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Balon vs. Balloon: Mastering the Correct Spelling

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on March 25, 2024
"Balon" is the incorrect spelling, the correct spelling is "balloon", which refers to a flexible bag filled with gas, like helium or air.

Which is correct: Balon or Balloon

How to spell Balloon?

Balon is Incorrect

Balloon is Correct


Key Differences

Think of "balloon" needing extra air, hence the extra "o".
Remember "balloon" has double "o"s, like the round shape of a balloon.
Visualize a balloon expanding to require two "o"s in its spelling.
Associate "loon" in "balloon" with the bird, noting both have double "o"s.
Recall "two Os in the sky" for the two "o"s when a balloon is floating up.

Correct usage of Balloon

The child cried when his balon popped.
The child cried when his balloon popped.
I saw a hot air balon in the distance.
I saw a hot air balloon in the distance.
The balon floated up into the sky.
The balloon floated up into the sky.
He bought a red balon for her birthday.
He bought a red balloon for her birthday.
She wanted a blue balon for her party.
She wanted a blue balloon for her party.

Balloon Definitions

Balloon can refer to a large, sturdy bag filled with hot air or gas for flying.
They went for a ride in a hot air balloon.
A balloon is a flexible bag filled with air or gas that can float in the air.
The child released a helium balloon into the sky.
In graphic novels or comics, a balloon is a rounded outline enclosing words or thoughts of a character.
Dialogue in the comic strip was displayed in a speech balloon.
A balloon is used metaphorically to describe something that expands or increases rapidly.
The company's profits balloon each year.
Balloon also means to swell or puff out in shape.
Her dress balloon out in the wind.
A flexible bag designed to be inflated with hot air or with a gas, such as helium, that is lighter than the surrounding air, causing it to rise and float in the atmosphere.
Such a bag with sufficient capacity to lift and transport a suspended gondola or other load.

Balloon Sentences

The balloon burst with a loud bang.
The magician used a balloon to make an animal shape.
Balloons filled the room, making it colorful and festive.
The balloon floated gently above the houses.
We used a pump to inflate the balloon.
She tied the balloon to her wrist so it wouldn't fly away.
The child's balloon got caught in a tree.
She chose a helium balloon because it could float.
The balloon was so big; it barely fit through the door.
The balloon seller had balloons of all colors.
I received a balloon bouquet for my birthday.
The balloon glowed with lights inside it at the night event.
They released hundreds of balloons into the air at the celebration.
The science teacher used a balloon in an experiment to demonstrate air pressure.
He let go of the balloon and watched it drift up into the sky.
They decorated the stage with balloon arches.
They used water balloons for the outdoor game.
The parade featured a giant cartoon character balloon.
He gave her a heart-shaped balloon on Valentine's Day.
The balloon race was a highlight of the festival.
The balloon had a message attached to it.
A balloon popped, startling everyone in the room.
The wind carried the balloon away, over the rooftops and trees.

Balloon Idioms & Phrases

When the balloon goes up

When a situation suddenly becomes serious or urgent.
When the balloon goes up, we'll need to be ready to act quickly.

Balloon payment

A large payment due at the end of a loan term after smaller regular payments.
They were saving money for the balloon payment on their house.

Trial balloon

A tentative measure taken or statement made to see how a new policy will be received.
The government floated a trial balloon to gauge public reaction to the new tax proposal.

Balloon out

To expand or increase rapidly.
The project's costs ballooned out much more than we anticipated.

Have a balloon

British slang for having a laugh or a good time.
We're just having a balloon at the pub.

Air balloon

A reference to a hot air balloon, used for leisure or sport.
They planned an air balloon ride for their anniversary.

Balloon animal

A sculpture made by twisting long, thin balloons into shapes, often resembling animals.
At the party, the clown made balloon animals for all the children.

Go down like a lead balloon

To be received very poorly or to fail completely.
His joke went down like a lead balloon at the dinner party.

Helium balloon

A balloon filled with helium gas, causing it to float.
The child let go of the string, and the helium balloon floated away.

