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Cheesey vs. Cheesy: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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"Cheesey" is an incorrect spelling. The correct spelling is "cheesy," which refers to the quality of resembling cheese or being overly sentimental and unsubtle.

Which is correct: Cheesey or Cheesy

How to spell Cheesy?

Cheesey is Incorrect

Cheesy is Correct


Key Differences

Associate “cheesy” with “easy” to remember the correct spelling.
Visualize a piece of cheese with the word “cheesy” written on it.
Regularly writing the word can help solidify the correct spelling.
Reading more and observing the word’s correct use in context can reinforce the right spelling.
Remember, “cheesy” is spelled more simply without the additional ‘e’.

Correct usage of Cheesy

He bought a cheesey souvenir from his trip.
He bought a cheesy souvenir from his trip.
Her jokes are so cheesey but still funny.
Her jokes are so cheesy but still funny.
That song has the most cheesey lyrics.
That song has the most cheesy lyrics.
I can't handle the cheesey romance novels.
I can't handle the cheesy romance novels.
The movie's dialogues were really cheesey.
The movie's dialogues were really cheesy.

Cheesy Definitions

Lacking subtlety; very obvious or awkward.
The dialogue in the film was incredibly cheesy and clichéd.
Resembling cheese in texture or smell.
The dish had a cheesy texture that was quite appealing.
Overly sentimental or emotional.
The card had a cheesy message, but it was heartfelt.
Unoriginal and overused; cliché.
The plot of the movie was rather cheesy and predictable.
Cheap, unpleasant, or blatantly inauthentic.
The décor of the restaurant was cheesy and uninviting.
Containing or resembling cheese.
Of poor quality; shoddy
A movie with cheesy special effects.
Vulgarly pretentious or sentimental
A cheesy romantic comedy.
Of or relating to cheese.
This sandwich is full of cheesy goodness.
Resembling or containing cheese.
A cheesy flavor;
Cheesy nachos
I like pizzas with a cheesy crust.
(informal) Overdramatic, excessively emotional or clichéd, trite, contrived.
A cheesy song; a cheesy movie
The cheesy antics had everyone giggling.
(informal) Cheap, of poor quality.
Exaggerated and likely to be forced or insincere.
Having the nature, qualities, taste, form, consistency, or appearance of cheese.
Of very poor quality

Cheesy Sentences

The theme party was cheesy 80s style, complete with neon colors.
He loves cheesy jokes, the worse they are, the better.
Her sweater with the big, cheesy smiley face is iconic.
The commercial was so cheesy, everyone laughed.
That game show is full of cheesy catchphrases.
The cheesy horror movie turned out to be surprisingly fun.
She sent me a cheesy Valentine's Day card.
The cheesy dialogue in soap operas is so predictable.
That cheesy grin of his always brightens my day.
The cheesy special effects in old movies are part of their charm.
I can't resist a good, cheesy nacho dip.
The book's cover was cheesy, but the story was excellent.
They love making cheesy home videos together.
She's known for her cheesy, but heartfelt, toasts at parties.
We had a cheesy but memorable photoshoot at the beach.
They shared a cheesy moment, looking into each other's eyes.
She made a cheesy playlist for her friend's birthday.
The tour guide made some cheesy jokes, but everyone enjoyed them.
He wore a cheesy costume to the Halloween party.
They enjoyed a cheesy but romantic sunset cruise.
The cheesy décor made the diner look like it was stuck in time.
The cheesy music in the elevator made them giggle.
Her love for cheesy pop songs is well-known.

Cheesy Idioms & Phrases

Cheesy grin

A big and somewhat silly or overly enthusiastic smile.
He greeted me with a cheesy grin when I arrived.


Why is it called Cheesy?

It is called cheesy because it either has qualities of cheese or denotes something overly sentimental, clichéd, or low quality.

Which vowel is used before Cheesy?

The vowel used before "cheesy" can vary depending on the preceding word in a sentence.

What is the pronunciation of Cheesy?


What is the plural form of Cheesy?

Cheesy doesn’t have a plural form as it is an adjective.

Which conjunction is used with Cheesy?

Any conjunction can be used with "cheesy," depending on the context.

What is the singular form of Cheesy?


What is the root word of Cheesy?

The root word is "cheese."

Is Cheesy a noun or adjective?

Cheesy is an adjective.

What is the verb form of Cheesy?

There isn’t a specific verb form of “cheesy.”

Which article is used with Cheesy?

"A" or "the" can be used with "cheesy."

Is Cheesy an adverb?

No, cheesy is not an adverb.

Is Cheesy an abstract noun?

No, it is not an abstract noun.

How many syllables are in Cheesy?

There are two syllables in "cheesy."

How do we divide Cheesy into syllables?


Which preposition is used with Cheesy?

“With” is commonly used with "cheesy."

Is Cheesy a negative or positive word?

It is typically used in a negative context but can be neutral based on preference.

What part of speech is Cheesy?

Cheesy is an adjective.

What is another term for Cheesy?

Another term could be "tacky" or "kitschy."

What is the opposite of Cheesy?

The opposite of cheesy could be "classy" or "sophisticated."

What is the second form of Cheesy?

There is no second form as cheesy is not a verb.

Is Cheesy a collective noun?

No, cheesy is not a collective noun.

What is a stressed syllable in Cheesy?

The first syllable "chee" is stressed in "cheesy."

Which determiner is used with Cheesy?

"This," "that," "these," "those" can be used as determiners with "cheesy."

How is Cheesy used in a sentence?

"The decorations were so cheesy that they made the whole room look tacky and unrefined."

Is Cheesy a vowel or consonant?

"Cheesy" is a word composed of both vowels and consonants.

Is the Cheesy term a metaphor?

It can be metaphorical when describing something as cheap, unpleasant, or cliché.

What is the first form of Cheesy?


Is Cheesy a countable noun?

No, cheesy is not a noun; it is an adjective.

Is the word Cheesy imperative?

No, the word cheesy is not imperative.

What is the third form of Cheesy?

There is no third form as cheesy is not a verb.
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