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Beverage vs. Drink: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on November 27, 2023
A beverage is a liquid specifically prepared for human consumption, while a drink is any liquid that can be consumed, including water.

Key Differences

A beverage typically refers to a liquid other than water that is prepared for consumption, often with an emphasis on taste or refreshment. A drink, however, is a more general term that includes any liquid that can be consumed, including water, beverages, and even medicinal liquids.
Beverages often have cultural, social, or commercial connotations, like coffee, tea, or alcoholic drinks, reflecting a certain preparation or occasion. However, the term drink is neutral, simply referring to the act of consuming liquids, without specific cultural or social implications.
In commercial settings, beverages usually denote a range of products like soft drinks, juices, and alcoholic drinks, marketed for their flavor, quality, or effects. While, drink is used more generally in marketing to include a wider range of consumable liquids, including water.
Beverages often imply a variety of flavors, ingredients, and preparation methods, from hot drinks like tea to cold sodas. Meanwhile, drink is a broader term, encompassing any consumable liquid, from a simple glass of water to complex mixed drinks.
From a consumer perspective, choosing a beverage often involves considerations of taste, occasion, or dietary preferences. Choosing a drink is a more general decision, often based on necessity or hydration, with fewer specific connotations.

Comparison Chart


A prepared liquid for consumption, excluding water
Any consumable liquid, including water


Coffee, tea, soda, juice, alcoholic drinks
Water, milk, tea, coffee, juice, alcoholic drinks


Often implies a specific preparation or occasion
Broad and general, for any consumption of liquid


Cultural, social, or commercial implications
Neutral, focusing on the act of consuming liquid

Market Focus

A specific category of consumable products
Includes all consumable liquids, broader category

Beverage and Drink Definitions


A drink, often flavored, served in social or commercial settings.
Our restaurant offers a wide range of beverages, from coffee to cocktails.


A broad term for liquids, ranging from water to complex beverages.
This recipe calls for a drink of lemonade to be added to the mix.


Any drinkable liquid that is not water, often sweetened or flavored.
As a healthy beverage option, we serve freshly squeezed orange juice.


A liquid ingested to quench thirst or for nourishment.
For breakfast, I usually have a drink of milk or juice.


A liquid specifically made for drinking, excluding water.
I prefer a hot beverage like tea on cold mornings.


Any liquid that can be consumed by humans.
After the hike, I desperately needed a drink of water.


Commercially prepared liquids for consumption, excluding plain water.
The store has a vast selection of beverages, including exotic fruit sodas.


A liquid intake, either as a refreshment or for sustenance.
During the marathon, runners often grab a quick drink at the stations.


A drink served during meals or social events, usually flavored or alcoholic.
The party featured an array of beverages, including wine and fruit punches.


The act of consuming liquids, generally for hydration or pleasure.
Let's go out for a drink this evening.


Any of various liquids for drinking
The menu lists several beverages, including water, soda, tea, and coffee.


To take into the mouth and swallow (a liquid).


A single serving of such a liquid
I ordered a beverage to go with my meal.


To swallow the liquid contents of (a vessel)
Drank a cup of tea.


A liquid to consume; a drink, such as tea, coffee, liquor, beer, milk, juice, or soft drinks, usually excluding water.


To take in or soak up; absorb
Drank the fresh air.
Spongy earth that drank up the rain.


(A gift of) drink money.


Liquid for drinking; drink; - usually applied to drink artificially prepared and of an agreeable flavor; as, an intoxicating beverage.
He knew no beverage but the flowing stream.


Specifically, a name applied to various kinds of drink.


A treat, or drink money.


Any liquid suitable for drinking;
May I take your beverage order?


What is a drink?

A drink is any liquid that can be consumed, including water, beverages, and other liquids.

What is the most common drink?

Water is the most common and essential drink.

Is water a beverage?

Generally, water is not categorized as a beverage, as beverages are considered to be specially prepared drinks.

Are beverages always flavored or sweetened?

Most beverages are flavored or sweetened, but it's not a strict requirement.

Do beverages have a cultural significance?

Yes, many beverages like tea, coffee, or certain alcoholic drinks have strong cultural significance.

Is juice a drink or a beverage?

Juice is both a drink and a beverage, as it is a prepared liquid for consumption.

Is tea a beverage or a drink?

Tea is both a beverage and a drink, as it is a prepared liquid that can be consumed.

What defines a beverage?

A beverage is a drink specifically prepared for human consumption, usually excluding plain water.

Are all drinks considered beverages?

Not necessarily; while all beverages are drinks, not all drinks (like plain water) are considered beverages.

Can the term drink refer to alcoholic liquids?

Yes, alcoholic liquids can be referred to as drinks.

Are energy drinks categorized as beverages?

Yes, energy drinks are a type of beverage.

Are beverages a part of a typical meal?

Yes, beverages like soft drinks, water, or wine are often consumed with meals.

How do cultural preferences influence beverage choice?

Cultural preferences can dictate the popularity of certain beverages, like tea in England or coffee in the USA.

Is milk considered a drink or a beverage?

Milk can be considered both a drink and a beverage, depending on the context.

Can both terms be used interchangeably?

In many contexts, they can be, but there are specific instances where one is more appropriate than the other.

Can a drink be solid?

Generally, a drink is a liquid, although some modern cuisine might play with the form.

Is there a difference in usage of 'beverage' and 'drink' in restaurants?

Yes, menus often list 'beverages' for specific prepared drinks, while 'drink' can be used more generally.

Does the industry differentiate between beverages and drinks?

Yes, the food and beverage industry often differentiates between the two, especially in product categorization and marketing.

Are all alcoholic liquids considered beverages?

Yes, alcoholic liquids are typically categorized as beverages.

Can the term 'drink' imply a social activity?

Yes, 'having a drink' often implies a social gathering, especially involving alcoholic drinks.
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