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Citezen vs. Citizen: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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Citezen is the incorrect spelling of the word Citizen. Citizen refers to a legal member of a state or nation.

Which is correct: Citezen or Citizen

How to spell Citizen?

Citezen is Incorrect

Citizen is Correct


Key Differences

Visualize a Citizen of a city, not a "Citezen" of a "cityzen."
Recall that "zen" is a type of Buddhism, not a type of person.
"Site" is a location, but "Cite" shouldn't lead to "zen."
Associate Citizen with civic duties and rights.
Think of "city," and remember Citizen starts similarly.

Correct usage of Citizen

A citezen can vote in elections.
A citizen can vote in elections.
Citezen rights are important in a democracy.
Citizen rights are important in a democracy.
She was born in Spain, but she is a citezen of France.
She was born in Spain, but she is a citizen of France.

Citizen Definitions

A member of a community or group.
She was a global citizen, advocating for worldwide change.
A native or naturalized person who owes allegiance to a government.
After years of residency, he became a U.S. citizen.
A legally recognized member of a state or nation.
Every citizen has certain rights.
A person with specified duties and rights in a community.
A good citizen always votes.
A person owing loyalty to and entitled by birth or naturalization to the protection of a state or nation.
A resident of a city or town, especially one entitled to vote and enjoy other privileges there.
A civilian.
A native, inhabitant, or denizen of a particular place
Citizens of rural Utah.
A resident of a city or town, especially one with legally-recognized rights or duties.
A legally-recognized member of a state, with associated rights and obligations; a person considered in terms of this role.
I am a Roman citizen.
An inhabitant or occupant: a member of any place.
Diogenes reckoned himself a citizen of the world.
(Christianity) A resident of the heavenly city or later of the kingdom of God: a Christian; a good Christian.
A civilian, as opposed to a police officer, soldier, or member of some other specialized (usually state) group.
(obsolete) An ordinary person, as opposed to nobles and landed gentry on one side and peasants, craftsmen, and laborers on the other.
A term of address among French citizens during the French Revolution or towards its supporters elsewhere; dated a term of address among socialists and communists.
(computing) An object.
One who enjoys the freedom and privileges of a city; a freeman of a city, as distinguished from a foreigner, or one not entitled to its franchises.
That large body of the working men who were not counted as citizens and had not so much as a vote to serve as an anodyne to their stomachs.
An inhabitant of a city; a townsman.
A person, native or naturalized, of either sex, who owes allegiance to a government, and is entitled to reciprocal protection from it.
One who is domiciled in a country, and who is a citizen, though neither native nor naturalized, in such a sense that he takes his legal status from such country.
Having the condition or qualities of a citizen, or of citizens; as, a citizen soldiery.
Of or pertaining to the inhabitants of a city; characteristic of citizens; effeminate; luxurious.
I am not well,But not so citizen a wanton asTo seem to die ere sick.
A native or naturalized member of a state or other political community
An inhabitant of a particular place or city.
As a citizen of New York, she loved the city's energy.

Citizen Sentences

A responsible citizen participates in local community activities.
Every citizen is required to pay taxes.
A citizen has the right to live, work, and travel freely within their country.
In a democracy, a citizen can freely express their opinions.
The youngest age at which one can become a voting citizen varies by country.
A citizen can run for public office if they meet the eligibility criteria.
The constitution guarantees certain rights to every citizen.
Engaging in community service is one way to be an active citizen.
Being an informed citizen includes understanding your rights and responsibilities.
The rights of a citizen also come with the duty to respect the rights of others.
Environmental protection is a responsibility that every citizen shares.
A good citizen respects the laws of their country.

Citizen Idioms & Phrases

Second-class citizen

A person who is considered inferior within a society and granted fewer rights.
The new policy made certain groups feel like second-class citizens.

A good citizen

Someone who contributes positively to society and fulfills their civic duties.
Volunteering at the local shelter made him feel like a good citizen.

Senior citizen

An older adult, typically someone who has reached the age of retirement.
The community center offers special programs for senior citizens.

Law-abiding citizen

A person who follows the laws of their country.
As a law-abiding citizen, she always reported her income accurately on her taxes.

Natural-born citizen

A person who has citizenship by birth, rather than through naturalization.
Only natural-born citizens can run for the presidency in some countries.

Digital citizen

Someone who engages responsibly with technology and the internet.
As a digital citizen, he knew the importance of protecting his personal information online.

