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Wierd vs. Weird: Mastering the Correct Spelling

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Updated on March 13, 2024
"Wierd" is a common misspelling. The correct spelling is "Weird," describing something strange or unusual.

Which is correct: Wierd or Weird

How to spell Weird?

Wierd is Incorrect

Weird is Correct


Key Differences

Visualize a "weird" creature with a big "E" before "I" on its body.
Use the mnemonic: "We are weird," emphasizing the "we" at the beginning.
Think of "weird" as an "eerie" word, both have "e" before "i".
Associate "weird" with the word "wield," as both have "ei."
Remember the phrase: "I before E, except after C," but "weird" is an exception to this rule.

Correct usage of Weird

The movie had a very wierd ending that left us confused.
The movie had a very weird ending that left us confused.
Her taste in fashion is quite wierd but interesting.
Her taste in fashion is quite weird but interesting.
The wierd noises coming from the attic scared the children.
The weird noises coming from the attic scared the children.
It was wierd how quiet the city was at night.
It was weird how quiet the city was at night.
I had a wierd feeling that something was not right.
I had a weird feeling that something was not right.

Weird Definitions

"Weird" refers to something supernatural or uncanny.
They told stories of weird creatures in the woods.
"Weird" can also mean fate or destiny, especially in the phrase "the Weird Sisters."
The play featured the Weird Sisters as prophetic characters.
Strikingly odd or unusual, especially in an unsettling way; strange
He lives in a weird old house on a dark street. Your neighbor is said to be a little weird. I felt a little weird after drinking that tea.
Suggestive of the supernatural
Weird stories about ghosts.
(Archaic)Of or relating to fate or the Fates.
Fate; destiny.
One's assigned lot or fortune, especially when evil.
Slang To experience or cause to experience an odd, unusual, and sometimes uneasy sensation. Often used with out.
Having an unusually strange character or behaviour.
There are lots of weird people in this place.
Deviating from the normal; bizarre.
It was quite weird to bump into all my ex-girlfriends on the same day.
(archaic) Of or pertaining to the Fates.
(archaic) Connected with fate or destiny; able to influence fate.
(archaic) Of or pertaining to witches or witchcraft; supernatural; unearthly; suggestive of witches, witchcraft, or unearthliness; wild; uncanny.
(archaic) Having supernatural or preternatural power.
There was a weird light shining above the hill.
(archaic) Fate; destiny; luck.
A prediction.
A spell or charm.
That which comes to pass; a fact.
The Fates (personified).
(informal) Weirdness.
(transitive) To destine; doom; change by witchcraft or sorcery.
(transitive) To warn solemnly; adjure.
(nonstandard) In a strange manner.
Fate; destiny; one of the Fates, or Norns; also, a prediction.
Of or pertaining to fate; concerned with destiny.
Of or pertaining to witchcraft; caused by, or suggesting, magical influence; supernatural; unearthly; wild; as, a weird appearance, look, sound, etc.
Myself too had weird seizures.
Those sweet, low tones, that seemed like a weird incantation.
The weird sisters, hand in hand,Posters of the sea and land.
To foretell the fate of; to predict; to destine to.
Fate personified; one of the three Weird Sisters
Suggesting the operation of supernatural influences;
An eldritch screech
The three weird sisters
Stumps...had uncanny shapes as of monstrous creatures
An unearthly light
He could hear the unearthly scream of some curlew piercing the din
Strikingly odd or unusual;
Some trick of the moonlight; some weird effect of shadow
"Weird" can mean strikingly strange or unusual.
She has the weirdest taste in music.
"Weird" suggests something mysteriously different.
He felt a weird vibe in the room.
"Weird" might describe an unexpected twist of fate.
It's weird how things turned out.