On a balloon

Borrowing money with the expectation of paying it back when a big but uncertain event happens.
They were living on a balloon, hoping the invention would make them rich.

Balloon mortgage

A type of mortgage that has a large lump sum payment due at the end.
They opted for a balloon mortgage, planning to refinance before the big payment was due.

Pop the balloon

To bring someone back to reality or to stop an idea from getting out of hand.
She popped the balloon on his grandiose plans by outlining the budget constraints.

Balloon sail

Using a balloon-like sail to increase speed in certain types of sailing races.
They deployed the balloon sail to catch more wind.

Balloon loan

A loan that has a large, one-time payment at the end of the term.
They were wary of the balloon loan due to the large final payment.

Weather balloon

A balloon equipped to carry weather instruments aloft.
The weather balloon collected data on atmospheric pressure and temperature.

Balloon effect

The phenomenon where a problem, especially drug production or trafficking, that is squeezed in one area pops up in another.
Law enforcement is dealing with the balloon effect, as crackdowns in one city lead to increased activity in neighboring areas.

Inflate the balloon

To cause something to increase, often used metaphorically.
Speculation about the merger served to inflate the balloon of stock prices.

Balloon frame

A type of wooden building framing that is light and uses long, continuous vertical studs.
The old house was constructed using balloon frame techniques.

Let the air out of the balloon

To deflate someone's enthusiasm or to calm down a situation.
The news of the delay let the air out of the balloon for the excited travelers.


Which vowel is used before balloon?

The indefinite article "a" is used before "balloon" (a balloon).

What is the root word of balloon?

The root word is the French "ballon," derived from Italian "ballone," meaning large ball.

What is the verb form of balloon?

The verb form is "balloon," as in "to balloon" or "ballooning."

What is the pronunciation of balloon?

The pronunciation is /bəˈluːn/.

What is the singular form of balloon?

The singular form is "balloon."

What is the plural form of balloon?

The plural form is "balloons."

Which preposition is used with balloon?

"In" (in a balloon) and "with" (with balloons) are commonly used.

Is balloon an adverb?

No, "balloon" is not an adverb.

Why is it called balloon?

It's called a balloon because it comes from the French word "ballon," meaning large ball, reflecting its round shape when inflated.

Which article is used with balloon?

Both "a" and "the" are used, depending on the context.

Which conjunction is used with balloon?

"And" is used, as in "balloon and streamers."

Is balloon a noun or adjective?

Balloon is primarily a noun but can function as an adjective in contexts like "balloon ride."

Is balloon an abstract noun?

No, "balloon" is a concrete noun.

Is balloon a negative or positive word?

"Balloon" is generally a neutral word, but it often carries positive connotations associated with joy or celebration.

How many syllables are in balloon?

There are two syllables in "balloon."

How do we divide balloon into syllables?

Balloon is divided as bal-loon.

What part of speech is balloon?

"Balloon" is a noun and can also be used as a verb.

Is balloon a collective noun?

No, "balloon" is not a collective noun.

Is the balloon term a metaphor?

Yes, "balloon" can be used metaphorically to describe rapid expansion or increase.

Is the word balloon imperative?

The word "balloon" can be used in imperative forms in specific contexts, like "Balloon the expenses," but it is not inherently imperative.

What is the opposite of balloon?

Conceptually, the opposite could be "deflate" or "shrink," as there's no direct antonym for the object itself.

Which determiner is used with balloon?

Determiners like "the," "a," "an," "this," and "my" can be used with "balloon."

What is the third form of balloon?

The third form is "ballooned" (as in "It has ballooned").

What is a stressed syllable in balloon?

The second syllable "loon" is stressed in "balloon."

What is the first form of balloon?

The first form is "balloon" (as in "I balloon").

What is the second form of balloon?

The second form is "ballooned" (as in "It ballooned").

Is balloon a countable noun?

Yes, "balloon" is a countable noun.

What is another term for balloon?

Another term for balloon is "airship" in certain contexts, especially for large types.

How is balloon used in a sentence?

"The child watched as the balloon floated up into the sky."

Is balloon a vowel or consonant?

"Balloon" starts with the consonant "b."
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