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Brezza vs. Venue: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Harlon Moss || Published on February 13, 2024
Brezza and Venue are both compact SUVs, with the Brezza by Maruti Suzuki and the Venue by Hyundai, offering different features and driving experiences.

Key Differences

The Brezza, made by Maruti Suzuki, is known for its fuel efficiency and user-friendly interface, whereas the Hyundai Venue stands out for its advanced connectivity features and robust build.
In terms of design, the Brezza offers a bold and dynamic look, while the Venue is noted for its modern and stylish appearance, appealing to different consumer preferences.
Engine performance and handling in the Brezza provide a balance of power and smoothness, while the Venue is recognized for its responsive engine and high-quality ride experience.
The Brezza is often praised for its spacious interior and comfort, making it suitable for families, whereas the Venue offers a high-tech interior with more focus on technology integration.
For safety features, the Brezza comes equipped with standard safety options, but the Venue takes a step further with more advanced safety technologies and driver assistance systems.

Comparison Chart


Maruti Suzuki

Fuel Efficiency

Known for higher fuel efficiency.
Comparatively less fuel-efficient.

Design Aesthetics

Bold and dynamic design.
Modern and stylish design.

Engine Performance

Balanced power and smoothness.
Responsive with a quality ride experience.

Interior Features

Spacious and comfortable.
High-tech and feature-rich.

Safety Features

Standard safety options.
Advanced safety technologies.

Market Positioning

Popular among families.
Appeals to tech-savvy consumers.

Connectivity Features

Basic connectivity features.
Advanced connectivity and tech features.

Brezza and Venue Definitions


A vehicle offering a balance of style and utility.
The Brezza combines aesthetic appeal with practical features.


A compact SUV model by Hyundai.
The Venue is Hyundai's entry into the competitive compact SUV market.


A vehicle popular among families for its spaciousness.
The Brezza fits our family's road trip needs perfectly.


Offers a high-quality driving experience with responsive handling.
The Venue handles exceptionally well in the city.


Known for its fuel efficiency and practical design.
I chose the Brezza for its great mileage.


Notable for its advanced connectivity and technology features.
The Venue's tech features are state-of-the-art.


A compact SUV model by Maruti Suzuki.
The Brezza is Maruti Suzuki's best-selling SUV.


A vehicle with a stylish, modern design appealing to younger consumers.
The Venue stands out with its contemporary look.


A car with a user-friendly interface and comfortable driving experience.
Driving the Brezza feels smooth and easy.


Equipped with advanced safety technologies and driver assistance systems.
I feel safer driving the Venue due to its advanced safety features.


The scene or setting in which something takes place; a locale
"that non-cinematic venue of popular nightmares, the discotheque" (P.J. O'Rourke).


What is the Venue?

A compact SUV by Hyundai.

What is the Brezza?

A compact SUV by Maruti Suzuki.

How does the Venue stand out?

With its modern design and tech features.

Which is more fuel-efficient, Brezza or Venue?

The Brezza generally offers better fuel efficiency.

What sets the Brezza apart in its segment?

Its fuel efficiency and family-friendly design.

How is the driving experience in the Venue?

Responsive and high-quality, especially in urban settings.

Is the Venue a good option for tech-savvy drivers?

Absolutely, given its modern tech features.

Is the Brezza good for long drives?

Yes, it's known for comfort and space.

Can the Brezza handle rough terrains?

It performs well in various conditions, though it's not a hardcore off-roader.

Are there multiple variants of the Venue?

Yes, it comes in various trims with different feature sets.

What safety features does the Brezza have?

Standard safety options including airbags and ABS.

What advanced safety features does the Venue offer?

Enhanced safety technologies and driver assistance systems.

Does the Venue have good connectivity features?

Yes, it has advanced connectivity and tech integration.

What is the price range of the Brezza?

It's competitively priced in the compact SUV segment.

Does the Brezza have a touchscreen infotainment system?

Yes, it comes with a user-friendly touchscreen system.

Can the Venue accommodate large cargo?

Its compact size limits cargo space, but it's adequate for daily needs.

Is the Brezza suitable for families?

Yes, due to its spacious interior and comfort.

Is the Venue suitable for city driving?

Yes, its size and handling are ideal for urban environments.

How is the Venue's performance on highways?

It offers a stable and enjoyable highway driving experience.

What engine options does the Brezza offer?

It offers both petrol and mild-hybrid engine options.
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