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Biscuits vs. Crackers: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on January 17, 2024
Biscuits are typically soft, leavened baked goods, while crackers are thin, crisp, and often savory.

Key Differences

Biscuits are soft, fluffy, and made with ingredients like flour, baking powder, and butter, leading to a tender crumb. Crackers, in contrast, are thin, crispy, and often contain less fat and more water, resulting in a crunchy texture.
Biscuits often have a buttery, slightly sweet taste, ideal for breakfast or as a side. Crackers are generally savory, seasoned with salt, herbs, or cheese, making them a popular snack or accompaniment to cheese and meats.
Biscuits are commonly served as a part of meals, especially breakfast, and can be topped with gravy or butter. Crackers are typically used as a snack, a base for canapés, or paired with soups and salads.
In American English, biscuits are a staple in southern cuisine, often served with gravy. Crackers are ubiquitous in various forms like saltines or cheese crackers, enjoyed across various meals and occasions.
Biscuits are usually baked and served warm, often as a bread substitute. Crackers are baked until crisp and are often enjoyed as a standalone snack or with toppings like cheese or spreads.

Comparison Chart


Soft and fluffy
Thin and crispy

Primary Ingredients

Flour, baking powder, butter
Flour, water, less fat


Buttery, slightly sweet
Savory, often seasoned

Culinary Use

Breakfast, meals, with gravy or butter
Snacks, with soups, salads, cheese

Cultural Significance

Staple in Southern U.S. cuisine
Ubiquitous in various forms and occasions

Biscuits and Crackers Definitions


Biscuits are fluffy baked goods made with flour, butter, and baking powder.
He made homemade biscuits to accompany the chicken stew.


Crackers, in American cuisine, are a staple snack food, often paired with cheese.
At the picnic, they had a selection of cheeses and crackers.


A biscuit is a tender, buttery pastry, perfect as a side dish.
They served fresh biscuits at the brunch.


A cracker is a versatile snack, available in many flavors and textures.
For a light snack, he chose whole wheat crackers.


A biscuit is a soft, leavened bread, often enjoyed with breakfast.
She savored a warm biscuit with honey for breakfast.


A cracker is a crunchy, small bread, perfect for appetizers.
For the party, they served crackers with various dips.


A biscuit is a versatile baked good, often eaten with gravy in the South.
For dinner, biscuits and gravy were his favorite.


A cracker is a thin, crisp baked bread, often savory.
He enjoyed cheese and crackers as a snack.


Biscuits, in American cuisine, are a baked, bread-like accompaniment to meals.
She baked biscuits for the Thanksgiving dinner.


Crackers are crispy, flat snacks, usually flavored with salt or herbs.
She topped her soup with crushed crackers.


A small cake of shortened bread leavened with baking powder or soda.


Insane; mad.


A thin, crisp cracker.


Plural of cracker


A cookie.


A kind of noisy leather pants or trousers.


A hard, dry cracker given to dogs as a treat or dietary supplement.


Crazy, insane.


A thin, often oblong, waferlike piece of wood, glued into slots to connect larger pieces of wood in a joint.




A pale brown.


Informal or slang terms for mentally irregular;
It used to drive my husband balmy


Pl. biscuit Clay that has been fired once but not glazed. Also called bisque2.


Plural of biscuit


How are biscuits and crackers different?

Biscuits are fluffy and soft; crackers are thin and crispy.

Can biscuits be sweet?

Yes, though they're typically mildly sweet or savory.

What's a common use for crackers?

As snacks, soup accompaniments, or with cheese.

What are crackers?

Thin, crisp baked snacks, usually savory and seasoned.

Are crackers only savory?

Mostly, but some varieties can have a sweet flavor.

Are crackers healthy?

Depends on the type; some are low in fat and high in fiber.

What are biscuits?

Soft, leavened baked goods, often buttery and slightly sweet.

Are biscuits healthy?

They can be high in carbs and fat; moderation is key.

What's a common use for biscuits?

As a breakfast item or a side dish for meals.

Can biscuits be used as a dessert?

Yes, especially when sweetened or topped with jams.

Do crackers go well with soup?

Absolutely, they're often crumbled into or served with soup.

What's the main ingredient in crackers?

Flour, water, and sometimes yeast.

Can crackers be gluten-free?

Yes, there are varieties made with alternative flours.

Are biscuits served warm?

Typically, they're best enjoyed warm.

What's the main ingredient in biscuits?

Flour, along with baking powder and butter.

Can biscuits be frozen?

Yes, both baked and unbaked biscuits can be frozen.

Can crackers be homemade?

Absolutely, they can be made with basic pantry ingredients.

Are crackers a part of any specific cuisine?

Not specifically; they're found in various forms globally.

Can biscuits be gluten-free?

Yes, using gluten-free flour blends.

Are biscuits a part of any specific cuisine?

Yes, particularly in Southern U.S. cuisine.
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