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Pertend vs. Pretend: Mastering the Correct Spelling

Edited by Harlon Moss || By Janet White || Updated on March 11, 2024
"Pertend" is incorrect, whereas "Pretend," meaning to act as if something is true when it is not, is the proper spelling.

Which is correct: Pertend or Pretend

How to spell Pretend?

Pertend is Incorrect

Pretend is Correct


Key Differences

"Pre" as a prefix means "before" in many words; “pretend” essentially means to behave before/in advance of something being true.
Imagine a 'tense' act of playing, which is “pretend,” and "tense" is within the word.
Think of a pretender, someone who pretends, to connect and remember the spelling.
"Pretend" shares the first two letters, "Pr," with words like "Pretense" and "Pretentious," helping anchor its spelling.
Note that the correct word "Pretend" has a "tend" in it, linking it to tending to act a certain way.

Correct usage of Pretend

They pertend to be pirates searching for treasure.
They pretend to be pirates searching for treasure.
I pertend to be a superhero when I play with my friends.
I pretend to be a superhero when I play with my friends.

Pretend Definitions

To act as if something is true.
He can pretend to be happy.
To make believe with intention to deceive.
He pretended he did not hear her.
Simulate an action or feeling.
Children love to pretend they are animals.
To claim falsely or insincerely.
He pretended not to have knowledge about it.
To give a false appearance of; feign
"You had to pretend conformity while privately pursuing high and dangerous nonconformism" (Anthony Burgess).
To claim or allege insincerely or falsely
Doesn't pretend to be an expert.
To represent fictitiously in play; make believe
Pretended they were on a cruise.
To take upon oneself; venture
I cannot pretend to say that you are wrong.
To feign an action or character, as in play.
To lay claim
Pretends to gourmet tastes.
Imitation; make-believe
Pretend money.
Pretend pearls.
To claim, to allege, especially when falsely or as a form of deliberate deception.
To feign, affect (a state, quality, etc.).
To lay claim to (an ability, status, advantage, etc.). (originally used without to)
To make oneself appear to do or be doing something; to engage in make-believe.
To hold before, or put forward, as a cloak or disguise for something else; to exhibit as a veil for something hidden.
To intend; to design, to plot; to attempt.
To hold before one; to extend.
Not really what it is represented as being; imaginary, feigned.
As children we used to go on "spying" missions around the neighbour's house, but it was all pretend.
The act of engaging in pretend play.
To lay a claim to; to allege a title to; to claim.
Chiefs shall be grudged the part which they pretend.
To hold out, or represent, falsely; to put forward, or offer, as true or real (something untrue or unreal); to show hypocritically, or for the purpose of deceiving; to simulate; to feign; as, to pretend friendship.
This let him know,Lest, willfully transgressing, he pretendSurprisal.
To intend; to design; to plot; to attempt.
Such as shall pretendMalicious practices against his state.
To put in, or make, a claim, truly or falsely; to allege a title; to lay claim to, or strive after, something; - usually with to.
For to what fine he would anon pretend,That know I well.
To hold out the appearance of being, possessing, or performing; to profess; to make believe; to feign; to sham; as, to pretend to be asleep.
The enactment of a pretense;
It was just pretend
Make believe with the intent to deceive;
He feigned that he was ill
He shammed a headache
Behave unnaturally or affectedly;
She's just acting
Put forward a claim and assert right or possession of;
Pretend the title of King
Put forward, of a guess, in spite of possible refutation;
I am guessing that the price of real estate will rise again
I cannot pretend to say that you are wrong
Represent fictitiously, as in a play, or pretend to be or act like;
She makes like an actress
State insincerely;
He professed innocence but later admitted his guilt
She pretended not to have known the suicide bomber
She pretends to be an expert on wine
Imagined as in a play;
The make-believe world of theater
Play money
Dangling their legs in the water to catch pretend fish
Formally to lay claim (used in law).
She pretends to the throne.

Pretend Sentences

They pretend they're in a castle.
I pretend to read a book when I'm actually daydreaming.
They pretend they're exploring a jungle.
When we play, I pretend I'm a dragon.
I pretend to have magical powers.
I pretend to be a teacher, giving lessons.
I pretend to solve mysteries like a detective.
They pretend to travel around the world.
I pretend to be a pirate on the high seas.
I pretend to be a scientist discovering new things.
They pretend to be astronauts in space.
They pretend to fly to the moon.

Pretend Idioms & Phrases

Pretend friend

An imaginary friend created by children.
Her pretend friend goes everywhere with her.

