, he started feeling delirious.
After working for 24 hours straight, the programmer was delirious and needed rest.
She was delirious with happiness when she finally found her lost puppy.
In his delirious moments, he spoke of fantastical creatures and adventures.
The heatwave left many elderly people feeling weak and delirious.
The delirious patient was calmed by the gentle words of the nurse.
The delirious child believed she could fly and tried to jump off the bed.
The scientist was delirious after making a groundbreaking discovery.
The intense game left fans delirious with excitement and joy.


Which vowel is used before Delirious?

The vowel "a" can precede it, as in "a delirious patient."

Why is it called Delirious?

Derived from "delirium," it describes a state of mental confusion.

What is the root word of Delirious?

The root is "delirium."

What is the verb form of Delirious?

There's no direct verb form; however, "delirium" gives rise to the adjective "delirious."

What is the pronunciation of Delirious?


What is the singular form of Delirious?

"Delirious" itself is singular.

What is the plural form of Delirious?

Delirious is an adjective and doesn't have a typical plural form.

Which article is used with Delirious?

Both "a" and "the" can precede it.

Is Delirious an adverb?

No, it's not an adverb.

Is Delirious an abstract noun?

No, it's a descriptive adjective.

Which preposition is used with Delirious?

"From" is often used, as in "delirious from fever."

Is Delirious a negative or positive word?

It's usually negative, indicating confusion or disturbance.

Is Delirious a vowel or consonant?

"Delirious" is a word made up of both vowels and consonants.

Which conjunction is used with Delirious?

Any conjunction can be used, depending on the sentence.

Is Delirious a noun or adjective?

"Delirious" is an adjective.

How do we divide Delirious into syllables?


What is the opposite of Delirious?

Clear-headed or lucid.

What is the second form of Delirious?

Adjectives don't typically have a "second form."

How many syllables are in Delirious?

Four syllables.

What is another term for Delirious?


What is the first form of Delirious?

The term itself, "Delirious," is its primary form.

Is Delirious a collective noun?

No, it's not a collective noun.

What part of speech is Delirious?


How is Delirious used in a sentence?

After hours under the blazing sun, he became delirious and started mumbling nonsensically.

Is the Delirious term a metaphor?

Not inherently, but it can be used metaphorically.

Which determiner is used with Delirious?

Determiners like "this," "that," "my," or "our" can be used.

What is the third form of Delirious?

Adjectives don't typically have a "third form."

Is Delirious a countable noun?

"Delirious" is an adjective, not a noun.

Is the word Delirious imperative?

No, it's an adjective.

What is a stressed syllable in Delirious?

The second syllable, "lir," is stressed.
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