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Cheezy vs. Cheesy: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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"Cheezy" is a misspelling. The correct spelling is "Cheesy," referring to resembling cheese or something of poor quality.

Which is correct: Cheezy or Cheesy

How to spell Cheesy?

Cheezy is Incorrect

Cheesy is Correct


Key Differences

Remember that "cheese" + "y" = "cheesy."
The correct spelling is similar to "greasy," both ending in "esy."
Recollect popular phrases like "cheesy grin" or "cheesy movie."
Brands might use "cheezy" as a gimmick; standard English uses "cheesy."
Think of "easy" and "cheesy"; both end in "esy."

Correct usage of Cheesy

The decor in the restaurant was cheezy and outdated.
The decor in the restaurant was cheesy and outdated.
The movie had cheezy special effects that were hard to watch.
The movie had cheesy special effects that were hard to watch.
Her joke was a bit too cheezy for my taste.
Her joke was a bit too cheesy for my taste.
I bought a cheezy souvenir from the tourist shop.
I bought a cheesy souvenir from the tourist shop.
His pick-up lines are so cheezy, they never work.
His pick-up lines are so cheesy, they never work.

Cheesy Definitions

Of inferior quality; tacky or inauthentic.
The decorations looked cheesy and cheap.
Trying too hard to be liked or noticed.
He gave a cheesy smile to the camera.
Overexaggerated or trying to impress.
The sales pitch felt cheesy.
Resembling or characteristic of cheese.
The sauce had a cheesy texture.
Overly sentimental or clichéd.
The song's lyrics were cheesy.
Containing or resembling cheese.
Of poor quality; shoddy
A movie with cheesy special effects.
Vulgarly pretentious or sentimental
A cheesy romantic comedy.
Of or relating to cheese.
This sandwich is full of cheesy goodness.
Resembling or containing cheese.
A cheesy flavor;
Cheesy nachos
I like pizzas with a cheesy crust.
(informal) Overdramatic, excessively emotional or clichéd, trite, contrived.
A cheesy song; a cheesy movie
The cheesy antics had everyone giggling.
(informal) Cheap, of poor quality.
Exaggerated and likely to be forced or insincere.
Having the nature, qualities, taste, form, consistency, or appearance of cheese.
Of very poor quality

Cheesy Sentences

The cheesy grin on his face made everyone laugh.
That cheesy romantic comedy is my guilty pleasure.
They played cheesy music at the school dance.
The pizza was extra cheesy, just the way I like it.
Her cheesy jokes always lighten the mood.
He gave her a cheesy valentine card.
That game show host has a cheesy catchphrase.
The cheesy dialogue in the movie was unintentionally hilarious.
The cheesy effects made the horror film less scary.
The theme party had a cheesy 80s vibe.
The novel was filled with cheesy clichés.
I love adding extra cheesy toppings to my pasta.
She wore a cheesy holiday sweater to the party.
Her love for cheesy pop songs is well-known.
The costume party was filled with cheesy outfits.
The cheesy décor made the café look like a time capsule.
They shared a cheesy moment under the stars.
The cheesy motivational posters didn't really inspire the employees.
The cheesy advertisement didn't convince me to buy the product.
His attempt to be charming was a bit cheesy.
The restaurant's cheesy theme attracted a lot of tourists.
That cheesy commercial jingle is stuck in my head.
The cheesy ending of the book left me feeling unsatisfied.


What is the verb form of Cheesy?

"Cheesy" doesn't have a standard verb form.

Why is it called Cheesy?

It's called "cheesy" either due to its resemblance to cheese or its representation of something of low quality.

What is the root word of Cheesy?

The root word is "cheese."

What is the pronunciation of Cheesy?

"Cheesy" is pronounced as /ˈʧiːzi/.

What is the singular form of Cheesy?

"Cheesy" itself is singular.

What is the plural form of Cheesy?

"Cheesy" doesn't have a typical plural form, but one might reference "cheesy items" or "cheesy moments."

Which conjunction is used with Cheesy?

Any conjunction can be used, depending on the sentence.

Which vowel is used before Cheesy?

Typically, the article "a" is used before "cheesy."

Is Cheesy a negative or positive word?

It can be neutral when referring to cheese-like quality but often negative when indicating something is of low quality or clichéd.

Is Cheesy a vowel or consonant?

"Cheesy" is a word containing both vowels and consonants.

Is Cheesy a countable noun?

No, "cheesy" is an adjective and not typically counted.

Which preposition is used with Cheesy?

"Of" as in "cheesy of someone."

Is Cheesy a noun or adjective?

"Cheesy" is primarily an adjective.

What is the opposite of Cheesy?

The opposite could be "classy" or "authentic."

What is the second form of Cheesy?


Which article is used with Cheesy?

Both "a" and "the" can be used, depending on the context.

Is Cheesy a collective noun?

No, it's not a collective noun.

Is the Cheesy term a metaphor?

It can be used metaphorically to describe something as inferior or clichéd.

How many syllables are in Cheesy?

"Cheesy" has two syllables.

What is a stressed syllable in Cheesy?

The first syllable "cheese" is stressed.

What part of speech is Cheesy?

"Cheesy" is an adjective.

Which determiner is used with Cheesy?

Common determiners like "this," "that," "my," "her," etc., can be used.

Is Cheesy an adverb?

No, "cheesy" is not an adverb.

What is another term for Cheesy?

A synonym might be "tacky" or "kitschy."

What is the third form of Cheesy?


How is Cheesy used in a sentence?

"The movie had a cheesy plot, but it was entertaining nonetheless."

How do we divide Cheesy into syllables?

"Cheesy" is divided as cheese-y.

What is the first form of Cheesy?

"Cheesy" doesn't have verb forms.

Is Cheesy an abstract noun?

No, "cheesy" isn't typically considered an abstract noun.

Is the word Cheesy imperative?

No, "cheesy" is not imperative.
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