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Dacron vs. Polyester: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on January 31, 2024
Dacron is a trade name for a type of polyester, specifically PET. Polyester is a broad category of polymers used in fabrics, of which Dacron is a specific type.

Key Differences

Dacron is a specific brand name for a type of polyester fabric, known for its durability and resistance to stretching and shrinking. Polyester, on the other hand, is a general term for a category of polymers used to make a variety of fabrics, including Dacron.
Dacron refers specifically to polyethylene terephthalate (PET) fibers, while polyester encompasses a wider range of synthetic fibers, including but not limited to PET. Dacron's properties, such as its strength and wrinkle resistance, are shared by many polyesters but can vary based on the specific type.
Dacron is often used in applications where a strong, durable fabric is needed, like sails and outdoor clothing. Polyester, in its broader application, is used in everything from clothing and home furnishings to industrial materials, offering a wide range of characteristics depending on the specific type.
In terms of branding, "Dacron" is recognized as a high-quality type of polyester, often associated with specific uses such as in bedding or high-performance fabrics. Polyester, being a more generic term, doesn't carry the same brand recognition but is more versatile in its applications.
Both Dacron and other types of polyester are synthetic and made from petroleum-based products, but Dacron is specifically designed to offer certain desirable properties like low moisture absorption and good heat resistance, which are shared by many but not all polyesters.

Comparison Chart


Brand name for PET polyester
A category of synthetic polymers


Specific type of polyester (PET)
Includes various types, including PET


High-strength, durable applications
Wide range, from clothing to industrial materials

Brand Association

Known for quality and specific uses
Generic, versatile with no specific brand association


Strong, wrinkle-resistant, durable
Varies, but often includes similar properties

Dacron and Polyester Definitions


A trademarked polyester variant, PET.
The new sails were made of high-quality Dacron.


A type of synthetic fabric made from polymers.
Her new dress was made of colorful polyester.


Maintains shape and resists creasing.
His Dacron shirt remained wrinkle-free throughout the day.


Known for strength and durability.
The polyester ropes were strong enough for climbing.


Offers good resistance to heat.
The Dacron curtains were a safe choice near the kitchen.


Often more affordable than natural fibers.
Polyester curtains are a budget-friendly option.


Known for its durability and strength.
Dacron is preferred for outdoor furniture covers.


Used in a wide range of products.
Polyester is popular for both clothing and upholstery.


Resistant to water and moisture.
Their Dacron jackets kept them dry in the rain.


Generally resists wrinkles and shrinking.
Their polyester tablecloth always looked neat.


A polymer, polyethylene terephthalate PET, as used for making thread and cloth.


Any of numerous synthetic polymers produced chiefly by reaction of dicarboxylic acids with dihydric alcohols and used primarily as light, strong, weather-resistant resins in boat hulls, textile fibers, adhesives, and molded parts.


A brand of polyester textile fiber, or the wrinkle-resistant fabric prepared from it.


A wrinkle-resistant fabric of fibers made from any of these resins.


A kind of polyester fabric


Any polymer whose monomers are linked together by ester bonds


A material or fabric made from polyester polymer


Of, or consisting of polyesters


Any of numerous synthetic resins; they are light and strong and weather resistant


A complex ester used for making fibers or resins or plastics or as a plasticizer


Any of a large class of synthetic fabrics


How is Dacron different from other polyesters?

Dacron is a specific brand of PET polyester.

Is Dacron more durable than other polyesters?

It's known for high durability, similar to some other polyesters.

What is Dacron?

A trademarked type of polyester, specifically PET.

Can all polyester be called Dacron?

No, only PET polyester from the Dacron brand.

Are all polyester fabrics wrinkle-resistant like Dacron?

Most are, but it varies by type.

Is Dacron only used in clothing?

No, it's also used in sails, upholstery, and more.

What is polyester?

A synthetic fabric made from polymers.

What are common uses of polyester?

Clothing, home furnishings, industrial materials.

Is Dacron waterproof?

It has low moisture absorption.

Do polyester fabrics vary in quality?

Yes, quality can vary widely.

Does polyester shrink?

It generally resists shrinking.

Are Dacron and polyester environmentally friendly?

They are synthetic, derived from petroleum.

Is Dacron suitable for sensitive skin?

It can be, but varies person to person.

Can polyester fabrics be dyed easily?

Yes, they take dye well.

Is Dacron more expensive than other polyesters?

Often, due to its brand recognition and quality.

Can Dacron be recycled?

Yes, like many types of polyester.

What makes polyester popular in fashion?

Its versatility, durability, and affordability.

Is Dacron good for outdoor use?

Yes, it's durable and resists elements well.

How do you care for polyester garments?

Most can be machine washed and dried.

Is Dacron flame resistant?

It has good heat resistance.
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