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Comprehensible vs. Comprehendible: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Harlon Moss || Published on January 6, 2024
Comprehensible refers to something that is clear and easy to understand, while comprehendible means capable of being grasped mentally. Both relate to the ease of understanding, but comprehensible is more commonly used.

Key Differences

Comprehensible is often used to describe things that are clear, understandable, and straightforward. It implies that the subject or content is presented in a way that is easy to grasp. Comprehendible, on the other hand, focuses more on the ability of the mind to grasp or make sense of something. It's less about the clarity of the content and more about the capacity to understand.
In usage, comprehensible is more prevalent, especially in everyday language. It's applied to situations, texts, or speeches that are articulated in a way that most people can easily follow. Comprehendible, while similar in meaning, is less frequently used and often appears in more formal or academic contexts.
The adjective comprehensible might be used when assessing the clarity of a presentation or a piece of writing. It emphasizes that the information is conveyed in an accessible manner. Comprehendible, conversely, is more likely to be applied in discussions about cognitive abilities or in contexts where the focus is on the process of understanding itself.
From an etymological perspective, both words share the same Latin root 'comprehendere', which means 'to grasp' or 'to understand'. However, their usage has diverged slightly over time, with comprehensible becoming the more common choice to describe something that is easy to understand.
Both adjectives relate to the concept of understanding, comprehensible is generally used to describe something that is clearly expressed, and comprehendible is used to describe something that can be mentally grasped or understood.

Comparison Chart

Usage Frequency

More commonly used
Less commonly used


Everyday language, clear communication
Formal or academic contexts, cognitive discussions


Clarity and ease of understanding
Capability of being understood mentally


Derived from Latin 'comprehendere'
Also from Latin 'comprehendere'

Typical Application

Describing clear texts, speeches, presentations
Discussing mental grasp or understanding

Comprehensible and Comprehendible Definitions


Capable of being grasped by the intellect or understanding.
The lecture was surprisingly comprehensible.


Possible to apprehend or understand.
The foreign language became more comprehendible with practice.


Understandable in terms of logic or clarity.
The complex theory was made comprehensible through simple examples.


Capable of being understood or grasped mentally.
The philosophical text is dense but comprehendible.


Easily understood or clear.
The instructions were comprehensible even to a child.


Within the limits of understanding.
The scientific concepts were complex, yet comprehendible.


Clear enough to be read, heard, or examined.
The handwriting was perfectly comprehensible.


Understandable in a mental or intellectual sense.
The puzzle was challenging but comprehendible.


Able to be understood or apprehended.
His explanation was brief but comprehensible.


Able to be mentally grasped or understood.
Her abstract art is surprisingly comprehendible.


Readily comprehended or understood; intelligible.


To take in the meaning, nature, or importance of; grasp.


Able to be comprehended.


To have as part of something larger; encompass or include.


Capable of being comprehended, included, or comprised.
Lest this part of knowledge should seem to any not comprehensible by axiom, we will set down some heads of it.


(rare) comprehensible, understandable; able to be comprehended.


Capable of being understood; intelligible; conceivable by the mind.
The horizon sets the bounds . . . between what is and what is not comprehensible by us.


Able to be understood. Opposite of incomprehensible.


Capable of being comprehended or understood;
An idea comprehensible to the average mind


Capable of being comprehended or understood;
An idea comprehensible to the average mind


Can comprehendible apply to complex ideas?

Yes, it's used to indicate that complex ideas can be mentally grasped.

Is comprehensible a common word?

Yes, it's commonly used to describe something clear and easy to understand.

Is comprehendible often used in everyday conversation?

It's less common in casual speech than comprehensible.

Is comprehendible a formal word?

It tends to appear more in formal or academic contexts.

Are comprehensible and comprehendible interchangeable?

They are similar but not always interchangeable due to slight differences in usage.

Can a movie plot be comprehensible?

Yes, if it's clear and easy to follow.

Can technology be described as comprehensible?

Yes, if it's easy to understand or use.

Can comprehensible be used for spoken language?

Yes, it's often used to describe clear and understandable speech.

Is comprehensible used in educational contexts?

Yes, particularly to describe clear teaching methods or materials.

Can a person be described as comprehensible?

More commonly, their speech or writing would be described as comprehensible.

Does comprehendible relate to cognitive abilities?

It often pertains to the mental ability to understand something.

Is comprehendible used in medical contexts?

Yes, especially when discussing patient understanding of medical information.

Do both words share the same Latin root?

Yes, both derive from the Latin 'comprehendere'.

Can art be described as comprehensible?

Yes, if it's clear and easy to interpret.

Would a legal document be more comprehensible or comprehendible?

Ideally both, but often they are neither due to complex language.

Can music be comprehensible?

Yes, in terms of its structure or lyrics being clear.

Is comprehendible used in psychology?

It can be used in discussions about mental processes and understanding.

Is comprehendible a positive trait in writing?

Yes, particularly in academic or technical writing.

Can science be made more comprehensible?

Yes, through clear explanation and teaching.

Does comprehendible imply a deeper understanding than comprehensible?

It can, as it focuses on the capacity to mentally grasp something.
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