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Comercial vs. Commercial: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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"Comercial" is incorrect; the correct spelling is "Commercial," which refers to activities related to business and trade.

Which is correct: Comercial or Commercial

How to spell Commercial?

Comercial is Incorrect

Commercial is Correct


Key Differences

Recall "Commercial" has two 'm's just like "commerce," the field it pertains to.
Associate "Commercial" with "commence," both starting with "comm-" and having two 'm's.
Use mnemonic: “Commerce with double M,” linking "commerce" and "commercial".
Remember, "Commercial" has the same number of 'm's as "market," another business-related word.
Think of "Commercial" as "com" + "mercial," emphasizing the double 'm'.

Correct usage of Commercial

I saw a very funny comercial on TV last night.
I saw a very funny commercial on TV last night.
Can you mute the TV during the comercial breaks?
Can you mute the TV during the commercial breaks?
They're shooting a comercial for the new product next week.
They're shooting a commercial for the new product next week.
He works in the comercial real estate sector.
He works in the commercial real estate sector.
That song became popular through a comercial.
That song became popular through a commercial.

Commercial Definitions

Intended for or related to business purposes.
They launched a commercial website for their products.
Related to or engaged in commerce.
The commercial market is highly competitive.
An advertisement broadcast on television or radio.
The commercial for the new car was eye-catching.
Making or intended to make a profit.
Their commercial strategy was successful.
Suitable or fit for a wide audience.
The movie was a commercial success.
Of or relating to commerce
A commercial loan.
A commercial attaché.
Engaged in commerce
A commercial trucker.

Commercial Sentences

That commercial jingle is stuck in my head.
The commercial break gives us time to grab some snacks.
She landed a role in a national commercial.
The commercial success of the movie was unexpected.
The product was a commercial failure.
The commercial aspect of Christmas seems to grow each year.
Commercial flights to the new destination start next month.
He designs graphics for commercial advertisements.
She studies commercial law at the university.
They criticized the commercial exploitation of the holiday.
The commercial aired during the Super Bowl was highly anticipated.
The commercial industry is highly competitive.
The commercial appeal of the product is undeniable.
He has a keen eye for commercial opportunities.
The commercial airline offers flights to over 100 destinations.
Commercial lending rates have been fluctuating this year.
They're airing a new commercial for the soda brand tonight.
The commercial vehicle sector is undergoing major changes.
The artist's work has commercial as well as artistic value.
They use drones for commercial photography.
The commercial partnership between the two companies was announced yesterday.
That commercial property is up for sale.
The song was used in a commercial for a popular phone brand.
Commercial fishing regulations have become stricter.

Commercial Idioms & Phrases

Commercial interest

Concern or involvement in business activities for profit.
The company has commercial interest in expanding into the Asian market.


Not intended for or related to commerce, commercial purposes, or financial gain.
The festival is a non-commercial event aimed at celebrating local culture.

Commercial production

The mass production of goods or services for sale to consumers.
The factory is set up for commercial production of the new appliance.

Commercial enterprise

A business or company that is engaged in commercial, industrial, or professional activities.
The commercial enterprise was known for its innovative technology solutions.

Commercial value

The monetary or financial worth of a product, service, or idea.
The painting's commercial value has increased significantly over the years.

Commercial appeal

The attractiveness of a product or service to a wide audience, making it likely to sell well.
The film's commercial appeal helped it break box office records.

Commercially viable

Capable of generating a profit.
They needed to ensure the project was commercially viable before proceeding.

Commercially driven

Influenced or motivated primarily by financial gain.
The decision to expand was commercially driven.

Commercial artist

An artist who creates work primarily for commercial purposes, such as advertising.
She worked as a commercial artist before pursuing her passion for fine art.

Commercial sector

The part of the economy that is controlled by private companies rather than the government.
He has worked in the commercial sector for over a decade.

Commercial loan

A loan granted to businesses for various purposes, such as expansion or operations.
The startup applied for a commercial loan to finance its growth.


To apply methods of business for profit, especially by introducing a product or activity to the market.
The company plans to commercialize the technology by the end of the year.

Commercial paper

An unsecured, short-term debt instrument issued by a corporation, typically for financing accounts receivable and inventories.
They decided to issue commercial paper to raise quick funds.

Commercial advertisement

A promotional message in the form of TV, radio, online, or print marketing designed to persuade or inform potential customers about a product or service.
The commercial advertisement for the new snack was very catchy.

Commercial hub

A central area or district within a city where commercial activities are concentrated.
The downtown area is considered the city's commercial hub.

Commercial rights

The legal rights to financially exploit a creative work or product.
The author sold the commercial rights of her book to the publishing house.

Commercial fishing

The activity of catching fish and other seafood for commercial profit.
Commercial fishing is a major industry in coastal towns.

Commercial diplomacy

The use of diplomatic methods to address and promote trade and investment interests between countries.
The ambassador's role involved a significant amount of commercial diplomacy to enhance bilateral trade.


Why is it called commercial?

It is called "commercial" because it pertains to commerce or business activities.

Which vowel is used before commercial?

The vowel 'e' is used before "commercial".

What is the root word of commercial?

The root word of "commercial" is "commerce".

What is the verb form of commercial?

There is no direct verb form of "commercial"; it's an adjective or noun.

Which preposition is used with commercial?

The preposition "for" is often used with "commercial", as in "commercial for something".

What is the pronunciation of commercial?

Commercial is pronounced as /kəˈmɜːrʃəl/.

What is the plural form of commercial?

The plural form is "commercials".

Is commercial an adverb?

No, "commercial" is not an adverb.

Is commercial an abstract noun?

As an adjective, it's not a noun. As a noun, it refers to a tangible ad, so it's not abstract.

Which article is used with commercial?

Both "a" and "the" can be used, depending on the context.

Which conjunction is used with commercial?

Conjunctions like "and", "or", and "but" can be used with "commercial".

Is commercial a negative or positive word?

"Commercial" is neutral; it can be positive or negative depending on context.

What is the singular form of commercial?

The singular form is "commercial".

Is commercial a noun or adjective?

"Commercial" can be both a noun and an adjective.

Is the commercial term a metaphor?

"Commercial" can be used metaphorically.

Is the word commercial imperative?

No, "commercial" is not used in the imperative form.

What is another term for commercial?

Another term for "commercial" (adj.) is "business-related"; for "commercial" (n.) is "advertisement".

What is the opposite of commercial?

The opposite of "commercial" (adj.) is "non-commercial" or "private".

How is commercial used in a sentence?

Example: "The commercial appeal of the product was undeniable."

Is commercial a vowel or consonant?

"Commercial" is a word, not a vowel or consonant.

Is commercial a collective noun?

No, "commercial" is not a collective noun.

What part of speech is commercial?

"Commercial" is an adjective and also a noun.

Which determiner is used with commercial?

Determiners like "the", "a", "this", "that" can be used with "commercial".

What is the first form of commercial?

"Commercial" does not have a verb form; it's an adjective or noun.

What is the second form of commercial?

There is no second form as "commercial" is not a verb.

How many syllables are in commercial?

There are three syllables in "commercial".

How do we divide commercial into syllables?

It is divided as com-mer-cial.

Is commercial a countable noun?

As a noun (referring to ads), "commercial" is countable.

What is a stressed syllable in commercial?

The stressed syllable in "commercial" is the second one, 'mer'.

What is the third form of commercial?

There is no third form as "commercial" is not a verb.
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