Let's pretend

A phrase used to initiate a game or activity based on imagination.
Let's pretend we're underwater explorers searching for lost treasure.

Pretend game

A game that involves pretending to be someone or something else.
Their favorite pretend game is being superheroes who save the city.

Pretend play

Engaging in imaginative play by acting out scenes or roles.
The children engaged in pretend play, turning the living room into a castle.

Playing pretend

The act of engaging in creative play through imagination.
Playing pretend allows kids to explore different worlds and experiences.

Pretend time

A designated time for imaginative play.
After lunch, it's pretend time, and they decide what adventure they'll have.

To pretend nothing happened

Acting as if a previous event or situation didn't occur.
After the argument, they both pretended nothing happened.

Pretend playdate

An imaginary meeting or social engagement arranged for children.
She set up a pretend playdate for her dolls.

Pretend cooking

Simulating the act of cooking, often with toy kitchen sets.
The children spent the afternoon pretend cooking, serving up dishes of mud and leaves.

Pretend journey

An imaginary trip or adventure.
They embarked on a pretend journey through the jungle, complete with wild animals and hidden treasures.

To pretend not to see

Ignoring something intentionally.
He pretended not to see the mess he made, hoping someone else would clean it up.

Pretend battle

A make-believe fight, often part of a game.
The kids had a pretend battle to defend their fort.

To pretend to be someone else

Taking on the identity of another person as part of imaginative play.
For the day, he decided to pretend to be his favorite superhero.

Pretend magic

Simulating magical powers or spells.
With her wand made of a stick, she performed pretend magic, turning her brother into a frog.

To live in a pretend world

To be so caught up in fantasies or illusions that one loses touch with reality.
Sometimes, it feels easier to live in a pretend world than to face real-life challenges.

Pretend sick

Feigning illness to avoid responsibilities.
He was pretend sick to skip school and play video games all day.

Pretend marriage

Children acting out wedding ceremonies.
The pretend marriage ceremony included a ring made of grass and vows to be best friends forever.

To pretend to understand

Acting as if one comprehends something when they do not.
He pretended to understand the joke, laughing along with everyone else.

Pretend school

Simulating the school environment for fun.
The kids set up a pretend school, with one being the teacher and the others the students.


Which vowel is used before Pretend?

Any vowel might be used, following appropriate grammatical structures.

Why is it called Pretend?

Derived from the Latin “praetendere,” "Pretend" means to stretch before, figuratively intending to feign or assert.

What is the plural form of Pretend?

Verbs do not have a plural form.

What is the verb form of Pretend?

Pretend is a verb.

Which conjunction is used with Pretend?

No specific conjunction is commonly used; any might work per proper grammar.

What is the pronunciation of Pretend?

Pretend is pronounced /prɪˈtɛnd/.

Which preposition is used with Pretend?

Prepositions like "to" can be used, as in pretend to be.

Is Pretend an abstract noun?

No, pretend is a verb.

What is the root word of Pretend?

The root word is Latin, “praetendere.”

What is the singular form of Pretend?

Pretend does not have a singular form as it is a verb.

Is Pretend a noun or adjective?

Pretend is a verb.

Is Pretend a negative or positive word?

Pretend is neutral, with contextual dependence for positive or negative connotations.

Is Pretend a vowel or consonant?

Pretend is a word, containing both vowels and consonants.

Is Pretend an adverb?

No, pretend is not an adverb.

Is Pretend a collective noun?

No, pretend is a verb.

Is the Pretend term a metaphor?

Pretend is not a metaphor but can be used in metaphorical expressions.

How many syllables are in Pretend?

Pretend has two syllables.

What is the first form of Pretend?


Is Pretend a countable noun?

Pretend is not a noun, it’s a verb.

What is a stressed syllable in Pretend?

The second syllable, "tend," is stressed.

What is the third form of Pretend?


Which determiner is used with Pretend?

No specific determiner is commonly associated; usage is context-dependent.

What is the second form of Pretend?


Which article is used with Pretend?

No specific article is associated with it; use as per context.

Is the word Pretend imperative?

Pretend can be used in an imperative manner: e.g., "Pretend you are asleep!"

How do we divide Pretend into syllables?


What part of speech is Pretend?

Pretend is a verb.

What is another term for Pretend?

Another term could be "feign."

What is the opposite of Pretend?

"Be genuine" or "be real" may convey the opposite.

How is Pretend used in a sentence?

"They pretend they are pirates, sailing the high seas."
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