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Catch vs. Busted: What's the Difference?

Edited by Harlon Moss || By Janet White || Updated on November 13, 2023
Catch primarily means to physically grasp or intercept, while busted is slang for being caught or found out in a wrongdoing.

Key Differences

Catch generally refers to the act of seizing or capturing, often physically. Busted, in contrast, is colloquial for being apprehended or found out, especially in doing something wrong.
Catch is used in diverse contexts, from sports to ideas. Busted is more informal and often used in casual or conversational settings, particularly in the context of law enforcement or informal rules.
Catch can be neutral or positive, implying skill or success. Busted often carries a negative connotation, associated with being caught in a misdeed or malfunction.
Catch applies in both physical and abstract scenarios, like catching a ball or an idea. Busted is typically used in scenarios of wrongdoing or malfunction, like being caught breaking the law or a broken machine.
Historically, catch has been used in a broad range of contexts, while busted has evolved as slang, primarily in American English, for being caught in wrongdoing or experiencing a breakdown.

Comparison Chart


Seizing, grasping
Being caught, malfunction


Broad, various contexts
Informal, wrongdoing


Neutral or positive


Physical and abstract
Wrongdoing, malfunctions

Historical Significance

Wide historical usage
Slang, mostly modern

Catch and Busted Definitions


To capture someone or something.
The police catch criminals.


Informally, being out of money.
After the holiday, I’m totally busted.


To seize or grasp something.
She managed to catch the ball just in time.


Being caught doing something wrong.
He was busted for speeding.


To come upon someone or something unexpectedly.
I caught him eating my dessert.


Referring to something that is broken or not working.
The radio is busted and won’t turn on.


To become infected with.
He caught a cold last week.


Having a lie or deception revealed.
Her alibi was busted by the evidence.


To comprehend something said or explained.
Did you catch his explanation?


Informally, being very tired.
After the hike, I was completely busted.


To get and hold (something that has been in motion) in a hand, the hands, a container, or an implement
Caught the ball in the web of the lacrosse stick.


Smashed or broken
Busted glass.
A busted rib.


To take hold of, especially forcibly or suddenly; grasp
Caught me by the arm.
Caught the reins.


Out of order; inoperable
A busted vending machine.


To stop (oneself) from doing an action
I caught myself before replying.


Can 'catch' be used for ideas?

Yes, it can mean to understand or grasp an idea or concept.

What is 'busted' in slang?

In slang, it means being caught in wrongdoing or something not working.

Can 'catch' imply an accidental encounter?

Yes, like unexpectedly finding someone in an act.

What does 'catch' primarily mean?

It means to seize or grasp something physically or mentally.

What does it mean to catch a disease?

It means to become infected with a disease.

How is 'busted' used in law enforcement?

It's used informally to mean apprehended for a crime.

Is 'busted' formal or informal?

Busted is generally informal or colloquial.

What does 'busted' mean in terms of machinery?

It refers to something being broken or malfunctioning.

Is 'catch' positive or negative?

It can be either, depending on the context.

Can 'catch' mean to view a broadcast?

Yes, like catching a show on TV.

Is 'busted' ever used positively?

Rarely, it's mostly used in negative contexts.

How is 'catch' used in sports?

It refers to physically seizing a ball or similar object in games.

Can 'busted' refer to a debunked myth?

Yes, it can mean a belief or claim being exposed as false.

What does 'catch' mean in fishing?

It refers to the act of capturing fish.

Can 'busted' mean financially broke?

Yes, informally it can mean having no money.

Is 'catch' used in technology?

Yes, like catching a signal or data.

What does 'busted' mean in terms of exhaustion?

Informally, it can mean being very tired or exhausted.

Can 'catch' be used in romance?

Yes, like catching someone's eye or attention.

Is 'busted' used globally?

It's mainly used in American English.

What is a 'busted' party?

A party that has been raided or interrupted, typically by authorities.
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