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Christmas Cactus vs. Easter Cactus: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on May 9, 2024
Christmas cactus blooms in winter with smooth, round leaf edges, while Easter cactus flowers in spring, featuring star-shaped blooms and pointed leaf edges.

Key Differences

The Christmas cactus and Easter cactus are both popular houseplants distinguished by their blooming seasons and physical characteristics. The Christmas cactus typically blooms around the winter holidays, displaying vibrant flowers ranging from red, pink, to purple. Its leaves are rounded with scalloped edges, creating a soft appearance. In contrast, the Easter cactus blooms in the spring, closer to Easter, with flowers that are star-shaped and come in similar vibrant colors.
One of the key differences between these two plants is their leaf segments. The Christmas cactus has leaf segments that are more rounded, giving them a fuller appearance. The Easter cactus, however, has leaf segments with more pronounced points, giving them a bristly look. This difference in leaf structure is one of the easiest ways to tell these two plants apart.
When it comes to care, both cacti prefer indirect light and well-draining soil, but their watering needs can vary slightly, especially during their respective blooming periods. The Christmas cactus requires a bit more water during the fall to encourage blooming, while the Easter cactus needs a strict watering schedule to bloom in spring. Both plants enjoy a period of dormancy but at different times of the year, corresponding to their blooming cycles.
The blooming period is another distinguishing factor. The Christmas cactus is known for its timely winter blooms, often in December, making it a popular holiday plant. The Easter cactus, on the other hand, waits until spring to showcase its flowers, typically around March or April. This timing not only differentiates them but also influences how they are marketed and sold in the horticulture industry.
In terms of propagation, both plants can be easily propagated from stem cuttings, but the timing and care may vary slightly to ensure successful growth. Enthusiasts of these plants often exchange cuttings, enjoying the challenge of nurturing these blooms to coincide with their namesake holidays.

Comparison Chart

Leaf Edges

Smooth, rounded
Pointed, bristly

Bloom Season

Winter (around Christmas)
Spring (around Easter)

Flower Shape

Tubular, pendulous
Star-shaped, upright

Watering Needs Pre-Bloom

Increased in fall
Strict schedule in late winter

Dormancy Period

Late spring to early fall
Summer to early fall

Christmas Cactus and Easter Cactus Definitions

Christmas Cactus

Flowers in winter, adding color to holiday decor.
The Christmas cactus bloomed beautifully on the windowsill.

Easter Cactus

Its spring bloom symbolizes rebirth and renewal.
The Easter cactus's bloom is a beautiful symbol of spring's renewal.

Christmas Cactus

Requires minimal care, thriving in indirect light.
Even with my busy schedule, the Christmas cactus is flourishing.

Easter Cactus

Adapts well to indoor environments, blooming annually.
My Easter cactus has reliably bloomed every spring since I got it.

Christmas Cactus

Known for its smooth, scalloped leaves.
The soft edges of the Christmas cactus make it a child-friendly plant.

Easter Cactus

Prefers bright, indirect sunlight to thrive.
I keep my Easter cactus near a window where it gets plenty of indirect light.

Christmas Cactus

Often given as a living gift during the holiday season.
I received a Christmas cactus as a thoughtful and sustainable Christmas gift.

Easter Cactus

Celebrates Easter with vibrant blooms.
As Easter approached, the Easter cactus started to display its colorful flowers.

Christmas Cactus

Can thrive for decades with proper care.
Grandma's Christmas cactus has been in the family for over 30 years.

Easter Cactus

Features distinct, pointed leaf edges.
The sharp appearance of the Easter cactus leaves adds texture to my plant collection.


When should I expect my Christmas cactus to bloom?

Typically in December, around the Christmas season.

How often should I water my Christmas cactus?

When the top inch of soil feels dry, typically more frequently in the blooming period.

How do I know if my cactus is a Christmas or Easter cactus?

Check the leaf edges: Christmas cactus has rounded edges, while Easter cactus has pointed.

Is the Easter cactus easy to care for?

Yes, it requires minimal care, similar to the Christmas cactus.

Can I make my Easter cactus bloom at Easter?

With proper care and light conditions, it should bloom in early spring.

Why isn't my Easter cactus blooming?

It may need more light, a cooler temperature at night, or it might not be its blooming season.

Can I put my Christmas cactus outside?

Yes, but in a shady spot during warmer months and bring it inside before frost.

How can I propagate my Easter cactus?

By taking a stem cutting and allowing it to root in moist soil.

How big can a Christmas cactus get?

With proper care, it can spread up to 2 feet wide.

Can I use regular potting soil for my Easter cactus?

It's best to use a well-draining soil mix, like cactus potting mix.

Should I fertilize my Easter cactus?

Yes, during the growing season with a balanced, diluted fertilizer.

How do I repot my Christmas cactus?

Choose a slightly larger pot and fresh well-draining soil, repotting in spring.

What's the lifespan of an Easter cactus?

With proper care, they can live and bloom for many years, even decades.

Do Christmas cacti need direct sunlight?

No, they prefer bright, indirect sunlight to avoid leaf scorching.

How do I ensure my Christmas cactus blooms each year?

Provide a period of darkness and cooler temperatures in the fall.

What pests affect the Easter cactus?

Watch out for common pests like spider mites and mealybugs.

What are the best conditions for a Christmas cactus to thrive?

Bright, indirect light, and consistent watering, avoiding waterlogged soil.

Why are the leaves on my Christmas cactus limp?

It could be due to overwatering, underwatering, or lack of nutrients.

Can I keep my Easter cactus in a bathroom?

If it's bright and well-ventilated, the humidity can be beneficial.

Is the Easter cactus toxic to pets?

Both Christmas and Easter cacti are non-toxic to pets.
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