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Burrito vs. Kebab: What's the Difference?

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A Burrito is a Mexican dish consisting of a tortilla wrapped around a filling, while a Kebab is skewered and grilled meat, often associated with Middle Eastern cuisine.

Key Differences

Originating from Mexico, a Burrito is a savory ensemble where various ingredients such as rice, beans, and meat are bundled inside a tortilla. Contrastingly, a Kebab has Middle Eastern roots and mainly focuses on meat (or sometimes vegetables) that are skewered and then grilled or roasted.
The beauty of a Burrito lies in its flexibility. Ingredients ranging from guacamole, sour cream, to salsa can nestle within the tortilla's fold, creating a hearty meal. Kebabs, however, emphasize the flavor of the primary ingredient, whether it be lamb, chicken, or beef, which is often marinated and then grilled to perfection.
While Burritos are generally consumed using hands, given their wrap-like nature, Kebabs can be eaten off the skewer, or the meat can be removed and paired with rice, bread, or salads. The texture of a Burrito is more homogeneous, while with a Kebab, the charred exterior and tender inside are distinctive features.
When discussing popularity, Burritos have become a staple in many fast-food chains around the world, especially in the United States. Kebabs, on the other hand, are not just popular in Middle Eastern countries but have found their way into global street food culture, often served in pita or flatbread.
In conclusion, while both Burritos and Kebabs offer a mouthful of flavor and history, they represent different culinary traditions. One wraps a world inside a tortilla, while the other showcases the art of skewered cooking.

Comparison Chart


Middle East

Main Component

Skewered meat

Serving Style

Skewered or off-skewer

Common Fillings/Meat

Rice, beans, meat, vegetables
Lamb, chicken, beef, occasionally vegetables


Salsa, guacamole, sour cream
Rice, pita, yogurt, salads

Burrito and Kebab Definitions


A Mexican dish of a tortilla rolled around a filling.
He ordered a chicken Burrito for lunch.


A culinary representation of skewered cooking.
The Kebab stand at the fair was always crowded.


A tortilla stuffed primarily with beans and rice.
He loves a simple bean and rice Burrito.


Marinated meat pieces roasted on a spit or skewer.
The restaurant's special was a spicy beef Kebab.


A portable meal enveloped in a tortilla.
She grabbed a Burrito for a quick meal on the go.


Skewered and grilled or roasted meat.
She ordered a lamb Kebab at the restaurant.


A flour tortilla wrapped into a closed-ended cylinder.
The Burrito was stuffed with seasoned beef and cheese.


Meat, often with vegetables, threaded on a skewer.
He made a chicken and bell pepper Kebab for the BBQ.


A fusion dish adapting tortilla wraps with varied ingredients.
They serve a unique sushi Burrito at the fusion restaurant.


Shish kebab.


A flour tortilla wrapped around a filling, as of beef, beans, or cheese.


(British) A dish of pieces of meat, fish, or vegetables roasted on a skewer or spit, especially a doner kebab.


A Mexican dish consisting of a flour tortilla wrapped around a filling of meat and/or beans, cheese etc.


(AU) A hand-held dish consisting of pieces of meat roasted on an upright skewer mixed with fresh vegetables and sauces and rolled up in a round piece of unleavened bread.


(slang) To wrap someone or something up like a burrito.


(US) A shish kebab or any other food on a skewer.


A flour tortilla folded around a filling.


A restaurant that sells kebabs
Let's go to the kebab after the club.


A flour tortilla folded around a filling


(chemistry) The outward growing portions of a shish kebab structure.


A Muslim, usually of southern European, Middle Eastern, or North African descent.


The vulva.


(GUI) menu icon of three vertical dots


(transitive) To roast in the style of a kebab


To stab or skewer


See kabab and kabob.


Cubes of meat marinated and cooked on a skewer usually with vegetables


Middle Eastern dish of spiced meat cooked on skewers.
The aroma of the Kebab was tantalizing.


Are Kebabs always spicy?

No, the spice level in a Kebab varies based on the marinade used.

Is Kebab only a Middle Eastern dish?

While it originates from the Middle East, Kebabs are popular worldwide.

Can a Burrito be cold?

Typically, Burritos are served warm, but there are cold wrap variants.

What's a "Doner Kebab"?

It's a Turkish Kebab, where meat is cooked on a vertical rotisserie.

What's the difference between a taco and a Burrito?

A taco is typically smaller, folded, and open-ended, while a Burrito is larger and fully wrapped.

Are Burritos only non-vegetarian?

No, Burritos can be vegetarian, containing beans, rice, veggies, and more.

What kind of tortilla is used for a Burrito?

Typically, a large flour tortilla is used.

Can Kebabs be made of fish?

Absolutely! Fish like salmon can be skewered and grilled as Kebabs.

What makes a Burrito "supreme"?

It usually has added ingredients like sour cream and tomatoes.

Are there dessert Burritos?

Yes, some fill tortillas with sweet ingredients, though not traditional.

Are Kebabs and shish kebabs the same?

Shish kebab is a type of Kebab where meat is skewered on a stick.

Can a Burrito be grilled?

Yes, some Burritos are grilled after being wrapped for a crisp finish.

Is a gyro the same as a Kebab?

They're similar, but gyro meat is usually sliced off a rotisserie, whereas Kebabs are skewered.

What's a "Seekh Kebab"?

It's a type of Kebab where spiced meat is molded onto skewers and grilled.

Are breakfast Burritos traditional in Mexico?

While Burritos are Mexican, the "breakfast Burrito" is more of an American innovation.
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