A citizen of the world

Someone who identifies with being part of the global community, beyond just their own country.
As a citizen of the world, she volunteered for international charities.

Active citizen

An individual who takes an active role in their community's development and governance.
By participating in local elections, she was being an active citizen.

Global citizen

Someone who considers themselves part of a global community and works towards its betterment.
As a global citizen, she campaigned for climate change action worldwide.

Citizen journalism

The reporting of news and stories by ordinary people, rather than professional journalists.
The protest was first reported by a citizen journalist on social media.

Citizen science

Scientific research conducted, in whole or in part, by amateur or non-professional scientists.
The birdwatching group contributed to citizen science by tracking migration patterns.

Citizen advisory board

A group of citizens formed to advise governmental bodies on specific issues.
The city council consulted the citizen advisory board on urban development plans.

Unregistered citizen

A person who lives in a country but does not have official citizenship or legal status.
As an unregistered citizen, he faced many challenges accessing basic services.

Citizen diplomacy

The involvement of individual citizens in promoting peace and friendship between countries.
Through her work with the international exchange program, she engaged in citizen diplomacy.

Dual citizen

A person who is a legal citizen of two countries.
Having parents from two different countries made him a dual citizen.

A private citizen

An individual who does not hold any public or official position.
After leaving office, he enjoyed life as a private citizen.

Silent citizen

Someone who does not express their political opinions or engage in political activities.
Despite her strong beliefs, she preferred to remain a silent citizen.

Documented citizen

An individual who has official documentation proving their citizenship.
As a documented citizen, she had no trouble applying for her passport.

Citizen-led initiative

A project or proposal that is started and carried out by citizens, rather than by the government.
The community garden was a successful citizen-led initiative.

Honorary citizen

A title granted to a non-citizen for their special contributions to a community or country.
The foreign humanitarian was made an honorary citizen in recognition of her work.

Model citizen

A person regarded as an exemplary or ideal citizen due to their behavior and actions.
The firefighter was celebrated as a model citizen for his bravery.


Which vowel is used before Citizen?

Typically, "a" or "the" can be used before Citizen depending on context.

What is the pronunciation of Citizen?

It is pronounced as /ˈsɪt.ɪ.zən/.

What is the singular form of Citizen?

The singular form is "Citizen."

Which preposition is used with Citizen?

Prepositions like "of" (citizen of a country) or "in" (citizen in a city) are common.

What is the verb form of Citizen?

Citizen is a noun. There isn’t a direct verb form, but "citizenry" describes collective citizens' actions.

What is the plural form of Citizen?

The plural form is "Citizens."

Why is it called Citizen?

It's derived from the Latin "civitas" meaning "city." A citizen was originally a city dweller.

What is the root word of Citizen?

The root word is "city."

Is Citizen an abstract noun?

No, it's a concrete noun as it refers to a tangible person.

Which article is used with Citizen?

Both "a" and "the" can be used, depending on context.

Is the word Citizen imperative?

No, it's a noun, not a verb.

How do we divide Citizen into syllables?


What is the stressed syllable in Citizen?

The first syllable, "Cit."

What is another term for Citizen?

National or resident.

Which conjunction is used with Citizen?

Any conjunction (and, or, but, etc.) can be used with "Citizen" based on sentence structure.

Is Citizen a collective noun?

No, but "citizenry" is a collective noun for citizens.

Is the Citizen term a metaphor?

Not inherently, but it can be used metaphorically, e.g., "citizen of the world."

What is the opposite of Citizen?

Alien or foreigner.

What is the second form of Citizen?

N/A. "Citizen" is a noun and doesn't have verb forms.

What is the first form of Citizen?

The term doesn't have verb forms. As a noun, it's "Citizen."

How is Citizen used in a sentence?

"Every citizen is entitled to certain rights and responsibilities."

Is Citizen an adverb?

No, Citizen is not an adverb.

What is the third form of Citizen?

N/A. "Citizen" is a noun and doesn't have verb forms.

Is Citizen a noun or adjective?

Citizen is primarily a noun.

Is Citizen a negative or positive word?

Neutral. The word's connotation depends on the context.

Is Citizen a vowel or consonant?

The word "Citizen" starts with a consonant.

Is Citizen a countable noun?

Yes, you can have one citizen or multiple citizens.

How many syllables are in Citizen?

There are three syllables.

What part of speech is Citizen?

It's a noun.

Which determiner is used with Citizen?

Any determiner like "the," "a," "every," "each" can be used based on context.
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