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Conglomerate vs. Agglomeration: What's the Difference?

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A conglomerate is a large corporation formed by the merger of different companies, while agglomeration refers to a clustered mass of varied elements.

Key Differences

A conglomerate is typically a large, multi-industry corporation formed through mergers and acquisitions. Whereas, an agglomeration is a collection or mass, often used to describe clustered geographic areas or similar items.
Conglomerates consist of diverse subsidiary companies under one corporate group. Agglomerations, in contrast, refer to the gathering or clustering of various elements, not necessarily corporate.
In business, a conglomerate denotes a large entity with varied business interests, often multinational. However, in geography or sociology, agglomeration describes the clustering of people, businesses, or activities in a specific area.
The term conglomerate implies a structured, organized business entity, whereas agglomeration implies a less organized, often naturally occurring, grouping.
Both conglomerate and agglomeration indicate a collection of diverse elements, but a conglomerate is a business structure, while agglomeration is a more general term for any clustered collection.

Comparison Chart


A corporation with diverse subsidiaries
A clustering or collection of elements

Primary Context

Business and corporate structure
Geography, sociology, and urban planning

Structure and Organization

Structured and organized under a corporate umbrella
Often naturally occurring or loosely organized


Usually refers to multinational or large companies
Can vary from small clusters to large urban areas

Example Usage

"A media conglomerate"
"Urban agglomeration"

Conglomerate and Agglomeration Definitions


A group of diverse companies under a single corporate umbrella.
He works for a multinational conglomerate.


A clustered collection of various elements.
The city is an agglomeration of diverse cultures.


A business entity composed of several different companies.
The conglomerate expanded its portfolio.


The process of clustering or coming together.
The agglomeration of tech companies created a hub.


A large, multi-industry company.
The conglomerate's influence spans several markets.


A mass formed by gathering different things together.
The exhibit displayed an agglomeration of artifacts.


A corporate structure with subsidiaries in multiple industries.
Their conglomerate includes technology and fashion brands.


A collection or assemblage, especially in urban planning.
The urban agglomeration is notable for its business centers.


A large corporation formed by merging different businesses.
The conglomerate owns companies in various industries.


The act or process of gathering into a mass.


To form or gather into a mass or whole.


A confused or jumbled mass
"To avoid the problems of large urban agglomerations, the state decentralized the university system" (Bickley Townsend).


To form into or merge with a corporate conglomerate.


The act or process of collecting in a mass; a heaping together.


To cause to form into a mass or whole.


State of being collected in a mass; a mass; cluster.


A corporation made up of a number of different companies that operate in diversified fields.


(geography) An extended city area comprising the built-up area of a central city and any suburbs linked by continuous urban area.


A collected heterogeneous mass; a cluster
A conglomerate of color, passion, and artistry.


(geology) a mass of large volcanic fragments bonded under heat.


(Geology) A coarse-grained sedimentary rock consisting of rounded to subangular rock fragments cemented together by hardened silt, clay, calcium carbonate, or similar material.


The act or process of collecting in a mass; a heaping together.
An excessive agglomeration of turrets.


State of being collected in a mass; a mass; cluster.


A jumbled collection or mass


The act of collecting in a mass; the act of agglomerating


The act or result of forming a cluster.
Urban agglomeration leads to dense populations.


Can conglomerate mean a collection of things?

Yes, it can also imply a gathered mass of varied items.

Can conglomerate refer to something geological?

Yes, it also means a rock consisting of individual clasts within a finer-grained matrix.

What's a synonym for conglomerate?

"Empire" or "corporation" in business; "composite" in geology.

What is a conglomerate?

A conglomerate is a large business entity formed from a combination of diverse companies.

Can conglomerate be a verb?

Rarely, it can mean to gather or cluster together.

How do you use conglomerate in a sentence?

"She works for a multinational conglomerate."

Can it refer to cities?

Yes, urban agglomerations are densely populated urban areas.

Is conglomerate used in everyday language?

It's more common in business and geological contexts.

What is an example of a conglomerate company?

Berkshire Hathaway, which owns a range of different businesses.

What's a synonym for agglomeration?

"Cluster," "accumulation," or "assemblage."

Does agglomeration have a positive or negative connotation?

Neutral, though it can imply messiness or disorganization.

Is agglomeration used in specific fields?

Yes, especially in urban planning and industrial contexts.

Is conglomerate positive or negative?

Neutral; it's descriptive, with the tone depending on context.

Is agglomeration a common word?

It's more common in academic and technical contexts.

What industries often form conglomerates?

Typically finance, media, and manufacturing.

What causes urban agglomeration?

Factors like economic opportunities, population growth, and urbanization.

Is agglomeration always physical?

Mostly, but it can metaphorically describe concepts or ideas.

How is agglomeration different from a cluster?

Agglomeration is often larger and less uniformly structured.

What does agglomeration mean?

A collection or mass of various things grouped together.

Can you give an example of agglomeration in a sentence?

"The gallery displayed an agglomeration of modern art pieces."
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