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Dashing vs. Handsome: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Harlon Moss || Published on November 24, 2023
Dashing implies stylishness and adventurous spirit, often with a sense of flair, while handsome denotes physical attractiveness, often with a classic, well-proportioned appearance.

Key Differences

Dashing conveys an image of liveliness and bold elegance. It often implies a sense of flair and adventure, not just physical attractiveness.
Handsome, in contrast, is more focused on physical appearance. It suggests a pleasing and proportionate look, often associated with classic beauty.
A dashing person may also be handsome, but dashing adds an element of spirited charisma and style. It's about the way one carries themselves, with a certain panache.
Handsome, however, is less about the demeanor and more about the physical attributes. It's a more static description, typically not implying the vivacious qualities that dashing does.
In essence, while both terms can relate to attractiveness, dashing includes an element of dynamic style and spirit, whereas handsome focuses more on classic physical appeal.

Comparison Chart


Style and adventurous spirit
Physical attractiveness


Liveliness, flair
Classic beauty, well-proportioned


Often describes demeanor
Mainly describes appearance


Dynamic, spirited
Steady, classic


Can apply to behavior and actions
Mostly limited to looks

Dashing and Handsome Definitions


Stylishly adventurous.
He looked dashing in his pilot uniform.


Aesthetically pleasing.
The painting featured a handsome landscape.


Boldly fashionable.
He had a dashing sense of style.


Physically attractive.
He was considered classically handsome.


Charmingly spirited.
His dashing smile was infectious.


Well-proportioned in appearance.
The building’s handsome architecture impressed everyone.


Energetically elegant.
Her dashing entrance captivated everyone.


Generous in size or amount.
They received a handsome sum for their work.


Vivaciously attractive.
The actor's dashing demeanor won hearts.


Good-looking in a traditional way.
His handsome features were undeniable.


Audacious and gallant; spirited
A dashing young actor.


Pleasing in form or appearance, especially having strong or distinguished features
A handsome man.
A woman with a handsome face.


Marked by showy elegance; splendid
A dashing sports car.


Having stately or attractive proportions or appearance; impressive
A handsome manor.
A sleek, handsome car.


Can women be described as dashing?

Yes, it's not gender-specific.

Does dashing imply confidence?

Often, it suggests a confident demeanor.

Can someone be handsome but not dashing?

Yes, they can have looks without flair.

Is dashing a compliment?

Generally, it's seen as a positive descriptor.

Can handsome be used for animals?

Yes, like describing a handsome horse.

Does handsome always mean attractive?

Mostly, but context can alter meaning.

Is handsome only for physical traits?

Primarily, but can describe objects too.

Can landscapes be handsome?

Yes, to describe their grandeur or beauty.

Is handsome used globally?

Widely, but perceptions vary culturally.

Can handsome be modest?

Yes, it can be understated.

Does handsome imply age?

Not necessarily; it's age-neutral.

Is dashing an old-fashioned term?

It has classic roots but is still used.

Does dashing suggest youthfulness?

Not necessarily, but implies vigor.

Can dashing go out of style?

The concept may evolve, but it remains relevant.

Can dashing be intimidating?

Sometimes, due to its strong presence.

Do fashion choices influence being dashing?

Yes, style plays a significant role.

Does dashing require wealth?

No, it's more about style and attitude.

Is handsome subjective?

Yes, beauty standards can vary.

Does dashing refer to actions?

It can describe spirited or stylish actions.

Can objects be handsome?

Yes, like handsome furniture.
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