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Untill vs. Until: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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Untill is an incorrect spelling. The right spelling is Until, a preposition and conjunction indicating continuation up to a point in time.

Which is correct: Untill or Until

How to spell Until?

Untill is Incorrect

Until is Correct


Key Differences

When in doubt, spellcheck will always flag "Untill" as an error.
"Until" is spelled with one 'l' at the end, unlike "Untill."
Associate "Until" with "one" time, using one 'l.'
Think of the word "til," which is a colloquial abbreviation of "until" — also with one 'l.'
Remember that adding an extra 'l' is unnecessary. Keep it short and simple.

Correct usage of Until

Can we play untill it gets dark?
Can we play until it gets dark?
Wait here untill I come back.
Wait here until I come back.
The store is open untill 9 PM.
The store is open until 9 PM.
She won't leave untill tomorrow.
She won't leave until tomorrow.

Until Definitions

Signifying the point in time when something happens.
He didn't realize until it was too late.
Used to indicate the time something will happen.
The show won't start until 8 PM.
Denotes a specified time as the limit.
The office remains open until 5 PM.
Refers to the continuation of a situation up to a certain time.
Wait here until I return.
Up to the time of
We danced until dawn.
Before (a specified time)
She can't leave until Friday.
(Scots) Unto; to.
Up to the time that
We walked until it got dark.
You cannot leave until your work is finished.
To the point or extent that
I talked until I was hoarse. See Usage Note at till2.
Up to the time of (something happening).
If you can wait until after my meeting with her, we'll talk then.
Up to (a certain place)
Before (a time).
(obsolete) To; physically towards.
Up to the time that (a condition becomes true).
Before (a condition becoming true).
To; unto; towards; - used of material objects.
Taverners until them told the same.
He roused himself full blithe, and hastened them until.
To; up to; till; before; - used of time; as, he staid until evening; he will not come back until the end of the month.
He and his sons were priests to the tribe of Dan until the day of the captivity.
Indicates a condition not yet fulfilled.
You can't go out until your chores are done.

Until Sentences

He studied until he understood the topic completely.
You need to wait until the light turns green.
They played games until they were too tired to continue.
The movie goes on until 11 PM.
We'll stay here until the rain stops.
The sale lasts until the end of the week.
The cafe is crowded until late at night.
The library is quiet until the school lets out.
We watched the stars until they faded at dawn.
They were friends until they had a big argument.
The museum remains open until six in the evening.
The team practiced until they perfected their routine.
She saved her money until she could buy a bicycle.
You must finish your homework until dinner time.
She can't leave until she finishes her work.
The baby slept until morning without waking up.
He promised to wait until she returned.
They didn't realize the time until it was too late.
The concert went on until midnight.
The road is closed until further notice.
We will not leave until everyone is accounted for.
Keep stirring the mixture until it thickens.
The flowers bloom until the first frost.
The exhibition is extended until next month.
Keep the door locked until you hear from me.

Until Idioms & Phrases

Wait until the dust settles

To wait until things have calmed down or a situation has become clearer.
Let's wait until the dust settles before we make any decisions.

Until the last minute

Waiting until the very end to do something, usually in a rush.
She always does her assignments until the last minute.

Until you're blue in the face

Trying something repeatedly with no success.
You can argue until you're blue in the face, but you won't convince me.

Save it until a rainy day

To save something for a time when it is needed.
He saved his bonus until a rainy day.

Count the days until

To eagerly anticipate something.
She's been counting the days until her birthday.

Until hell freezes over

Forever, or for an impossibly long time.
He said he would wait for her until hell freezes over.

Not until hell freezes over

A way of saying never.
I'll never agree to that, not until hell freezes over.

Until the cows come home

For a very long time, possibly without a definite end.
You can argue until the cows come home, but it won't change my mind.

Until death do us part

A phrase from traditional wedding vows meaning to stay together for life.
They were committed to each other until death do us part.

Until the bitter end

Continuing with something until it is finished, no matter how difficult.
They fought for their rights until the bitter end.


What is the verb form of Until?

"Until" does not have a verb form; it's primarily a preposition and conjunction.

What is the pronunciation of Until?

It's pronounced as /ʌnˈtɪl/.

What is the root word of Until?

Derived from the combination of "und" (up to) and "till" (cultivated land) in Old Norse.

Which vowel is used before Until?

The vowel "u" directly precedes "Until."

Which article is used with Until?

Depending on the context, both "an" and "the" can be used, e.g., "Wait an hour until the sun sets."

Which preposition is used with Until?

"Until" itself is often used as a preposition.

Is Until an abstract noun?

No, it is not an abstract noun.

Why is it called Until?

The term "until" originates from Old Norse "und 'up to' + till 'cultivated land'," signifying up to a point in time.

Is Until a negative or positive word?

"Until" is neutral; it simply denotes a duration or condition in time.

Is Until a countable noun?

"Until" is not a noun, so it's not countable.

Is Until a collective noun?

No, "until" is not a collective noun.

Which conjunction is used with Until?

"Until" itself can be used as a conjunction.

Is the word Until imperative?

No, "until" is not imperative.

How do we divide Until into syllables?


What is the opposite of Until?

There's no direct opposite, but "since" can be its counterpart in some contexts.

What is the singular form of Until?

"Until" doesn't have a singular or plural form; it remains "until."

What is the plural form of Until?

"Until" does not have a plural form.

Is Until an adverb?

No, "until" is not an adverb.

What is a stressed syllable in Until?

The second syllable, "til," is stressed.

What is the second form of Until?

"Until" doesn't have verb forms.

Is Until a vowel or consonant?

"Until" is a word containing both vowels and consonants.

What part of speech is Until?

"Until" is both a preposition and a conjunction.

What is another term for Until?

"Till" can be used similarly.

What is the third form of Until?

"Until" doesn't have verb forms.

Is the Until term a metaphor?

No, "until" is not typically used as a metaphor.

Which determiner is used with Until?

Determiners like "this," "that," or "an" can be used based on the context, e.g., "this time until next week."

What is the first form of Until?

"Until" doesn't have verb forms.

Is Until a noun or adjective?

"Until" is neither; it is primarily a preposition and conjunction.

How many syllables are in Until?

There are two syllables in "until."

How is Until used in a sentence?

"She will be at work until 6 PM."
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