Weird Sentences

He has a weird habit of talking to his plants.
The weather has been really weird lately, sunny one minute and raining the next.
It feels weird not having to wake up early for school anymore.
That's the weirdest story I've ever heard.
My cat does this weird thing where she spins in circles before lying down.
She gave me a weird look when I told her my favorite movie.
I met some weird and wonderful people on my travels.
That dream I had last night was so weird; I was flying on a giant sandwich.
I heard a weird noise outside my window last night.
It's weird that we never bumped into each other before today.
He's known for his weird and eccentric clothing choices.
I find it weird that I can't remember what I had for dinner last night.
It's weird, but I feel happier when it rains.
That movie was weird but in a good way; it really made me think.
It's weird to see the town so deserted this time of day.
That’s a weird coincidence, running into you all the way out here!
I've got this weird craving for ice cream and pickles.
It's weird how you can remember dreams in such vivid detail sometimes.
This book is filled with weird facts about the world.
This game has some weird mechanics, but once you get used to them, it's really fun.
She has the weird ability to recall the most obscure facts.
That’s a weird combination of flavors, but it actually tastes good.
I keep having this weird sensation that my phone is vibrating when it's not.

Weird Idioms & Phrases

On the weird side

Slightly strange or unconventional.
I like my fashion to be on the weird side, mixing patterns and colors that aren't traditionally paired together.

A weird and wonderful world

Describing something that is strange but fascinating.
The deep sea is a weird and wonderful world, full of bizarre creatures.

Out of the weirdwork

Unexpectedly appearing or happening in a strange or mysterious way.
Just when we thought we were lost, a guide came out of the weirdwork to show us the way.

Weird out

To feel uncomfortable or strange.
The way he kept staring at me really weirded me out.

Weird science

Referring to unusual or unconventional scientific experiments or theories.
They're working on what you might call weird science, trying to create energy from nothing.

Weird vibes

A sense that something is strange or off.
I got some weird vibes from that abandoned house; it felt like we weren't alone.


Why is it called Weird?

The term "Weird" comes from Old English "wyrd" meaning "fate" or "destiny."

What is the root word of Weird?

The root word is Old English "wyrd" which means "fate."

Which conjunction is used with Weird?

Standard conjunctions like "and", "but", and "or" can be used with "Weird."

Is Weird a noun or adjective?

"Weird" is primarily an adjective but can also be a noun, especially in literary contexts.

Is Weird a negative or positive word?

"Weird" is neutral but often has a negative connotation.

Is Weird an abstract noun?

In its rare usage as a noun referring to fate, it can be considered abstract.

What is the verb form of Weird?

"Weird" itself is not a verb. However, "weird out" is a phrasal verb meaning to make someone feel uneasy.

What is the pronunciation of Weird?

"Weird" is pronounced as /wɪərd/.

Which vowel is used before Weird?

The letter "a" can be used before "weird" as in "a weird."

Is Weird a countable noun?

When used as a noun (rare), it can be countable.

Is the word Weird imperative?

No, "Weird" is not an imperative verb.

What is the singular form of Weird?

"Weird" in its adjective form is singular.

Which preposition is used with Weird?

Various prepositions like "about", "of", or "for" can be used with "Weird."

Is Weird an adverb?

No, "Weird" is not an adverb.

What is the plural form of Weird?

The adjective "weird" doesn't have a plural, but the noun form can be pluralized as "weirds."

Is the Weird term a metaphor?

By itself, no, but it can be used metaphorically.

How many syllables are in Weird?

"Weird" has one syllable.

What is a stressed syllable in Weird?

The whole word "Weird" is stressed as it's just one syllable.

What is the opposite of Weird?

The opposite of "Weird" is "normal."

Which determiner is used with Weird?

Determiners like "this", "that", "my", etc., can be used with "Weird."

How do we divide Weird into syllables?

"Weird" is one syllable and doesn't divide further.

What part of speech is Weird?

"Weird" is primarily an adjective.

What is another term for Weird?

Another term for "Weird" is "peculiar."

Which article is used with Weird?

The articles "a" or "an" can be used with "Weird," depending on phonetic context.

Is Weird a vowel or consonant?

"Weird" is a word composed of both vowels and consonants.

What is the first form of Weird?

"Weird" as an adjective doesn't have verb forms.

Is Weird a collective noun?

No, it's not a collective noun.
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