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Bid Hello vs. Say Hello: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on January 19, 2024
"Bid hello" typically conveys a formal or poetic farewell or greeting, while "say hello" is a straightforward, casual greeting.

Key Differences

"Bid hello" often carries a sense of formality or poetic flair, implying a gesture of greeting or farewell that is more ceremonious. In contrast, "say hello" is a direct and informal phrase used in everyday language to initiate a greeting.
The phrase "bid hello" can suggest a level of respect or formality, suitable for formal events or literary use. "Say hello," however, is colloquial and used in casual, everyday conversations, indicating a friendly and straightforward greeting.
"Bid hello" might be used in scenarios that require a degree of solemnity or in written texts where a formal tone is desired. "Say hello" is devoid of such connotations, being a simple, direct way to greet someone in a relaxed manner.
In literature, "bid hello" could be employed to add a touch of elegance or historical context, suggesting a greeting from a bygone era. "Say hello" is more contemporary, fitting seamlessly into modern dialogue or informal writing.
When using "bid hello," the speaker might be perceived as cultured or traditional. In contrast, "say hello" is universally recognized and used, reflecting a straightforward and unpretentious approach to initiating a conversation.

Comparison Chart


Formal, often poetic or ceremonial.
Informal, straightforward.

Usage Context

More common in formal or literary settings.
Predominantly in casual or everyday speech.


Implies respect, elegance, or tradition.
Friendly, direct, and contemporary.


Often solemn or respectful.
Casual and relaxed.

Historical Usage

May suggest an older or more traditional context.
Modern, fitting for current conversational styles.

Bid Hello and Say Hello Definitions

Bid Hello

To greet with respect or in a ceremonial manner.
He bid hello to the assembled guests, his voice echoing in the hall.

Say Hello

A straightforward phrase for acknowledging someone.
She said hello as she passed by in the corridor.

Bid Hello

A greeting that carries a sense of tradition or elegance.
At the gala, we bid hello to each other in a manner befitting the occasion.

Say Hello

An informal expression used to initiate a greeting.
When you see her, just say hello and introduce yourself.

Bid Hello

A phrase indicating a courteous or solemn greeting.
With a gracious smile, she bid hello to her new colleagues.

Say Hello

A common expression for initiating conversation.
Say hello to your neighbors when you move in; it's a nice gesture.

Bid Hello

To formally acknowledge someone's presence or arrival.
I bid hello to the ambassador as he approached the podium.

Say Hello

A casual and direct way to greet someone.
I saw John in the hallway and just said hello.

Bid Hello

A formal or poetic way to greet or acknowledge someone.
As she entered the room, I bid her hello with a gentle nod.

Say Hello

A friendly and simple way to greet others.
At the party, I spent most of the time saying hello to friends.


Is "bid hello" archaic?

Not necessarily, but it does have an older, more traditional connotation.

Is "say hello" common in English-speaking countries?

Yes, it's a standard greeting in most English-speaking regions.

Is "say hello" appropriate in business meetings?

Yes, though the context may dictate a more formal greeting.

Can "say hello" be used in formal settings?

It's more casual, but can be used politely in formal settings.

How do I respond to "bid hello"?

With equal formality, such as "I'm pleased to meet you."

Is "say hello" suitable for all age groups?

Yes, it's universally understood and appropriate for all ages.

Can "bid hello" be used in written communication?

Yes, especially in formal letters or literary works.

Can "bid hello" be part of a farewell?

Yes, it can be used to formally acknowledge someone's departure.

What contexts are appropriate for "bid hello"?

Best suited for formal, literary, or ceremonial occasions.

Can "bid hello" sound pretentious?

In casual contexts, it might seem overly formal.

Is "say hello" too informal for a job interview?

It depends on the company culture, but erring on the formal side is safer.

Is "say hello" used in electronic communication?

Yes, it's common in emails, texts, and social media.

How does "bid hello" reflect on the speaker's personality?

It may suggest they are respectful, traditional, or value formality.

Does "bid hello" imply a longer conversation?

Not necessarily, but it sets a formal tone for the interaction.

Can "bid hello" be used jokingly?

Yes, in a tongue-in-cheek manner to mimic formality.

Is "say hello" ever inappropriate?

Rarely, unless the situation demands a very formal approach.

Does "say hello" vary in meaning across cultures?

The basic meaning is universal, though cultural nuances may exist.

Does "bid hello" require a physical gesture?

Not necessarily, but it can be accompanied by a nod or handshake.

Is "bid hello" typical in modern speech?

It's less common and more suited to specific contexts.

Can "say hello" be a conversation opener?

Absolutely, it's a friendly way to start a chat.
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