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Dammage vs. Damage: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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Dammage is an incorrect spelling. Damage, referring to harm or injury, is the correct spelling.

Which is correct: Dammage or Damage

How to spell Damage?

Dammage is Incorrect

Damage is Correct


Key Differences

Associate "damage" with "manage"; both have one 'm'.
Envision a dam with age spots to remember "damage".
Think of "damage" like "age" – both have a single 'm'.
Dam+age: remember that dams age over time, and so it's "damage".
Recall that double 'm' words are like "summer" or "hammer", not "damage".

Correct usage of Damage

How much will the dammage repair cost?
How much will the damage repair cost?
The storm caused a lot of dammage to the house.
The storm caused a lot of damage to the house.
The earthquake's dammage was extensive.
The earthquake's damage was extensive.
He was worried about the dammage to his car.
He was worried about the damage to his car.
The dammage to the book made it unreadable.
The damage to the book made it unreadable.

Damage Definitions

Detrimental effect on reputation.
The scandal did irreparable damage to his career.
Physical harm causing impairment.
The storm caused significant damage to the house.
To inflict harm or ruin on something.
The flood damaged many homes.
The negative impact on someone's psyche.
Emotional trauma can leave lasting damage.
Destruction or a loss in value, usefulness, or ability resulting from an action or event.
Damages(Law) Money required to be paid as compensation for an injury or wrong.
(Informal) Cost; price
What's the damage for the tickets to the show?.
To cause damage to.
To suffer or be susceptible to damage.
Injury or harm; the condition or measure of something not being intact.
The storm did a lot of damage to the area.
(slang) Cost or expense.
"What's the damage?" he asked the waiter.
(transitive) To impair the soundness, goodness, or value of; to harm or cause destruction.
Be careful not to damage any of the fragile items while unpacking them.
Cold temperatures, heavy rain, falling rocks, strong winds and glacier movement can damage the equipment. File:Cold temperatures, heavy rain, falling rocks, strong winds and glacier movement can damage the equipment.ogg
To undergo damage.
(transitive) To remove a damaged or unsalable item from the sales floor for processing.
Did you damage the items that the customer returned yet?
Injury or harm to person, property, or reputation; an inflicted loss of value; detriment; hurt; mischief.
He that sendeth a message by the hand of a fool cutteth off the feet and drinketh damage.
Great errors and absurdities many commit for want of a friend to tell them of them, to the great damage both of their fame and fortune.
The estimated reparation in money for detriment or injury sustained; a compensation, recompense, or satisfaction to one party, for a wrong or injury actually done to him by another.
To occasion damage to the soundness, goodness, or value of; to hurt; to injure; to impair.
He . . . came up to the English admiral and gave him a broadside, with which he killed many of his men and damaged the ship.
To receive damage or harm; to be injured or impaired in soundness or value; as, some colors in cloth damage in sunlight.
The occurrence of a change for the worse
Loss of military equipment
The act of damaging something or someone
The amount of money needed to purchase something;
The price of gasoline
He got his new car on excellent terms
How much is the damage?
A legal injury is any damage resulting from a violation of a legal right
Inflict damage upon;
The snow damaged the roof
She damaged the car when she hit the tree
Financial cost or loss.
The company suffered huge damages after the lawsuit.

Damage Sentences

He checked his bike for damage after the fall.
They assessed the damage after the storm passed.
Water damage ruined the carpet in the living room.
The flood caused significant damage to the town.
The car sustained minor damage in the accident.
The fire did a lot of damage to the building.
She was relieved to find no damage to her belongings.
The wind caused damage to power lines.
Hail damage can be severe on cars.
Insurance covered the damage to the roof.
The damage to the crops was caused by pests.
The damage from the leak was worse than expected.
The storm left damage across multiple states.
They did their best to repair the damage.
The book's cover had damage along the edges.
The damage from the frost affected the harvest.
Damage control was needed after the mistake.
The computer virus caused damage to the files.
Repairing the damage will take time and money.
Avoiding further damage to the environment is crucial.
The damage to the painting made it less valuable.
Emotional damage can be harder to repair than physical damage.
He apologized for the damage to her garden.
The earthquake caused structural damage to buildings.
She was upset by the damage to her favorite dress.


Why is it called Damage?

The word "damage" originates from Old French "dommage", meaning loss or harm.

What is the root word of Damage?

It comes from the Old French word "dommage".

Which vowel is used before Damage?

The vowel that comes before "damage" can vary based on the context. For example: "the damage" or "a damage".

What is the verb form of Damage?

The verb form is also "damage", as in "to damage something".

What is the pronunciation of Damage?


Which conjunction is used with Damage?

There isn't a specific conjunction paired with "damage".

Is Damage an adverb?

No, "damage" is not an adverb.

Is Damage a vowel or consonant?

"Damage" is a word and contains both vowels and consonants.

What is the singular form of Damage?


Which preposition is used with Damage?

"to" as in "damage to the car".

Which article is used with Damage?

Either "a" or "the" can be used, depending on the context.

Is Damage an abstract noun?

No, it refers to tangible harm but can be used in abstract contexts.

Is Damage a negative or positive word?

Generally considered a negative word.

What is the opposite of Damage?

Repair or restoration.

What is the plural form of Damage?


Is the word Damage is imperative?

No, it's not imperative.

How do we divide Damage into syllables?


What is a stressed syllable in Damage?

The first syllable, "Dam".

What part of speech is Damage?

Damage is primarily a noun but can also be a verb.

What is the third form of Damage?


Is Damage a collective noun?

No, it's not a collective noun.

Which determiner is used with Damage?

It can vary based on the context, e.g., "this damage", "such damage".

Is Damage a countable noun?

It can be both countable and uncountable depending on the context.

What is another term for Damage?


How is Damage used in a sentence?

"The hailstorm did significant damage to the crops."

Is Damage a noun or adjective?

Damage is primarily a noun, but can also be a verb.

Is the Damage term a metaphor?

Not inherently, but it can be used metaphorically.

How many syllables are in Damage?

Two syllables.

What is the first form of Damage?

As a verb, the first form is "damage".

What is the second form of Damage?

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