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Beef Stew vs. Beef Bourguignon: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on March 1, 2024
Beef stew is a basic dish of slow-cooked beef with vegetables, while beef bourguignon is a French version featuring red wine and mushrooms.

Key Differences

Beef stew is a hearty dish made by slow-cooking beef with vegetables like potatoes, carrots, and onions. Beef bourguignon, on the other hand, is a French dish that elevates this concept with the addition of red wine and more sophisticated seasonings.
Beef stew is known for its simplicity and comfort food status, while beef bourguignon boasts a more complex flavor profile. This complexity comes from its wine-infused sauce and the inclusion of mushrooms and sometimes even bacon.
The cooking techniques for beef stew are generally straightforward, focusing on tenderizing the meat. In contrast, beef bourguignon requires careful preparation and cooking to balance the flavors of wine, meat, and aromatics.
Beef stew is often considered a family meal, easily adaptable to different tastes and ingredients. Beef bourguignon, meanwhile, is associated with fine dining and requires more specific ingredients and preparation.
The cultural significance of beef stew spans many cuisines, reflecting a home-cooked tradition. Beef bourguignon, however, is deeply rooted in French cuisine, representing a refined approach to stewing meat.

Comparison Chart


Diverse, global origins
French cuisine

Wine Use

Typically none
Red wine is essential


Basic vegetables, beef
Beef, mushrooms, onions, bacon


Simple, hearty
Complex, refined

Cooking Technique

Straightforward slow-cooking
Detailed preparation, slow-cooking

Beef Stew and Beef Bourguignon Definitions

Beef Stew

A simple, slow-cooked dish featuring beef and vegetables.
The beef stew simmered all day, filling the house with a comforting aroma.

Beef Bourguignon

A culinary symbol of French cuisine and sophistication.
Learning to cook beef bourguignon is a rite of passage in French cooking schools.

Beef Stew

A popular comfort food in many cultures.
On cold nights, nothing beats a warm bowl of beef stew.

Beef Bourguignon

A refined version of beef stew originating from Burgundy.
His beef bourguignon was as good as any found in Burgundy.

Beef Stew

A versatile dish adaptable to various ingredients.
She added sweet potatoes to her beef stew for a unique twist.

Beef Bourguignon

An elegant dish often served at formal occasions.
The main course was a beautifully prepared beef bourguignon.

Beef Stew

A traditional family meal often made in large pots.
Grandma's beef stew recipe has been passed down for generations.

Beef Bourguignon

A gourmet stew with mushrooms and sometimes bacon.
The beef bourguignon was rich with flavors of wine and mushrooms.

Beef Stew

A basic, hearty meal ideal for cold weather.
They served beef stew at the ski lodge, perfect after a day on the slopes.

Beef Bourguignon

A French dish made with beef braised in red wine.
For our anniversary dinner, I made beef bourguignon.


What vegetables are common in beef stew?

Carrots, potatoes, and onions are most common.

What distinguishes beef bourguignon?

It's a French dish with beef cooked in red wine, often with mushrooms and bacon.

Is red wine mandatory in beef bourguignon?

Yes, red wine is a key ingredient in authentic beef bourguignon.

Can I use any type of beef for beef stew?

Tougher, less expensive cuts are best, as slow cooking makes them tender.

Can I make beef bourguignon without mushrooms?

Yes, but mushrooms add a significant flavor component.

Is beef stew considered a comfort food?

Yes, it's widely regarded as hearty and comforting.

Can beef stew be frozen for later use?

Yes, it freezes and reheats well.

What is beef stew?

A simple, slow-cooked dish of beef and vegetables.

How long does beef bourguignon take to cook?

Several hours, as slow cooking is essential for flavor development.

Is beef bourguignon suitable for a formal dinner?

Yes, it's often served at elegant or special occasions.

What's the best beef cut for beef bourguignon?

Chuck or brisket works well, as they become tender with long cooking.

Is beef stew a good option for large family meals?

Yes, it's easy to make in large quantities.

Can I add other vegetables to beef stew?

Yes, it's very adaptable to different vegetables.

Can dairy be used in beef bourguignon?

Traditionally no, but some recipes might include a bit of cream for richness.

Can beef stew be made in a slow cooker?

Absolutely, slow cookers are ideal for tenderizing the beef.

Is beef stew popular worldwide?

Yes, variations exist in many cultures around the world.

What's the key to a great beef stew?

Using the right cut of beef and slow cooking for tenderness and flavor.

What's the origin of beef bourguignon?

It originated in the Burgundy region of France.

What wine pairs well with beef bourguignon?

A full-bodied red wine like those used in cooking it.

How important are herbs in beef bourguignon?

Herbs like thyme and bay leaf are crucial for authentic flavor.
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