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Broadsheet vs. Tabloid: What's the Difference?

Edited by Harlon Moss || By Aimie Carlson || Published on November 30, 2023
Broadsheets are large-format newspapers focusing on serious news and analysis, while tabloids are smaller, sensationalist papers often concentrating on celebrity news and scandals.

Key Differences

Broadsheets are characterized by their large size and traditionally have been associated with a more sober and formal design. While, tabloids are smaller, more compact, and often use eye-catching headlines and graphics.
Broadsheets typically focus on political, economic, and international news, offering in-depth analysis and comprehensive reporting. Whereas, tabloids tend to concentrate on celebrity news, scandals, and sensational stories, with a more informal and provocative style.
Broadsheets are often aimed at a more educated and professional readership, perceived as more 'serious' newspapers. However, tabloids target a broader audience, appealing through entertainment, gossip, and easily digestible news.
The editorial tone of broadsheets is generally more formal and serious, with an emphasis on factual reporting. Meanwhile, tabloids often adopt a sensationalist tone, with stories that are designed to shock, entertain, or provoke.
Broadsheets are typically associated with higher journalistic standards, focusing on accuracy and integrity. Tabloids, while also adhering to journalistic standards, may prioritize sensationalism and entertainment value.

Comparison Chart

Format and Design

Larger, traditional format
Smaller, more eye-catching design

Content and Style

Serious news, in-depth analysis
Celebrity news, sensational stories

Target Audience

Educated, professional readership
Broader audience, entertainment focus

Editorial Tone

Formal, factual
Sensationalist, provocative

Journalistic Standards

High, focusing on integrity
Varied, often entertainment-oriented

Broadsheet and Tabloid Definitions


Known for in-depth reporting and analysis.
The broadsheet's feature article provided deep insights into the issue.


Often adopts a sensationalist and provocative tone.
The tabloid often exaggerates stories to create buzz.


Emphasizes on political, economic, and international news.
The broadsheet is my go-to source for international news.


Focuses on celebrity news and gossip.
The tabloid was filled with sensational stories about movie stars.


Appeals to a more educated, professional demographic.
The broadsheet is favored by academics for its thorough coverage.


Uses provocative headlines and graphics.
The tabloid's headline grabbed everyone's attention at the newsstand.


Associated with a formal, serious editorial tone.
The broadsheet maintained a neutral stance in its editorials.


Aimed at a broad audience with an entertainment focus.
The tabloid is popular for its light, entertaining content.


A large-format newspaper focusing on serious news.
The broadsheet covered the election with comprehensive analysis.


A smaller, sensationalist newspaper.
The tabloid's front page featured the latest celebrity scandal.


See broadside.


A newspaper of small format giving the news in condensed form, usually with illustrated, often sensational material.


A newspaper having pages of standard dimensions (as opposed to a tabloid), especially one that carries serious treatment of news.


In summary form; condensed.


In the format of a broadsheet.


Lurid or sensational.


Relating to a broadsheet or broadsheets.
Broadsheet journalism


(publishing) A newspaper having pages half the dimensions of the standard format.


An advertisement (usually printed on a page or in a leaflet) intended for wide distribution;
He mailed the circular to all subscribers


(publishing) A newspaper, especially one in this format, that favours stories of a sensational or even fictitious nature over serious news.


A compressed portion of drugs, chemicals, etc.; a tablet.


In the format of a tabloid.


Relating to a tabloid or tabloids.
Tabloid journalism


A compressed portion of one or more drugs or chemicals, or of food, etc.


A newspaper with pages about half the size of a standard-sized newspaper, especially one that has relatively short or condensed articles and a large porortion of pictorial matter.


Compressed or condensed, as into a tabloid; administrated in or as in tabloids, or small condensed bits; as, a tabloid form of imparting information.


Of or pertaining to a tabloid newspaper or the type of story typically contained in one, such as lurid or sensationalistic stories of scandal, crime, or violence.


Sensationalist journalism


Newspaper with half-size pages


Do broadsheets use photographs extensively?

Yes, but usually in a more restrained manner than tabloids.

Are broadsheets more expensive than tabloids?

Often, due to their content and target audience.

Can broadsheets include opinion pieces?

Yes, they frequently feature editorial and opinion sections.

Are tabloids considered less credible?

Sometimes, due to their focus on sensationalism over in-depth analysis.

Do tabloids have a sports section?

Yes, often with extensive coverage of popular sports.

Can tabloids be found online?

Yes, many have online versions with similar content to their print editions.

What is the typical size of a broadsheet?

Larger than tabloids, often around 11-12 inches by 20 inches.

What type of headlines do tabloids use?

Bold, sensationalist, and often provocative headlines.

Do tabloids cover political news?

Yes, but often with less depth than broadsheets.

Do broadsheets focus on local news?

They cover local, national, and international news with depth.

Are tabloids popular worldwide?

Yes, they have a wide appeal due to their entertaining content.

Are tabloids more visually engaging?

Often, with their use of large photographs and bold colors.

Can tabloids be biased?

Like all media, they can have biases, sometimes more pronounced.

Are broadsheets available daily?

Most are published daily, along with weekend editions.

Do broadsheets cover cultural topics?

Yes, often including sections on arts, literature, and culture.

How are editorials different in broadsheets and tabloids?

Broadsheets tend to have more formal and serious editorials.

Do broadsheets have a lifestyle section?

Many do, covering topics like health, food, and travel.

How do broadsheets handle sensational news?

With a more measured and analytical approach.

Are broadsheets better for academic research?

Generally, due to their detailed reporting and analysis.

Do tabloids publish investigative journalism?

Sometimes, but it's not their primary focus.
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